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   Issue 12
 Spring 2007

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                    BEN PCT’s Smoke                                                 national average -                             vices an
                                                                                    largely as a result of               lots mo             d
                    Free Homes scheme                                                                                            re!
                    was launched on                                                 smoking. Whilst smoking
                    31st January 2007,                                              in public spaces will be banned
                    during a celebratory                                            from this Summer, this does not
                    event at Good Hope                                              cover enclosed private spaces such as people’s homes,
                    Hospital.                                                       where young and unborn children can be put at risk of
                                                                                    breathing in second hand smoke on a daily basis.
                    A pilot Smoke Free
                    Homes scheme is                                                 ‘‘I’m delighted to be involved in this launch and hope that
                    currently underway                                              this pilot will see moves towards the cultural change that
                    across Sutton                                                   we all want to see, to ensure local children receive the best
                    Coldfield, Erdington                                            possible start in life.”
                    and Kingstanding                                                The scheme continues after the birth of a child, as primary
                    which, if successful                                            care healthcare workers will offer regular support and
                    will be introduced                                              promote the ‘smoke free’ message to all families with
                    across the entire                                               children up to the age of 12. Health Visitors and School
                    Birmingham East and                                             Nurses will also be equipped with promotional material to
                    North PCT area.                                                 ensure that the smoke free message is communicated
                                             Dr Richard Mendelsohn (Director of     within enclosed private spaces, such as the home or the car.
                    The scheme is
                                             Public Health at BEN PCT), Carmel
                    offered in               O’Gorman (Midwifery Lead               More than 17,000 children under the age of five are
                    conjunction with         Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy at      admitted to
                    midwives at Good         Good Hope Hospital) and Louise         hospital every year
                    Hope Hospital, who       Pritchard (Director of Operations at   because of the
                    are the first point of   BEN PCT) celebrate the smoke free      effects of second
                    contact for many         homes launch.                          hand smoke.
                    expectant mothers                                               Exposure to second
                    when they attend                                                hand smoke in
                    their first antenatal appointment.                              infancy is associated
                    Following the introduction of the Smoke Free Homes              with Sudden Infant
                    scheme, midwives are offering support for smokers and           Death Syndome
                    their families to give up smoking, together with tips to all    (SIDS), and
                    prospective parents on how to make their homes smoke            respiratory tract
                    free.                                                           infections. There is
                                                                                    also evidence that
                    Expectant mothers are also being provided with a range          exposed children
                    of materials that they can use on a personal basis, to          are at a higher risk
                    ensure people do not smoke around them and their                of developing lung
                    unborn baby. This includes window stickers that people          cancer as adults.
                    can put in their cars to communicate, in a non-
                    confrontational manner, the message that they don’t             If you live in
                    want to breathe second hand smoke.
                    Dr Richard Mendelsohn, Director of Public Health at             and would like          Children and infants are more
                    Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust opened             to stop smoking         vulnerable to second hand smoke
                    the event. He said:                                                                     than adults - they have smaller
                                                                                    please call
                                                                                                            airways, faster breathing rates and
                    “We know that life expectancy and infant mortality rates        0800 052 5855.          immature immune systems.
                     across Birmingham are significantly worse than the

                                    Look after your allergies this Spring. . . page 2
                                    Your guide to local health services . . . pages A - D
                                    Live longer: stop smoking . . . page 3
                                    Keep the germs at bay. . . page 4                                                                              1
Break free
before the ban:
stop smoking
There could never be a better time to stop              trained call
smoking. From 1st July 2007 smoking will be             handlers who
banned in all enclosed public spaces. Employers         can talk you
and businesses will also have to ensure that their      through a range
staff and visitors are fully protected from tobacco     of services,
smoke.                                                  helping you to
                                                        draw up a tailor-
The ‘Call to Quit’ Service                              made strategy        People who have successfully stopped smoking via Birmingham PCT services
Birmingham has an estimated 200,000 adult               for quitting.        promote the ‘Call to Quit’ phone number
smokers. A new stop smoking service was
launched on 22nd February, which people can             This could
access no matter whereabouts in Birmingham              include group
they live. The scheme, ‘Call to Quit’, was named        therapy, one-to-one sessions or support              national average. In some of the more deprived
following a public competition and offers               through Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)           parts of the city, men are dying before they reach
smokers city-wide a single free phone number to         which, depending on individual circumstances,        70 years of age, almost 10 years less than the
ring for help and advice.                               can be offered free of charge. Email or              average life expectancy of other more affluent
                                                        telephone support can also be provided where         areas.
If you smoke and you ring the freephone number          appropriate and people can obtain information
on 0800 052 5855 you will speak to specially            about what services are available through their      One of the key reasons for the high number of
                                                        local pharmacists and GP practices.                  Birmingham men dying early has been linked to
                                                                                                             the high proportion of Birmingham men who
                                                        The Birmingham-wide initiative is the first of its   continue to smoke. About three quarters of
                                                        kind in the country and has been inspired by         deaths in these deprived areas are caused by
                                                        methods used by New York health services in          circulatory diseases, cancers and respiratory
                                                        helping people stop smoking before smoking           diseases. Smoking is the largest contributor to
                                                        was banned in public places.                         deaths from these causes.
                                                        At the launch, Councillor Sue Anderson, Chair        At the launch event on the 22nd February, Aston
                                                        of the Health and Well Being partnership said,       Villa legends Tony Morley and Gordon Cowans
                                                        “The ‘Call to Quit’ scheme is an imaginative         joined Birmingham City footballers Fabrice
                                                        way to help people individually and support a        Muamba and Neil Danns to endorse the drive to
                                                        smoke free workplace and smoke free public           achieve better health and well being in all
                                                        areas at the same time.”                             Birmingham communities by quitting smoking.
                                                        Improving male life expectancy                       So if you want to stop, ring the ‘Call to Quit’
                                                        ‘Call to Quit’ forms part of a Birmingham-wide       number: 0800 052 5855 and talk to someone
                                                        campaign to improve male life expectancy and         who understands how to help you quit. Giving
    Aston Villa legends Tony Morley (back) and
                                                        infant mortality rates across the city. In           up smoking is an investment in your own health,
    Gordon Cowans (front) promote
                                                        Birmingham over half the male population live        and your family’s, which lasts a lifetime.
    Birmingham’s free stop smoking service
                                                        in areas where life expectancy is below the

Children make
fitness fun!
Children’s fun and fitness are two things that should naturally go
hand in hand – and with the help of Jane Sixsmith, a member of
Great Britain’s bronze medal winning 1992 Olympic women’s
hockey team, Birmingham City Council have hit on a winning
formula to bring them together.

