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									                                                                        campus aca
Individuals who achieve certificates have demonstrated     PROFESSIONAL COLLECTION SPECIALISTS                         New York—Jonathan Bell, Amanda Brew, Cheryl
their knowledge of productive and compliant                                                                            Broughten, Sean Davis, Laura Hoolak, Jenell Kelly,
                                                           Arkansas—Sky Boyles
procedures. Certificates are earned by those individuals                                                               Samantha Lindsey, Lori McElheny, Kerri Parsons,
who have completed prescribed coursework and have          California—Jennifer Harley, Andrea Miller                   Jennifer Pfaff, Amy Pierson, Troy Potter, Brandi Steiner
passed the final exam. All specialists receive a           Colorado—Nancy Gaines, Amber Garcia, Karlene                North Carolina—Anita D
certificate and publication of their names in Collector    Jacob, Amy Magyar, Karen Newbrey, John Simonton,
magazine. For more information about this program,         Jana Smith                                                  Ohio—Becky Bowles, Michelle Brady, Don Carr,
contact Campus ACA at campusaca@                                                                                       Nathan Duvelius, Jessica Lay, Stacy Spencer, Lisa
                                                           Delaware—Chris Brooks, Vincent Kruzinski, Michael           Spitnale, Mary Beth Stillwell, Emily Votruba, Craig or +1(952) 928-8000, ext. 215.
                                                           Murphy, Joann Phillips                                      Wortman
                                                           Illinois—Caleb Beitz, Ethmane Bouzouma, Victoria            Oregon—Jennifer Brushia, Shawna Kelly, Amanda
CREDIT AND COLLECTION COMPLIANCE                           Bressner, Megan Brown, Voula Clark, Celeste Dawson,         Lehnherr
OFFICER                                                    Gonzalo Delgado, Barbara Dortch, Alex Dzamtovski,
                                                           Adriana Glover, Marlon Hereford, Paul Hetman, Tina          Pennsylvania—Tiffany Sharketti
Wisconsin—Marc Soderbloom
                                                           Honold, Mary Husa, Millie Ivancevic, Sue Kawecki,           Tennessee—Debra Barkley, Mike Brewer, Shauna
                                                           Robert Keller, Bill Kujak, Amie Lathrom, Ivon Leal, April   Carver, Marc Collins, Melissa Williams
CREDIT AND COLLECTION SPECIALIST                           Lopez, Julio Martinez, Betty Mason, Jennifer Murphy,
                                                                                                                       Washington—Raquell Beals, Obet 
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