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ACA’s New House on the Hill
Washington office gives the credit and collection

industry greater prominence on Capitol Hill.
By Adam


    n Washington, D.C.,

I   it’s always easy to tell
    when Congress is in session.
Technically, you can look at the top of the Capitol
to see if the light is on, but that’s usually
not necessary. When Congress is in
town, the sidewalks bustle, the Metro
subway system is more crowded, hotel
room rates increase and reservations at
restaurants are tougher to get.
    Of course, this increase in activity is
due to the influx of people petitioning
the government for “a redress of
grievances,” as guarded by the U.S.
Constitution. These days, the
petitioners come in large numbers.
With the credit and collection industry
playing an increasingly important role
in the U.S. economy, it is absolutely critical for the industry to be strongly and
consistently represented on Capitol Hill. And to that end, last year ACA’s
Executive Committee approved purchasing property on Capitol Hill for the

association’s Washington, D.C., office.
    ACA’s new property is a row house located on a block in which all of the
row houses are commercially zoned and, for the most part, used as office space.

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