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									                                                                                                             it’s a basically-held belief that the dollar

                                                        The                                                  is more stable and when you transfer
                                                                                                             your time and labor into dollars they will

                                                    Therapy                                                  hold or increase their value over time,
                                                                                                             whereas with the Argentinean peso it just
                                                                                                             ain’t so. It’s a belief, a pretty strong one,

                                                       Fund                                                  but a belief never the less.
                                                                                                                  Today, I bought gas and it was worth
                                                                                                             $2.78 per 9/10 of a gallon (why 9/10, we
                                                                                                             do not know) and a few weeks before it
                                                        The journey of an                                    was closer to $4 per 9/10 of a gallon. And
                                                       unschooling father                                    if a giant asteroid hit the earth tomorrow

                                                                                                             disrupting life as we know it, the bag of
                                              by Nathanael Schildbach                                        rice in my pantry would be worth a lot
                                                                                                             more than that. It isn’t real stuff, this
                                                                                                             money, it’s hypothetical. You can’t eat it.
                      Tempus Non Olet                                                                        As many pre-World War II Germans
                                                                                                             found out, you can burn the stuff, but it’s
                                                                                                             not nearly as effective at that as a large
“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen                                               limb that has fallen off of a tree.
at once.”                                                                                                         In contrast, I spent time the other
                                                  Albert Einstein                                            week with my sons at our local river.
                                                                                                             They were picking up stones and learn-

L   ast Halloween, I was at a jack-o-lan-
    tern carving contest. One of the en-
trants was a large pumpkin with a smaller
                                               the financial markets, one is not. In short,
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