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					16   Canadian Mennonite March 2, 2009

       God at work in the Church                church. When Boyd was asked to give              Church needs to be welcoming to other
                                                guidance to the members of his evan-             cultures and it needs to be “scandalously

 A brewing storm
                                                gelical mega-church about voting in the          flexible.” While kingdom essentials need
                                                2004 election, he decided to express his         to be inflexible, he cautioned that the
                                                true convictions. The result was that 20         Mennonite Church needs to be willing to
 Mennonite educators                            percent of his church left.                      change or die. “You are called to offer up
                                                   “The kingdom Jesus came to establish          your Mennonite culture as a kind of Isaac
 urged not to confuse their
                                                looks like [Jesus],” said Boyd, adding that      to God,” he declared.
 culture with Jesus                             most of the Christian church is only a re-          Boyd encouraged the Mennonite Church
                                                ligious institution and not the kingdom          and its institutions to be bold and unapolo-
 By Barb Dr aper                                of God, because it doesn’t look like Jesus.      getic about beliefs and values that are pat-
 editorial assistant                            Boyd felt alone and out on a limb, so he         terned on Jesus. “The future of this move-
 PittsBuRgh, Pa.                                began networking and became aware of             ment is found in the kingdom, not culture,”

 G      regory Boyd informed 300 admin-
        istrators and board members of
 Mennonite schools from across Canada
                                                a growing movement of people who were
                                                also dissatisfied with the church.
                                                   “God has downloaded a vision of the
                                                                                                 he prophesied.
                                                                                                    One of the questions asked of Boyd was
                                                                                                 whether his church had been invited to join
 and the United States that he believes God     kingdom all over the place,” he said. These      the Mennonite Church. He responded that
 has called him to give a prophetic message     people are not looking for something new;        his church is considering an invitation. Λ
 to the Mennonite Church. Boyd, a theolo-       they are longing for tradition and are ex-
 gian and pastor of Woodland Hills Church       ploring ancient litany, ancient disciplines
 in St. Paul, Minn., was the featured speaker   and monastic communities. “They are                 Λ Briefly noted
 at the Education Leaders Gathering spon-       looking for a tribe,” he said, a counter-
 sored by the Mennonite Education Agency,       cultural community that incorporates
                                                                                                   Interfaith centre learns
 held in Pittsburgh, Jan. 30 to Feb. 1.         kingdom values into every aspect of life.          about Mennonites
    Boyd described himself as a “mutt,” with       As a theologian, Boyd was familiar with         EDMONTON—The words of the
 experience in many Christian denomina-         16th century Anabaptists, but he hadn’t            choir were a perfect fit for the Feb. 4
 tions. In the 1980s he had an evangelical      reali
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Description: EDMONTON- The words of the choir were a perfect fit for the Feb. 4 Edmonton lnterfaith Centre meeting: "For we are strangers no more, but part of one humanity ..." Members of the centre, including representatives of a variety of religions, gathered at Lendrum Mennonite Brethren Church to learn about Mennonites in a program featuring a brief history, presentations from...
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