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									                                                                                                Technology Left Behind —
                                                                                                eBook Rollout
                                                                                                Column Editor: Cris Ferguson (Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian, James B.
                                                                                                Duke Library, Furman University, 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613;
                                                                                                Phone: 864-294-2713) <>

                                                                                                           he February 2005 issue of Against the Grain examined eBooks from a va-
                                                                                                          riety of different angles. Since that time, the landscape of the eBook market          ACLS History E-Book Project
                                                                                                          has continued to change. In the past two years new vendors have entered      
                                                                                                          the market, and others have changed their approach to providing eBook content. This    Eileen Gardiner and
                                                                                                past May, “Amazon announced Upgrade, which gives user’s immediate online access to               Ronald G. Musto, Directors
                                                                                                the entire text of a purchased book at a fee of an additional 10%-20% above a book’s list        Phone: 212-838-0641
                                                                                                price,” a move that places the decision of whether or not to go digital firmly in the hands of   <>
                                                                                                the user. (Kho, 12) This summer Springer began implementation of its own new eBook               <>
                                                                                                initiative, adding eBooks to its database of electronic journal content. (McClure, 10) And
                                                                                                as recently as September 28, 2006, MPS Technologies announced the beta launch of                 EBook Library (EBL)
                                                                                                BookStore, “a digital content delivery platform that…allows publishers to hold and dis-
                                                                                                play back list and front list book content in a consistent, stable and secure digital reposi-    Alix Vance, VP Business Development -
                                                                                                tory for delivery via multiple channels and in a number of formats.” (http://www.                North America
                                                                                                                                                     7406 Brookville Road,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Chevy Chase, MD 20815
                                                                                                    In light of the continuous evolution of the eBook market, I decided to take another look     Phone: 301-951-8108
                                                                                                at some familiar eBook providers and profile their collections. To accomplish this, I sur-       Fax: 240-235-7017
                                                                                                veyed twelve different eBook providers (ACLS History E-Book Project, EBook Library,              <>
                                                                                                ebrary, Elsevier, Thomson Gale, MyiLibrary, NetLibrary, Oxford University Press,
                                                                                                Project Gutenberg, Springer, Taylor and Francis, and Xreferplus), asking each of them            ebrary
                                                                                                questions about the coverage of their collections, functionality of their platforms, and their
                                                                                                various pricing models. Each of the eBook providers was asked the 17 questions listed            Christopher Warnock, CEO/CTO and
                                                                                                below, and their responses and features were summarized in the accompanying chart.               Tish Wagner, Director of Library
                                                                                                                                          Chart 1                                                318 Cambridge Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94306
                                                                                                1.    What year did your company begin offering eBooks?                                          Phone: 650-475-8700 (main)
                                                                                                2.    How many eBooks do you currently offer?                                                    Phone: 707-963-8935 (Tish)
                                                                                                3.    What subject areas do your eBooks cover?                                                   <>
                                                                                                4.    How many publishers are represented in your eBook collection?
                                                                                                5.    Describe the primary type of eBook(s) you offer. Reference materials?            
                                                                                                      Non-fiction? Fiction? Scholarly? Research Oriented? Etc.                                   Ellen de Groot, Senior Product Manager
                                                                                                6.    How many users may view a single eBook at one time?                                        Books on ScienceDirect
                                                                                                7.    Do you require that users “check-out” an eBook to use it?                                  (Based in Amsterdam)
                                                                                                8.    Is a proprietary reader or piece of software required to view your eBooks?                 Radarweg 26 Amsterdam
                                                                                                9.    How are the eBooks displayed to users? As PDF page images? As HTML?                        Phone: +31204852608
                                                                                                      Some other file format?                                                                    Mobile: +31651693510
                                                                                                                                          Chart 2                                                Karen Steele, Global Product Sales
                                                                                                10.  Can users print portions of the eBook?                                                      Manager, Online Books
                                                                                                11.  Can users download portions of an eBook?                                                    Phone: 719-494-0229
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mobile: 760-638-0175
                                                                                                12.  Can users copy and paste portions of an eBook?
                                                                                                13.  Do you offer MARC records for eBooks?                                                       Gale Virtual Reference Library