‘Food 4 Sport’ is a booklet that promotes healthy eating and
sporting activities. It’s aimed at children aged eight - 11 and
contains simple healthy eating advice, information on the benefits
of exercise and tips on motivation. The booklet is interactive
throughout and uses quizzes, log pages and training programmes.

As well as contact details for local sports and leisure centres the
booklet has a diary which children can complete in their quest to
win gold, silver and bronze awards.

For further information or to obtain a copy of ‘Food 4 Sport’ you
can contact Jane on Tel. 0121 303 9490 or email:

 Olympic hockey player Jane Sixsmith promotes ‘Food 4 Sport’ to Moor Hall
 school children in her home town of Sutton Coldfield.

2      Are you a mother? Could you offer breast feeding support to others? If so, contact Jewant Singh 0121 465 5111.
Keep this guide in a
 safe place in case
you or your family
need to refer to it.

                                    to local health services
                                                                                                    Top 10 tips to
                                                                                                    keep you healthy
                                                                                                    1.   Don’t smoke, and discourage your
                                                                                                         friends and family from smoking. If
                                                                                                         you want to stop smoking, call our
                                                                                                         Stop Smoking Team on 0800 052
                                                                                                    2.   Aim to eat five helpings of fruit and
                                                                                                         vegetables a day, lots of fibre and cut
                                                                                                         down on fatty foods and products
                                                                                                         rich in sugar and salt.

                        Paul Sabapathy CBE (Chairman), Sophia Christie (Chief Executive) and Dr     3.   Get active and keep fit. Take 30
                        Peter Thebridge (PEC Chair).                                                     minutes of moderate physical activity
                                                                                                         five days a week.

                       Welcome . . .                                                                4.   Protect yourself against the flu. You
                                                                                                         can get the flu jab if you’re over 65 or
                                                                                                         have a chest or heart condition.
              this special report about health services in Birmingham East and
                       North. This guide is yours to pull-out and keep throughout the year so
                       that you have easy access to details about health care services in your
                                                                                                    5.   Drink alcohol in moderation. Enjoy
                                                                                                         two - three units a day, but don’t get
                       Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust (BEN PCT) is your local
                       NHS organisation. The PCT’s core purpose is to work in partnership to        6.   Don’t ignore changes in your body.
                       tackle inequalities and improve the health and well being of local                Speak to your doctor if you notice
                       people.                                                                           anything unusual including new
                       In the following pages you will find some useful information about
                       how BEN PCT, your local Primary Care Trust, is performing, how we are
                                                                                                    7.   Turn up for routine breast and cervical
                                                                                                         cancer screening appointments.
                       responding to our patients’ needs, how you can become involved and
                       have a say about your health care and an outline of how your money is        8.   Become an expert patient. If you have
                       being spent on local healthcare services. There is also a listing of all          a long-term condition, such as
                       GPs, dentists, opticians and pharmacists in your area.                            diabetes or heart disease, you can
                                                                                                         learn more about living with your
                       The PCT continually works to improve local health services to the                 condition and getting the most out of
                       benefit of our local residents. Over the last year BEN PCT has made               life. Phone 0800 032 6016 for more
                       significant progress in both improving and introducing new services for           details.
                       the local population, many of which have been shared with you
                       through our Health News publication. For example, Birmingham Own             9.   Keep warm in winter. There’s money
                       Health has been introduced, offering telephone based support to                   available to help people stay warm.
                       people with long term conditions. People are increasingly being able to           Contact Health Through Warmth on
                       access services closer to their homes and are able to choose where they           0800 316 2814.
                       want to receive their treatment. The Warren Farm Urgent Care Centre          10. It’s good for your health to have
                       has extended its opening hours over the last year, providing urgent               friends and an active social life - don’t
                       care between the hours of 8.30am - 6.30pm with no appointment                     be a couch potato, get out and get
                       necessary. Work has also started on two new health centres in Perry               involved!
                       Common and Stockland Green.

                       In 2006 the PCT undertook a patient survey in relation to diabetes. The
                       outcomes of this survey are currently being collated and we will share
                       the results with you in a future edition of Health News.
                       We hope you find the information in this guide useful. Should you
                       require further information please contact the PCT on the details given
                       on page D.

                          Sophia Christie        Paul Sabapathy         Dr Peter Thebridge
                          Chief Executive        Chairman               Chair of the Professional
                                                                        Executive Committee (PEC)

