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									570                                                                    Notes, March 2009

policeman and his “baton” with an orches-          before he must cue or balance the sound,
tra conductor. Photography, sound, sub-            are delightful to watch. In Monsaingeon’s
jects, historic clips were all excellent. The      notes he mentions the “humour and sar-
somewhat unorthodox conducting gestures            casm” so typical of Soviet music. His notes
which Roz uses, such as tapping the con-           in English, French, and German augment
ductor’s baton with the palm of his other          the DVD.
hand, making a “cut it” gesture to the
throat, some beats to the side and back,                                  Joan O’Connor
and no beating—just enjoying the music                                    University of Houston

Transcriptions. DVD. Laurence Equibey / Accentus. Directed by Andy
Sommer. [France]: Naïve, 2008. V5116. $25.99.
   Filmmaker Andy Sommer, along with the           Between pieces, viewers are brought back-
French professional vocal ensemble                 stage for random pre-concert and intermis-
Accentus, created this film centered on             sion interactions between conductor and
transcriptions of primarily instrumental           singers. All these scenes are intermingled
works, some composed specifically for the           throughout the film.
thirty-voice ensemble. The works are origi-           Each work is performed beautifully with
nally for piano, orchestra, solo voice, or         the transcriptions remaining true to the
small ensemble, with new text created for          original work. “Winter” from Vivaldi’s Four
some. Sommer describes his film–concert             Seasons, transcribed by Franck Krawczyk is
in the program notes as an “a cappella mu-         an example of this. It is not a work one
sical” (although several works are accompa-        would normally associate with vocal music,
nied), and attempts to highlight the choral        but the ensemble is able to produce an al-
performance of the ensemble by filming in           most instrumental sound while singing the
architecturally diverse spaces, often bathing      Latin Requiem text. Among other works
the singers and conductor in arty “noir-           worth mentioning include two movements
like” lighting or using other effects. The      
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