                                                                                                14.  Are eBooks sold on a title-by-title basis, as part of a subject collection(s), or both?
                                                                                                15.  Do you work with consortia to provide special pricing and group access?                     Bonnie Hawkwood, Program Director
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thomson Gale
                                                                                                16.  Please briefly explain your pricing model. (Can eBooks be purchased outright or
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Phone: 248-699-8175
                                                                                                     are they licensed via subscription only? Can institutions choose which pricing
                                                                                                     model they prefer? If eBooks can be purchased outright, what kind of on-going               <>
                                                                                                     maintenance costs are there?)                                                               MyiLibrary
                                                                                                17. Please give an example of an eBook you offer, and provide both the print and       
                                                                                                     the online cost.                                                                            James Tucker, MyiLibrary Marketing
                                                                                                    From the eBook provider responses, a few observations were made about the coverage           Coordinator
                                                                                                of eBook services, access and use restrictions, and pricing options.                             Avon House, Headlands Business Park
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ringwood, Hampshire, BH243PB
                                                                                                                              eBook Collection Coverage                                          Phone: +44 1425 471160 ext 284
                                                                                                   eBook providers can be divided into two basic categories, aggregators and publishers.         Fax: +44 1425 471525
                                                                                                Just like aggregated journal databases, aggregated eBook collections gather together con-        <>
                                                                                                tent from a wide variety of publishers, while publisher created eBook collections typically
                                                                                                only include content from that publisher and its assorted imprints. Publisher provided

Against the Grain / November 2006 — eBook Rollout Insert   <>   Against the Grain / November 2006 — eBook Rollout Insert                                            <>
                                                 collections tend to be slightly narrower in      can be displayed and exported, including           want to use content ver-
                                                 focus, covering specific subject areas or        printing, downloading, and copying and             sus the ways the eBook
  NetLibrary, a division of OCLC                 specific types of eBooks. Some examples          pasting of content.                                interface allows users
                                                 include Springer, Elsevier, Taylor and               The ACLS History eBook Project                 to use content.
  Gillian Harrison, MLIS,
                                                 Francis, and Oxford University Press             (HEB), acting as an electronic co-pub-
  Global Product Manager                                                                                                                               Pricing Options
                                                 (OUP); Springer and Elsevier focus               lisher, specifically addresses issues of
  4888 Pearl East Circle, Suite 103                                                                                                                      There are two basic
                                                 largely on scientific material, and OUP’s        copyright and fair use on its Website (http:/
  Boulder, CO 80301                                                                                                                                  ways to acquire
                                                 Digital Reference Shelf offers primarily         /, em-
  Phone: 303-381-8723                                                                                                                                eBooks, on a title-by-
                                                 reference works. (Note: OUP also offers          phasizing that the responsibility for adher-
  Toll free: 800-413-4557 x8723                                                                                                                      title basis or as part of
  Mobile: 720-273-2897                           Oxford Scholarship Online, covering              ing to fair use policies falls to the individual
                                                 OUP’s academic monographs, which was             and offering some links to resources on            a larger collection.