                                                            Want to get involved? See page D.                                                     A
Your Health in Bordesley Green,                                                      Mr Manjit Rai and Partner
                                                                                     Mr John Rees and Partners
                                                                                                                         109 Westley Road
                                                                                                                         3 Victoria Road
South Yardley and Acocks Green                                                       Mr J W Taylor and Partner
                                                                                     Mr H F Tham
                                                                                                                         488 Bordesley Green
                                                                                                                         63 Westley Road
For more information call: 0121 765 5188
General Practitioners (GPs) (number of GPs)                                          Optometrists (Opticians)
                                                                                     (These optometrists offer diabetic retinopathy screening)
Dr D R Aylin and Partners (4)      4 Willard Road                0121   706   0216
                                                                                     Dollond & Aitchinson           1082 Warwick Road                           0121   706   1386
Dr M Brown (1)                     475 Bordesley Green East      0844   477   8616
                                                                                     Dollond & Aitchinson           Eyeland House, 1321 Coventry Rd             0121   707   9177
Dr N P Brown and Partners (8)      73 Yardley Green Road         0845   072   4618
                                                                                     Eye Opticians Ltd              41 Yardley Green Road                       0121   772   4424
Dr J Cameron and Partner (2)       21 Victoria Road              0121   706   1129
                                                                                     Krystal Vision                 1566 Coventry Road                          0121   707   7004
Dr F S Haider and Partners (4)     691 Coventry Road             0121   773   4931
                                                                                     Rightspex Opticians            329 Green Lane                              0121   773   6690
Dr M M Jones and Partners (4)      370 Gospel Lane               0121   706   5676
Dr M Lewis and Partners (6)        77 Yardley Green Road         0121   773   3737
Dr P S Moonga (1)                  726-728 Coventry Road         0845   070   2696
                                                                                     Asda Pharmacy                  Asda Stores, Coventry Road                  0121   766   4819
Dr J A Murray and Partners (5)     2 Great Wood Road             0121   766   8828
                                                                                     Boots The Chemist              1104 Warwick Road                           0121   706   0052
Dr B L Pattni (1)                  1222 Coventry Road            0121   772   1898
                                                                                     Boots The Chemist              Unit 4, Yew Tree Retail Park, Stoney Lane   0121   783   2403
Dr J S Sanghera (1)                96 Albert Road                0121   784   0208
                                                                                     Co-op Pharmacy                 159 Church Road                             0121   783   2316
Dr T Sen-Gupta and Partners (3)    999 Warwick Road              0121   706   0501
                                                                                     Co-op Pharmacy                 9 Oulton Boulevard East                     0121   604   4600
Dr H K Wadhwa (1)                  533 Hobmoor Road              0844   477   2479
                                                                                     Hay Mills Pharmacy             1116 Coventry Road                          0121   624   1413
Dr D N Watson and Partner (2)      393 Station Road              0121   783   2893
                                                                                     Hingley and Co                 50 Yardley Wood Road                        0121   772   0397
Dr A S Zaki (1)                    393 Station Road              0121   784   8101
                                                                                     Hingley and Co                 560-562 Green Lane                          0121   772   0713
                                                                                     Lloyds Chemist                 184 School Road                             0121   777   2741
                                                                                     Lloyds Chemist                 682 Coventry Road                           0121   772   0673
Mr B S Bhandal and Partners       1746 Coventry Road             0121   706   1060
                                                                                     Lloyds Pharmacy                317 Fox Hollies Road                        0121   707   1844
Mrs G J B Cottam and Partners     20 Summer Road                 0121   708   2994
                                                                                     Lloyds Pharmacy                1160 Warwick Road                           0121   706   0374
Ms N Kashani                      28 Station Road                0121   706   0275
                                                                                     Medicare                       666 Coventry Road                           0121   773   0931
Mr M Khoja and Partner            576 Warwick Road               0121   706   2289
                                                                                     Sainsburys Pharmacy            1149 Warwick Road                           0121   708   0266
Mr T S Marok and Partners         Unit 2, 1078 Warwick Road      0121   765   2870
                                                                                     Sehmi NS                       545 Green Lane                              0121   773   3075
Mr F Mohammed                     408 Green Lane                 0121   766   6082
                                                                                     Shareef Dispensing Chemist     31 Swan Centre                              0121   707   3698
Mr R Patel and Partners           529 Hobmoor Road               0121   783   3597
                                                                                     Shellys Chemist                47 Yardley Green Road                       0121   772   0025
Mr Omar Patel and Partners        628 Coventry Road              0121   772   1725
                                                                                     Yardley Chemist                2 Willard Road                              0121   706   2723
Messrs D G Pearsall               58 Shirley Road                0121   706   0863
Mr V Prasad                       1a Henry Road                  0121   706   0393

Your Health in Hodge Hill and                                                        Optometrists (Opticians)
                                                                                     (These optometrists offer diabetic retinopathy screening)
Washwood Heath                                                                       Costco Wholesale UK Ltd               100 Watson Road                      0121 326 3505
For more information call: 0121 765 5188                                             T Cox Opticians                       565 Washwood Heath Road              0121 327 1814
                                                                                     Eurospex Opticians                    158 Alum Rock Road                   0121 326 8181
General Practitioners (GPs) (number of GPs)                                          Eyeworld                              678 Alum Rock Road                   0121 328 4328
Dr Akhtar (1)                         27-29 Highfield Road       0121   328   9579   Colin Lee Opticians                   12 Fox & Goose Shopping Centre       0121 784 5888
Dr M M Alvi (1)                       38 Alum Rock Road          0121   328   7010   Onkar Eye Care Opticians              151 Alum Rock Road                   0121 327 0620
Amaanah Medical Practice (4)          Cradock Road               0121   322   8820   Ophthalmic Care Opticians             753 Alum Rock Road                   0121 327 2378
Dr A C Bajpai and Partner (2)         Cradock Road               0121   328   4223   S W Optics Ltd                        140 Bromford Drive                   0121 749 2660
Dr N H Bangash and Partners (3)       508-516 Alum Rock Road     0121   678   3800   Pak Health Centre                     38 Alum Rock Road                     0781 3939947
Dr R A Bhatti (1)                     38 Alum Rock Road          0121   327   3926   Scrivens Ltd                          17 Coleshill Road                    0121 783 2555
Dr A G Hakeem (1)                     Cradock Road               0121   327   4939   Scrivens Ltd                          300 Kitts Green Road                 0121 783 3159
Dr A Hussain (1)                      621 Washwood Heath Road    0121   328   0999   Sodha Optometrists                    95 Alum Rock Road                    0121 326 0334
Dr S Kumar and Partner (2)            140 Coleshill Road         0121   776   6444
Dr E J McQuillan (1)                  30 Bloomsbury Street       0121   359   1539   Pharmacists
Dr M Ramjohn and Partners (4)         794A Washwood Heath Road   0121   327   1049   Associated Chemists Ltd             881 Washwood Heath Road                0121   783   2042
Dr M Y Saigol and Partner (2)         75 - 77 Cotterills Lane    0121   327   5111   BKS Pharmacy                        4A Alum Rock Road                      0121   327   4643
Dr R A S Sangra (1)                   120 Washwood Heath Road    0121   327   4427   Care Pharmacy                       742 - 744 Alum Rock Road               0121   327   0160
Dr A U Shah (1)                       38 Havelock Road           0121   328   1174   Dispharma Ltd                       183 Alum Rock Road                     0121   326   7343
Dr M G Shankernarayan and Partner (2) Cradock Road               0121   328   4243   Hingley and Co                      195-197 Alum Rock Road                 0121   327   0108
Dr M D Sheik and Partner (2)          32-34 Naseby Road          0121   327   1878   M G Fazal                           25 Highfield Road                      0121   328   7123
                                                                                     Gate Pharmacy                       118 Washwood Heath Road                0121   328   4139
Dentists                                                                             Lincolns Chemist                    446 Alum Rock Road                     0121   327   0122
Mr H Anjam and Partners           554 Washwood Heath Road        0121   327   0578   Lloyds Pharmacy                     150 Bromford Drive                     0121   747   2442
Mr I Azmat and Partners           694 Alum Rock Road             0121   327   0307   Lloyds Pharmacy                     6 Ermington Crescent                   0121   747   4433
Mr J Bardha and Partner           5 Stechford Lane               0121   783   4170   Lloyds Pharmacy                     794 Washwood Heath Road                0121   327   0347
Mr Junaid Patel and Partners      2A Bowyer Road                 0121   327   0577   Lloyds Pharmacy                     902 Washwood Heath Road                0121   783   8680
Mr R B Shah and Partner           820 Washwood Heath Road        0121   783   2147   Pal Chemist                         508 Alum Roack Road                    0121   328   3412
Mr S K Sud                        711 Alum Rock Road             0121   328   1746   Pal Pharmacy                        117 Alum Rock Road                     0121   327   2425
                                                                                     Richyal Chemists                    229 - 231 Alum Rock Road               0121   327   5980
                                                                                     Solomon Chemists                    188 Alum Rock Road                     0121   327   0730

