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     ORDERS AND DELIVERIES                                                             The Metso StreamLine Pro wrapping and handling system recently went
     L.C. Paper Mill in Spain has recently started up its new tissue machine which     into production at the NewPage Wickliffe, KY, mill. The fully automated roll
     has a POM Compact wet end system. The machine has a 2.7m wire-width,              wrapping and handling system includes a modularized high capacity Stream-
     1800 m/min reel speed and 50,000 tonnes/yr production capacity. The solu-         Line Pro kraft roll wrapper with four industrial robots. The new conveyor sys-
     tion was chosen due to its production flexibility, high uptime, cleanliness       tem collects rolls from the paper machine and the off-machine coater areas
     and good stability. The POM System features two POMix Stock Processors,           and brings them to the new wrapper. After rolls are wrapped and labeled,
     one POMp 730 Degasser and CycloPipe. POM Technology Oy Ab, a Finnish              they are moved to either the “in process” area or shipping warehouse.
     company, was founded in 1993 to develop and commercialize the Compact
     wet end technology and related key components for the paper industry. It is       CONTRACTS
     part of the Aikawa Group of companies.                                            Progroup AG, Offenbach a.d.Q., Germany, has awarded Siemens a
                                                                                       contract to fit out its new production facility of base paper for cor-
     PMPoland S.A. has signed a contract with Hanke Tissue for a                       rugated cardboard with power-engineering and electrical equipment.
     new Intelli-Jet V™ hydraulic headbox. The scope of supply covers a                With a capacity of 650,000 tonnes/yr, the paper production line is
     new hydraulic headbox, a new fan pump, complete stock approach                    being built in Eisenhüttenstadt in the German state of Brandenburg
     piping and design services for a stock preparation rebuild. The                   and will be operated by Propapier PM2 GmbH & Co KG, a Progroup
     stock preparation rebuild will split the existing single stock line               subsidiary. Siemens is supplying the electrical equipment, based on the
     into two separate lines for NBKP and LBKP fibers and will include                 Sipaper solution platform, including a multiple-motor drive with the
     the installation of a new line for broke treatment. PMPoland S.A.                 world’s highest power density yet realized in low-voltage technology.
     will supply a single-layer Intelli-Jet V™ headbox to be installed
     on the existing fourdrinier machine, PM 1, with a pondside width                  Weyerhaeuser has awarded a project for upgrades to the spent pulping
     of 3,500 mm and a design speed of 800 m/min. The main goal of                     liquors evaporation system at its New Bern, NC mill to HPD, a Veolia
     the project is quality improvements with both basis weight and                    Water Solutions & Technologies company. This project is part of
     formation. The new headbox will also be designed to allow                         an optimization effort of the recovery operations at the mill that includes
     for future machine capacity increases. The equipment supply                       upgrades to the existing recovery boiler. HPD will reconfigure the existing
     and start-up are scheduled to be completed in August of 2009.                     evaporation system and provide additional equipment to increase spent pulp-
     PMP’s technical solutions and high quality manufacturing                          ing liquors throughput, increase spent pulping liquors firing concentration,
     techniques resulted in Hanke Tissue choosing PMP to meet their                    and remove chloride and potassium from the r
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