  Fax: 303-381-8600                                                                                                                                  Collections can be
  <>                     not included in this survey.)                    copyright. In addition to the statement on
                                                     The number of titles in these various        copyright, the HEB interface allows users          grouped by subject,
  Oxford University Press                        eBook collections ranges from fewer than         to print only one page at a time, prevent-         publisher, or type of re-                            20 to the 10s of thousands. A very brief         ing the quick and easy printing of an en-          source (reference titles,
  Rebecca Seger, Reference Marketing & Sales     examination of some of the Websites of the       tire book.                                         for example). With
  Director                                       participating eBook providers revealed                                                              only a couple of excep-
  198 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016                                                              Other eBook providers, such as EBL             tions, most of the
                                                 some overlap in the various collections.         and Xreferplus, allow users to print only
  Phone: 212-726-6081                            For example, A History of India, by                                                                 eBook providers inter-
  Fax: 212-726-6448                                                                               a certain portion of the book. In the case         viewed for this column
                                                 Hermann Kulke and Dietmar                        of EBL it is up to 20% of a title, and for
  <>                        Rothermund, published by Taylor and                                                                 offer their titles both
                                                                                                  Xreferplus users may print a single entry.         ways, on a title-by-title
  Project Gutenberg                              Francis, is available direct from T&F and        Xreferplus addresses its full guidelines for
                                                 through MyiLibrary, a content aggregator.                                                           basis and as part of a                                                                       printing, downloading, and copying and
                                                 Who’s who in Gay and Lesbian History, a                                                             collection, and institu-                                                                        pasting in its terms and conditions. (http:/
                                                 Routledge title (a Taylor and Francis                                                               tions may choose
  Michael S. Hart, Founder,                                                                       /
                                                 imprint), is available both in Xreferplus                                                           which method they pre-
  Project Gutenberg                                                                                   NetLibrary does not permit the down-
                                                 and through the Taylor and Francis                                                                  fer. Some providers,
  Phone: 217-344-6623                                                                             loading of books through its regular inter-
  <>                               eBookstore.                                                                                         such as ebrary, allow
                                                                                                  face. It is worth mentioning that for an           customers to mix and
  John Guagliardo, Founder,                          eBook providers are working coopera-         additional cost, libraries can purchase
  World eBook Library                                                                                                                                match, acquiring some
                                                 tively to provide access to content, rather      NetLibrary’s optional Adobe Content                titles individually and
  Phone: 808-292-2086                            than in direct competition. The Gale Vir-        Server Gateway License, which enables
  <                                                                                                                                 receiving other titles as
                                                 tual Reference Library partners with             users to download a title and use it offline       part of a collection.
  Prof. Greg Newby, CEO, Project Gutenberg       Xreferplus to provide access to ready ref-       for a “check out” period designated by the
  Phone: 907-450-8663                            erence titles, and Springer offers its                                                                  Most often eBooks
                                                                                                  library. While the book is in use by one           that are acquired indi-
  <>                            eBooks both on its own platform and in           user, it is inaccessible to others. The abil-      vidually, on a title-by-
  Catherine Hodge                                collections from aggregated eBook provid-        ity to print and copy and paste are not built
                                                 ers, including several profiled in this ar-                                                         title basis, are pur-                                                                         into the NetLibrary interface; these func-         chased outright for a
  Phone: 760-327-5110                            ticle, ebrary, EBL, MyiLibrary, and              tions are done through the Web browser or
                                                 NetLibrary. The idea being that the more                                                            base price, plus an
  <>                                                               Adobe.                                             upcharge and/or an an-
  John Mizzi, Founder,                           platforms an eBook is on, the more visible
                                                                                                      While some providers, such as Taylor           nual hosting fee, and
  Mobile [Cell Phone] eBooks                     it is and the more likely it is to be used /
                                                                                                  and Francis, do not allow the copying and          the institution owns the                     purchased.
                                                                                                  pasting of eBook content at all, others have       content perpetually.
  Phone: +356 2155 0846                              When selecting an eBook provider or          decided to permit users to copy and paste          For most of the provid-
  <>                    choosing between two providers, it is worth      portions of a text into a document, but have       ers, the base price is the
                                                 examining title lists to compare coverage.       taken a more active role to ensure the             print list price. Oxford
                                                 This is particularly true for classic works      proper citing of the copied text. ebrary           University Press offers
  ebooks                                         and out-of-copyright materials. The              provides bibliographic citation informa-           its titles on this model,
  Robert W. Boissy, Manager, Agent Relations     Project Gutenberg Consortia Center               tion, when eBook content is cut and pasted         selling eBooks outright
  101 Philip Dr., Assinippi Park,                (PGCC —,          into a document, and both ebrary and EBL           and charging an annual
  Norwell, MA 02061                              also profiled in this column, is an electronic   provide bibliographic citation information         hosting fee. OUP
  Phone: 781-681-0616                            public library offering around 100,000           when content is printed.                           waives the annual fee if
  <>                   eBooks on its own and over 400,000                                                                  the institution sub-
                                                                                                      To assist in the monitoring of fair use,
                                                 through the World eBook Fair (http://                                                               scribes to one of its
  Taylor and Francis                                                                              MyiLibrary’s digital rights management
                                       , all completely free                                                           general reference prod-                                                                system monitors usage of eBook content
                                                 of charge. The vast majority of PGCC’s                                                              ucts.