Your Health in Kingstanding                                                          Mr I Jayaweera
                                                                                     Mr M C Reece and Partners
                                                                                                                         402 Kingstanding Road
                                                                                                                         862 Walsall Road
                                                                                                                                                                0121 373 5855
                                                                                                                                                                0121 358 0900
and Oscott                                                                           Mr A Takhar and Partners            643 Kingstanding Road                  0121 354 3579
For more information call: 0121 465 1565                                             Optometrists (Opticians)
                                                                                     (These optometrists offer diabetic retinopathy screening)
General Practitioners (GPs) (number of GPs)
                                                                                     I M Hadfield Optometrists             162 Beeches Road                     0121   357   1748
Dr K J Arora and Partners (4)     291 - 293 Walsall Road         0121   356   4131
                                                                                     Jones Opticians                       103 Hawthorn Road                    0121   373   2556
Dr D S Bhomra (1)                 Warren Farm Road               0845   675   0563
                                                                                     R J Owen Opticians                    10 Warren Farm Road                  0121   373   5790
Dr P M Dudley (1)                 6 Dyas Road                    0121   384   4848
                                                                                     Scrivens Ltd                          19 Kingstanding Centre               0121   354   2100
Dr P Gonslaves (1)                432 Kingstanding Road          0121   377   8244
                                                                                     Scrivens Ltd                          231 Hawthorn Road                    0121   373   1447
Dr E Hiscock and Partners (7)     160 - 164 Streetly Road        0845   675   0559
                                                                                     Spectacle Company                     766 Kingstanding Road                0121   355   5639
Dr G Horton and Partners (4)      352 College Road               0121   373   8842
                                                                                     P E Waite Optometrist                 627 Walsall Road                     0121   357   2118
Dr R S Kumar and Partners (7)     669 Kings Road                 0845   077   0028
                                                                                     Vernon Walker Opticians Ltd           21 The Precinct                      0121   354   2992
Dr K T Prasad and Partners (3)    9 Twickenham Road              0845   601   6576
Dr M Prasad (1)                   619 Kings Road                 0845   675   0561
Dr S K Ratnam (1)                 250A Chester Road              0121   353   3212
                                                                                     Boots The Chemists                  631 - 633 Kingstanding Road            0121   354   3800
Dr B S Sahota and Partner (2)     26 Rough Road                  0121   354   4560
                                                                                     Lodge Pharmacy                      115 Witton Lodge Road                  0121   384   3198
Dr J A Senior and Partners (3)    444 Kingstanding Road          0121   373   1734
                                                                                     M W Phillips                        26 Rough Road                          0121   354   7176
                                                                                     M W Phillips                        756 College Road                       0121   384   2293
                                                                                     M W Phillips                        9 Twickenham Road                      0121   373   2754
Mr A S Godhania                   402 Kingstanding Road          0121 373 5855
Mr N R Hawkesworth and Partner    354 College Road               0121 373 1471

