Revising the ACEI Constitution by ProQuest


Presidents' Council Representative Two-Year Term * Chair the Presidents Council meetings. * Lead the Council members in supporting ACEI's mission and strategic goals. * Lead, encourage, promote, and support the Presidents' Council's mentoring program for both new and-or struggling Branches. * Encourage Council members to use ACEI resources and programs. * Collaborate with the Member-at-Large, as needed, for the Week of the Classroom Teacher. * Write articles for the ACEI Activist and ACEI Exchange. * Encourage international participations and contribution to the Presidents' Council. * Work collaboratively with the International/ Intercultural Committee as requested. * Provide a special Council sponsored session at the Annual Conference to enhance the background knowledge base of members and support the skill development of our members. * Continue to support the Student Branches (in consultation with the Student Representative) by providing scholarships for students attending the Annual Conference. Student Representative (Emerging Educators) Two-Year Term * Plan and chair all meetings of the Emerging Educators Committee. * Assist Headquarters in Student Branch development. * Help plan and coordinate Student "Make-nTake," and Student and First Year Teacher Special Presentations at Annual Conference. * Write minimum of four articles per year for "Student Slant" column in ACEI Exchange. * Serve as Editor for the ACEI Student Connection newsletter (Spring and Fall). * Maintain correspondence with students and student Branches throughout the term. * Participate in local and regional activities as an example of an active member and as a representative of the Board. * Follow through on action items agreed upon by the Committee at the Annual Conference. * Prepare Annual Committee Report and Official Committee Roster. * Serve as Liaison between the Executive Board and ACEI student members. * Assist the Nominations Committee by recommending to the committee qualified nominees

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