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									                                                                                                           ers – especially subliminally – and who
                                                                                                           know that manufactured scents can en-
                                                                                                           danger health. More and more people are
                                                                                                           reporting sensitivities to fragrances and
                                                                                                           it’s becoming quite common for
                                                                                                           workplaces, schools and businesses to

What’s Good For You                                                                                        create “fragrance free” environments,
                                                                                                           which includes requesting scent-free
                                                                                                           magazines from publishers. (See the arti-
News from the world of natural health                                                                      cle in Natural Life’s October/November
                                                                                                           2002 issue about toxic fragrances:

                                                                                                           /perfume.htm.) Recent studies have re-
                                                                                                           ported links in asthma in adults to fra-
                                                                                                           grances used in homes and in cleaning
                                              fast food restaurants was that of stale                      products. And consumers are busy elimi-
Olfactory Assault                             cooking oil.                                                 nating scented candles, sprays and fabric

I n case you hadn’t noticed (and you
  aren’t really supposed to), there is a
scent branding revolution happening. In
                                                  Lindstrom, Harrop and their conspir-
                                              ators have invented a number of “scent
                                              delivery systems” for use by their clients.
                                                                                                           softeners from their home, as well as
                                                                                                           switching to natural cleaners like baking
                                                                                                           soda and vinegar. (To be fair, The Aroma
marketing talk, that means companies          For instance, The Aroma Company,                             Company says its scents are manufac-
are enhancing their brand images              which Harrop founded, has won awards                         tured according to the guidelines set
through aroma. It’s based on a growing        for its Poparoma®, which, when                               down by the International Fragrance As-
amount of research about how to use the       squeezed, gives off air scented with                         sociation (IFRA), which has a self-regu-
sense of smell to create desirable con-       whatever smell you want – either your                        latory code of practice regarding
sumer responses. Users include hotel          brand’s own fragrance or a smell to rein-                    perfume ingredients).
chains, governments, tourist attractions,     force your message. Their AromaRe-
retail chains, healthcare and assisted liv-   lease™ process applies a fragrance                           The Scent of Smoke
ing facilities, home builders and con-        coating to paper and other items that re-                        One of the smells that turns many
sumer packaged goods companies.               leases aroma whenever the item is han-                       consumers off is stale cigarette smoke.
    In his book Brand Sense (Free Press,      dled. The company brags that,                                For the majority of us who are
2005), marketer Martin Lindstrom says         “untouched AromaRelease™ printed ma-                         non-smokers, there are few smells more
smell is one reason Singapore Airlines        terial will last for years.” Aside from the                  disgusting than the leftover cigarette
ranked the highest in a 
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