     If you need to see someone urgently, you can attend the Urgent Care Centre, Warren Farm Road, Kingstanding,
                    Birmingham B44 0PU. No appointment required. 8.30 am - 6.30 pm 7 Days a week.
     You can also get medical advice by calling NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or attending the Walk in Centre at Boots in
                                                 Birmingham City Centre.
Your Health in Sutton Coldfield                                                                M D Bailey
                                                                                               G J E Bannister Ltd
                                                                                                                                 244 Lichfield Road
                                                                                                                                 2 South Parade
                                                                                               Neil Berry Optometrist            6 Holland Street                          0121   355   6895
For more information call: 0121 465 1562                                                       Boots Opticians Ltd               44-46 The Parade, Gracechurch Centre      0121   354   9856
                                                                                               Dollond & Aitchinson              24 The Parade                             0121   354   4177
General Practitioners (GPs) (number of GPs)                                                    Eyecentre Opticians               53C Reddicap Heath Road                   0121   378   4724
Dr   J S Bains (1)                       93 Carhampton Road              0845   675   0588     Malcolm Gray & Associates         336 Lichfield Road                        0121   308   4255
Dr   A P Blight and Partners (9)         8 Walmley Road                  0121   351   3238     Kenyon & Barlow Opticians         201 Walmley Road                          0121   240   7901
Dr   R C Brake and Partners (7)          17 Holly Lane                   0121   377   2133     Lad & Turner Optical Practice     8 The Lane, Wylde Green                   0121   350   5872
Dr   C R M Broomhead and Partners (6)    331 Birmingham Road             0845   077   0030     Andrew Martin Optometrist Ltd     66 Boldmere Road                          0121   354   6411
Dr   J P O Chapman and Partners (6)      519 Jockey Road                 0845   675   0560     Charles Morris Optometrist        28 Walmley Road                           0121   351   2344
Dr   A S Coutts and Partners (5)         Mere Green Road                 0121   308   2080     Scrivens Ltd                      115 The Parade                            0121   354   4534
Dr   P J Ingham and Partners (4)         233 Tamworth Road               0844   477   2514     Specsavers Opticians              Unit 4, Red Rose Centre, Lower Parade     0121   354   4143
Dr   S C Martin and Partners (6)         61 Holland Road                 0121   354   2032     Turners Opticians Ltd             4 Mere Green Road, Four Oaks              0121   308   5516
Dr   E I J Moreton and Partners (4)      34 Chester Road North           0121   353   2586     Vision Express                    198 Gracechurch Centre                    0121   321   3353
Dr   P J Mundy and Partners (8)          228 Lichfield Road              0121   308   0359     Ward Optometrists                 85A Chester Road                          0121   354   8168
Dr   W H Robinson and Partners (5)       61 Holland Road                 0845   675   0564
Dr   H B Slominski (1)                   Mere Green Road                 0121   308   2137     Pharmacists in Sutton
                                                                                               Alliance Pharmacy            15 Hollyfield Road South                  0121 378 1176
Dentists                                                                                       Asda Pharmacy                Walmley Ash Road                          0121 313 7159
Mr V Ankaran and Partner             299 Lichfield Road, Mere Green      0121   308   6075     Boots                        308 Lichfield Road                        0121 308 0947
Ms A Cartner                         5 Mere Green Road, Mere Green       0121   323   4480     Boots                        31 While Road                             0121 355 3530
Mr C J Castledine and Partner        21 Mere Green Road, Four Oaks       0121   323   4492     Boots                        80 - 82 Boldmere Road                     0121 354 2121
Mr Christopher Shore and Partner     7 Penns Lane, Wylde Green           0121   382   6540     Boots                        Units 4-5, Princess Alice Retail Park     0121 354 4852
Mr S J Clements and Partner          29 Coleshill Street                 0121   354   7570     Boots The Chemist Ltd        113 The Parade                            0121 354 4206
Ms J Dheri and Partner               462 Walmley Road, Walmley           0121   378   4875     Boots The Chemists           352-354 Birmingham Road                   0121 373 1355
Mr A A Dhopatkar and Partners        27 Coleshill Street                 0121   354   5596     Boots The Chemists           44-46 The Parade                          0121 354 1729
Ms N Ghabai                          9 Mill Street                       0121   354   9215     Boots The Chemists           84 Walsall Road                           0121 308 0273
Mr S D Loescher and Partner          321 Wylde Green Road, Walmley       0121   351   1382     Brutons Pharmacy             7 Churchill Parade                        0121 378 0444
Mr P E Luke                          2 Four Oaks Common Road             0121   308   8822     J Sainsbury Plc              30 Mere Green Road                        0121 323 3213
Mr P J A Ready and Parter            144 Boldmere Road, Boldmere         0121   354   2425     Lloyds Pharmacy              Unit 1, 290 Lichfield Road                0121 308 4497
Mr M C Reece and Partner             6 Chester Road, New Oscott          0121   354   4202     Lloyds Pharmacy              Ashfurlong Health Centre, 233 Tamworth Rd 0121 323 4300
Mrs A Sharma and Partner             7 Coleshill Street                  0121   354   1110     Lloyds Pharmacy              416 Birmingham Road                       0121 373 7992
Mr R W Skeates and Partners          14 Belwell Lane                     0121   308   3273     Lloyds Pharmacy              9 Walmley Close                           0121 351 1212
Mr P H Thornley and Partner          2 Walmley Chambers, Walmley Close   0121   313   3100     M W Phillips                 6 Chester Road                            0121 355 2122
                                                                                               M W Phillips                 9 Sutton Oak Corner, Baker Lane           0121 353 9027
Optometrists (Opticians)                                                                       Rowlands Pharmacy            12 Birmingham Road                        0121 321 2768
(These optometrists offer diabetic retinopathy screening)                                      Tesco Dispensing Chemist     Chester Road North                        0121 480 7549
Asda Opticians                    Walmley Ash Road, Minworth             0121 313 7157         Wylde Green Pharmacy         441A Birmingham Road                      0121 382 0460

