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					GlobalSCAPE Mail Express
 GlobalSCAPE Mail Express                                                                    mail
Managed Email Attachments
Simple. Fast. Secure.
Large e-mail attachments create time-consuming tasks for your IT
department. Even worse, however, is when IT isn’t involved. Without
an easy-to-use system for large file attachments, users resort to
unapproved systems such as IM and private email accounts just to
get their job done. GlobalSCAPE Mail Express can help.

Let your IT department focus on
real work.
With GlobalSCAPE Mail Express, your IT Department no
longer needs to create ad-hoc FTP logins, troubleshoot
clogged outboxes, or struggle to maintain email servers
burdened by excessive file attachments. Users can easily
attach large files directly within their email programs,
so no end-user training is required upon deployment.
Meanwhile, GlobalSCAPE Mail Express works in the
background, monitoring for large attachments and
automatically transferring those attachments independent
of your email servers.
                                                              • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook
                                                              • Completely transparent to the end user
 Give your users something they                               • Maintain control over file access and permissions
 can use.                                                     • Transfer files up to 2-gigabytes
 GlobalSCAPE Mail Express is so simple and transparent,
                                                              • Track and audit file transmission and receipt
 users will no longer resort to using third party services,
 instant messengers, or even shipping physical media.         • Customize rules and controls to meet your
 Not only are these methods cumbersome, but they                exact needs
 also cannot be tracked, audited or supported by IT.
 GlobalSCAPE Mail Express makes daily work easier and
 your business more secure.

 GlobalSCAPE, Inc.
 4500 Lockhill-Selma, Suite 150
 San Antonio, TX 78249

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