  Rosa Perez, Manager, Online Sales and                                                           for violations of copyright restrictions. Ac-
                                                 content is out of copyright (only 2% of the
  Customer Support                                                                                cording to James Tucker, MyiLibrary’s                  In contrast, many
                                                 titles are under copyright), and it has ex-
  Taylor and Francis Group                                                                        Marketing Coordinator, “These restrictions         eBook collections are
                                                 tensive coverage of classic works.
  Phone: 917-351-7115                                                                             are set by the publisher and can vary from         priced on a subscription
  Fax: 212-244-1563                                 Restrictions on Access and Use                title to title. [The] DRM system monitors          model, and the content is licensed, not owned,        rented for a period of time for a percentage of                   Conclusion                                                  References                                                     Acknowledgements
  <>                  eBook providers have used diverse tac-       usage of every title and reports on usage          by the subscribing institution. One example           the list price.
                                                                                                  that may be deemed outside of copyright                                                                                                                        Ultimately, selecting, acquiring, and buy-       Kho, Nancy Davis. 2006. Amazon upgrades: Book access.                My sincere thanks to the various eBook providers who an-
                                                 tics to address issues of copyright and fair                                                        of this is Xreferplus, which, with the excep-             The topic of eBook pricing can be compli-     ing eBooks is really not that much different
  Xreferplus                                                                                      restrictions.”                                     tion of its Specialist Reference titles, offers the                                                                                                       EContent 29, (6) (July/August): 12-13.                              swered my many questions. They all provided a wealth of de-
                                                 use. In an effort to protect the publisher’s                                                                                                              cated, and each eBook provider has its own        than purchasing other electronic resources. It                                                                                                                             vast majority of its eBooks as part of collec-                                                                                                               McClure, Marji. 2006. Springer goes on the eBook offensive.      tailed information on their various collections, which I edited,
                                                 content and copyright and to ensure that             Generally, users expect to be able to                                                                rules, fees, and exceptions. For further infor-   requires the careful consideration of patron
  Jenny Walker, Executive Vice-President         eBook users adhere to fair use guidelines,       print, copy and paste, and download data,          tions. An institution may build its own sub-          mation on pricing and buying eBooks, I rec-                                                         EContent 29, (6) (July/August): 10-11.                              abbreviated, and condensed down to 204 tiny boxes in a chart.
  Marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  needs and expectations, balanced with the                                                                             If you would like further information or an explanation of an
                                                 most providers have placed some restric-         regardless of the type of resource. The            scription collection, made up of 100 titles of        ommend reading Heather Wicht’s article “Se-       library’s budget and ability to purchase and/or      Wicht, Heather. 2006. Buying ebooks. Library Journal (Spring):
  Xrefer Ltd                                     tions on the ways in which eBook content         finer nuances of copyright and fair use are        its choice, or it could subscribe to the “unlim-                                                                                                                                                                              eBook service, please see the accompanying contact informa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           lecting and Acquiring eBooks: So Many             subscribe to a resource. To our benefit, there    15-17.
  36-37 Featherstone St., London, EC1Y 8QZ       can be accessed and used. Restrictions           lost on them, and often users are unhappy          ited” set of ready reference titles.                                                                                                                                                                                          tion for each of the participating eBook providers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Choices, So Many Processes” in the February       is some overlap amongst resources, allowing
  Phone: +44 207 566 6380                        range from limiting the number of people         with the restrictions that are placed on                                                                                                                                                                        Wicht, Heather. 2005. Selecting and Acquiring eBooks: So
                                                                                                                                                         A third, less common, option, is to rent an       2005 issue of ATG. Heather also wrote an          libraries to shop around for the best deal and
  <>                                                                       eBook use. When considering an eBook                                                                                                                                                                         Many Choices, So Many Processes. Against the Grain (February):
                                                 that can view an eBook at one time to lim-                                                          eBook for a short period of time. EBL offers          article “Buying ebooks” for the Spring 2006       terms and conditions.
                                                 iting the ways that the content of the eBook     service, think about the ways that users           a Short Term Loan, where an eBook can be              issue of Library Journal on the same topic.                                                         26-29.

Against the Grain / November 2006 — eBook Rollout Insert                                          <>                 Against the Grain / November 2006 — eBook Rollout Insert                                                                                                                                                                                               <>

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