                                                                                               Optometrists (Opticians)
Your Health in Stockland Green,                                                                (These optometrists offer diabetic retinopathy screening)
                                                                                               Peter Bainbridge Optometrists           240 High Street                     0121   377   7459
Erdington and Tyburn                                                                           Banks Opticians
                                                                                               Neil Berry Optometrist
                                                                                                                                       551 Slade Road
                                                                                                                                       556 Holly Lane
For more information call: 0121 465 1565                                                       Boots Opticians Ltd                     Fort Retail Park, Fort Dunlop       0121   382   6673
                                                                                               Community Eyecare (UK) Ltd              Hastingwood Business Centre,        0121   386   6605
General Practitioners (GPs) (number of GPs)                                                    Charles Morris Optometrist              28b York Road                       0121   373   0368
Dr S Abbas and Partner (2)              70 Tangmere Drive                0121   465   1500     Scrivens Ltd                            246 High Street                     0121   373   0680
Dr G Areje and Partner (2)              192 Reservoir Road               0121   384   8244     Specs Direct                            184 Slade Road                      0121   384   2828
Dr M E Bhatti (1)                       122 Sutton Road                  0121   373   0056     Specsavers Opticians                    138 High Street                     0121   382   1477
Dr F H Cole and Partners (4)            200 Tangmere Drive               0121   748   8200     Vision Express (UK) Ltd                 Unit 9A, The Fort Shopping Park     0121   384   3110
Dr C Dunford and Partners (1)           26 High Street                   0121   373   0086     Ward Opticians                          202 Sutton New Road                 0121   373   6897
Dr P S Jhittay (1)                      273 Kingsbury Road               0845   675   0569
Dr P D Murphy and Partners (5)          103 Wood End Road                0121   373   0085     Pharmacists in Stockland Green, Erdington and Tyburn
Dr M T Nazki (1)                        192 Reservoir Road               0121   373   5405     Alliance Pharmacy                     620 Kingsbury Road                    0121   373   1029
Dr S L Perkins and Partners (7)         1128 Tyburn Road                 0845   675   0573     Boots The Chemist                     87 High Street                        0121   373   0145
Dr A Sellerajah (1)                     115 Humberstone Road             0121   351   3321     Boots The Chemist                     Unit 8, Fort Retail Park, Wood Lane   0121   382   9868
Dr J A Sherlaw and Partners (4)         158 Reservoir Road               0121   373   0601     Buchan Chemists                       196 Streetly Road                     0121   373   1468
                                                                                               Jhoots Pharmacy                       70 Station Road                       0121   373   2796
Dentists                                                                                       K & K Pharmacy                        27 High Street                        0121   748   6121
Mr S J Clements and Partners            1st Floor, Tangmere Square     0121     747   6539     Lloyds Pharmacy                       163 Reservoir Road                    0121   382   5919
Mrs S W Goh                             32 Marsh Hill                  0121     350   4109     Lloyds Pharmacy                       3 Tangmere Square, Tangmere Drive     0121   747   6546
Mr H K Gupta and Partners               129 Gravelly Hill North        0121     373   0462     Lloyds Pharmacy                       330 Slade Road                        0121   373   9906
Mr A Hussain and Partner                62 Gravelly Hill               0121     327   2358     Lloyds Pharmacy                       46-46a High Street                    0121   350   0321
Ms S Mosedale and Partner               192 Reservoir Road             0121     373   3160     MW Phillips                           273 Kingsbury Road                    0121   377   6042
Mr P J Roberts                          273A Kingsbury Road            0121     384   6759     Prinja Pharmacy                       1097 Chester Road                     0121   373   3321
Mr R P Robinson and Partners            Denbigh House, 117 Sutton Road 0121     377   6581     Prinja Pharmacy                       1128 Tyburn Road                      0121   377   7956
Mr A J Scheifla and Partners            32 Summer Road                 0121     373   0244     Superdrug Pharmacy                    94-100 High Street                    0121   350   5656
                                                                                               Wheelwright Pharmacy                  238 Wheelwright Road                  0121   373   4445
                                                                                               Wood End Pharmacy                     103 Wood End Road                     0121   350   0614

                                                                                               Mr V Sudra                            221 Heathway                          0121 747 8227
Your Health in Sheldon, Shard End,                                                             Tile Cross Dental Practice            21A Bell Lane                         0121 779 2112
                                                                                               Mr L L Williams                       151 New Coventry Road                 0121 743 2090
Stechford and Yardley North                                                                    Optometrists (Opticians)
For more information call: 0121 465 1562                                                       (These optometrists offer diabetic retinopathy screening)
                                                                                               Dollond & Aitchinson                    2236 Coventry Road                  0121   743   3360
General Practitioners (GPs) (number of GPs)                                                    J Ellis Opticians                       146 Church Road                     0121   784   8022
Dr AFC Ainsworth and Partners (6)       160 Shard End Crescent           0121 747 8291         K G Harris                              119 Shard End Crescent              0121   747   2207
Dr HV Anantharaman (1)                  263 Tile Cross Road              0121 779 7333         Optical Express                         165B Church Road                    0121   783   5250
Dr M E Broomhead (2)                    2 Schoolacre Road                0845 675 0567         Opti - call Opticians                   269 Flaxley Road                    0121   783   7993
Dr R Chopra (1)                         172 Garretts Green Lane          0121 743 3003         Scrivens Ltd                            2162 Coventry Road                  0121   743   2704
Dr S K Dhamija (1)                      98-100 Lea Village               0121 789 9565
Dr N E Gaballa (1)                      315 Sheldon Heath Road           0121 743 2626         Pharmacists
Dr N M Gohil (1)                        197 Belchers Lane                0121 772 0383         Alliance Pharmacy                     78-96 Poolway                         0121   783   5562
Dr A L Goldstein (1)                    Scholars Gate                    0121 785 0795         Alliance Pharmacy                     38 East Meadway                       0121   783   2475
Dr I U Haq (1)                          87 Kempson Road                  0121 747 3586         Chesters Pharmacy                     16 Timberly Lane                      0121   748   1501
Dr B S Jheeta (1)                       169-171 Church Road              0121 743 5511         Dranes Pharmacy                       136 Garretts Green Lane               0121   743   2082
Dr I Khan (1)                           113 Church Lane                  0121 783 2861         G Goulding                            119 Church Lane                       0121   783   2126
Dr M M Latthe and Partner (2)           36 Bucklands End Lane            0845 675 0588         G Goulding                            20 Glebe Farm Road                    0121   784   5328
Dr P Machin and Partners (7)            90 Church Road                   0845 675 0565         Heathway Pharmacy                     207 Heath Way                         0121   747   2133
Dr M M M Mina and Partner (2)           25 Cranes Park Road              0121 743 2018         Lloyds Pharmacy                       10 Glebe Farm Road                    0121   786   2960
Dr V R Peddi (1)                        15 Rowlands Road                 0121 706 6623         Lloyds Pharmacy                       153 Station Road                      0121   783   3823
Dr P K Sahay (1)                        Scholars Gate                    0121 789 7607         Lloyds Pharmacy                       1754 Coventry Road                    0121   742   5679
Dr N Saikia-Varman and Partner (2)      111 Church Lane                  0845 675 0579         Lloyds Pharmacy                       2154 - 2156 Coventry Road             0121   743   8808
                                                                                               Lloyds Pharmacy                       2222 Coventry Road                    0121   743   3676
Dentists                                                                                       Lloyds Pharmacy                       291 Church Road                       0121   743   2385
Mr L Ali and Partners                   21 Glebe Farm Road               0121   789   7040     Lloyds Pharmacy                       3 Bell Lane                           0121   779   2540
Mr L Ali and Partners                   197 The Meadway                  0121   783   1441     Lloyds Pharmacy                       82-84 Lea Village                     0121   784   2448
Mrs A N Arshad and Partner              22 Manor House Lane              0121   743   2503     MY Dispensing Chemist                 311 Bordesley Green East              0121   783   3335
Mr J W Currigan                         104 Lea Village                  0121   784   9641     National Co-op Chemist                162 Shard End Crescent                0121   747   4585
Mr E F Reynolds and Partners            26 Sheaf Lane                    0121   743   5516     Pan Pharmacy                          297 - 299 Church Road                 0121   742   9599
Mr J Skrybant                           2263A Coventry Road              0121   743   2669     Poolway Pharmacy                      95 The Poolway                        0121   786   1807

Hospital Accident and Emergency departments should                                           only be used in real emergencies. Your nearest ones are:
        Birmingham Heartlands Hospital Tel. 0121 424                                         2000 • Good Hope Hospital Tel. 0121 378 2211
                   City Hosptial Tel. 0121 554 3801 •                                        Selly Oak Hospital Tel. 0121 627 1627
                If you’re unsure about whether to go                                         to A&E, ring NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.
 PCT receives
 an annual
 health check
 Every year the PCT is assessed in terms of
 performance in meeting national targets and
 standards set by the Government. This
 assessment seeks to demonstrate whether
 local residents have good access to the
 healthcare services they need, that the
 services provide value for money, and that
 residents receive prompt care and treatment
 by the NHS. In October 2006 the Annual
 Health Check ratings for BEN PCT were
 presented for its two predecessor
 organisations - Eastern Birmingham PCT and
 North Birmingham PCT.
 Both PCTs were fully compliant with national
                                                      As a PCT we value the views of our local community and welcome any local resident to become involved in
 healthcare standards in this assessment and
                                                      shaping local health care services.
 fully met all existing national targets. Eastern
 Birmingham PCT was assessed as ‘fair’ for
 both the quality of services offered by the
 PCT and its use of resources, whereas North
 Birmingham PCT received an ‘excellent’
 rating for quality of services and ‘weak’ for         Get involved and have your say!
 use of resources. A key goal of Birmingham
 East and North PCT is to be so responsive to
 the population we serve so that no one waits        The PCT is committed to involving patients             Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) are here to
 for the health care they need and these             and the public in the planning, improvement            help.
 ratings indicate good progress towards this         and delivery of local healthcare services.
 goal.                                               Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is                The PALS service aims to:
                                                     dedicated to ensuring local residents have a             • Advise and support patients, their families
 Upon receiving these results, BEN PCT Chief         say and make a difference to the planning and               and carers
 Executive Sophia Christie said: “The ratings        provision of their healthcare. There are a               • Provide information on local NHS services
 demonstrate we have a good basis on which           number of different ways you can participate             • Listen to your concerns, suggestions or
 to further develop services for people in           in various projects and have an input - this can            queries
 Birmingham East and North. They also give a         vary from simply talking to us about your                • Help sort out problems quickly on your
 clear indication of where we can further            experiences to attending regular planning                   behalf.
 develop our services and make better use of         meetings, depending on the level you would             PALS provides confidential, on-the-spot advice
 our resources, particularly in sexual health        like to become involved. For further details or        and support, helping you to sort out any
 services and faster access to diagnostic
                                                     to discuss any of the following suggestions,           concerns you may have about the care we
 support for GPs. We are already making
                                                     please contact Annette Hearnden, PPI                   provide, guiding you through the different
 progress in these areas and I am confident
 that the new Birmingham East and North              Manager on 0121 380 9032.                              services available from the NHS.
 PCT will continue to improve year on year.”                                                                PALS can be contacted on freephone 0800 328
                                                     Community engagement                                   3205. An interpreter service is also available for
                                                     BEN PCT’s Neighbourhood Health                         anyone who would like to speak to PALS in a
                                                     Development Officers are responsible for               different language.
                                                     establishing and maintaining relationships
                                                     with voluntary and community sector                    Comments and complaints
                                                     organisations throughout the BEN PCT area.             BEN PCT aims to provide consistently high
                                                     The team informs the PCT of regeneration and           quality services to our patients. However, should
                                                     funding opportunities and promotes health              our services not meet such expectations we
                                                     and well being to local communities. To                need to know, so that we can do something
                                                     contact your local Neighbourhood Health                about it. Any complaints relating to services
                                                     Development Officer please call the PCT on             provided by the PCT including community
                                                     0121 333 4113.                                         health services such as district nursing, should
                                                                                                            be sent in writing to: Pat Jones, Complaints
                                                     A little help from your PALS...                        Manager, Birmingham East and North PCT, 4th
                                                     As a patient, relative or carer sometimes you          Floor, Waterlinks House, Richard Street, Aston,
  Just like our patients, the PCT also has regular   may need to turn to someone for help, advice           Birmingham B7 4AA
  check-ups.                                         and support. At these times, BEN PCT’s Patient         or by email to

 How your money is making a
 Over the 2006/07 financial year the PCT has spent £1239 per person on health
 care in Birmingham East and North. This money is being used to pay for an ever-
                                                                                         How you can find out more
                                                                                         For further information on the work of the PCT or to obtain more
                                                                                         copies of this guide, please contact the PCT on 0121 333 4113,
                                                                                         email or visit

 increasing number of treatments and services provided to patients outside of
 hospital, in a community setting. It is also meeting the costs of improved
 specialist services for those people who do need to go to hospital, as well as
 funding new drugs that are considered to be more effective.
 For every £1 spent, this is where it goes:
                                                                                         This information is also available in alternative formats and
                                                                                         languages on request.

     41p General hospital services - A&E, outpatient
           clinics, inpatient care and maternity services.
     12p Medicines - prescribed by local GPs
     13p Community health services
      8p Mental health services
     12p Specialised hospital services - including

           services for people with heart disease,
           cancer and kidney failure.
     10p GP provided services - service provided by
           your family doctor
      4p Adult learning disability services.

                   To contact BEN PCT: 4th Floor, Waterlinks House, Richard Street, Aston, Birmingham B7 4AA
 D                              Tel: 0121 333 4113 email:
                                                                                                       Top 10 foods
                                                                                                       to keep you
                                                                                                       motivated this
                                                                                                       Want to put a spring in your step? The dreary,
                                                                                                       dark days of winter are behind us and the
                                                                                                       fresh spring days are here - so what better
                                                                                                       time to embrace some new foods? Try our top
                                                                                                       tips to help keep you full of the joys of spring
                                                                                                       and motivated all season long.

                                                                                                       1. Warm start
                                                                                                       Begin the day with porridge.
                                                                                                       Oats help you to lower your

            Beat hay fever
                                                                                                       risk of heart disease and will
                                                                                                       keep you going until lunch.

                                                                                                                     2. Crisp start

             this summer
                                                                                                                     Try wholemeal toast with a low
                                                                                                                     fat spread. Wholemeal products
                                                                                                                     can help lower your risk of heart
                                                                                                       3. Fishy stuff
                                                                                                       Give oily fish such as
                                                                                                       mackerel, salmon or
                                                                                                       sardines a go. They are
Hay fever is a very common condition in the UK. It is caused by an allergy to grass or hay             beneficial for your heart
pollens, and usually occurs during the spring and summer months. Grass is in flower from               and quick and easy to
May to July and is the most common cause of hay fever during Spring. Exactly when you                  cook.
get it depends on which pollens you are allergic to.                                                                           4. Spring low
                                                                                                                               Take this opportunity
Tree pollens are also a common cause of hay fever during Spring. Some people get hay                                           to start choosing low
fever into the autumn months as well. However, this is not as common and is usually                                            fat products. A
caused by weeds such as nettles and docks, late flowering plants and mould spores.                                             reduction in fat can
                                                                                                                               result in many heart
Hay fever symptoms                                                                                                             health benefits.
  •   Nose symptoms: Sneezing, runny nose, blocked nose, itching in the nose, throat, and
      deep in the ears
                                                                                                       5. No Salt
                                                                                                       Use rosemary, garlic, lemon or
  •   Headache: due to sinusitis caused by swelling in the nose                                        pepper as a seasoning in place
  •   Eye symptoms: watering, redness, itching, gritty feeling in the eyes, swelling of the whites
      of the eyes
                                                                                                       of salt. Salt is important to
                                                                                                       avoid if you have high blood
  •   Chest symptoms: Wheezing or a feeling of tightness in the chest
Self care tips - Managing your symptoms
1. Talk to your Pharmacist.                                                                                             6. Spring greens
  •   They can provide you with up to date information on the most effective treatments that
      won’t make you sleepy or stop you concentrating on your work or tasks
                                                                                                                        Try in-season spinach,
                                                                                                                        watercress and radish
  •   You can obtain antihistamine tablets or nasal sprays, steroidal nasal sprays or drops and
      eye drops over the counter at your pharmacist
                                                                                                                        combined with tomatoes in a
                                                                                                                        salad or sandwich to make up
                                                                                                                        a daily portion of your fruit
2. Be well informed - know when the season starts.
                                                                                                                        and vegetable intake.
  •   The main hay fever season in central Britain starts in the first half of June and continues to
      early August, though there is grass pollen in the atmosphere before and especially after         7. Juicy fruits
                                                                                                       A bowl of refreshing strawberries,
  •   Look out for details of the pollen count which is often given in the media
                                                                                                       raspberries, melon, peaches
  •   If it’s early evening, humid or windy, the pollen count is likely to be higher
                                                                                                       and mangos, with no added
3. Starting treatment early can keep your hay fever mild.                                              extras, will count towards
  •   Hay fever can make your nose inflamed and sensitive                                              your 5 a day target.
  •   As the season goes on you may get worse trouble from the same amount of pollen
                                                                                                                      8. Suitable snacks
  •   Some treatments stop this from happening. Starting your treatment just before you
      expect your hay fever season to start can mean you need less treatment to get a good                            Nuts, seeds, salad, carrot and
      result                                                                                                          celery sticks, dried and fresh
  •   Make sure you have stock of your usual medication                                                               fruit can be chosen as a healthy
4. Avoid the pollen season
  •   Plan your summer holiday in a country with less pollen, or at a time when
      you are most likely to be affected by hay fever symptoms
                                                                                                       9. Maximise your meat
                                                                                                       Meat is a fantastic source of
  •   Keep doors and windows shut during the high pollen season; this
      will help to lower indoor pollen exposure. Avoid grassy areas and
                                                                                                       iron and protein. Choose
                                                                                                       lean cuts of meat and cut
      cutting grass                                                                                    off any visible fat.
  •   If you can work in an air conditioned building this can help a lot
  •   If you drive, keep your windows closed. An air-conditioned car
      may also be very good because of the air filtering it provides                                                      10. Be full of beans
  •   Change your clothes and take a shower after being outdoors                                                          Try adding lentils, beans,
  •   Vacuum and damp dust regularly                                                                                      pulses or chickpeas into
If your symptoms persist or your over the counter medication is not                                                       stews, soups or curries.
working, then you should contact your GP who may decide to carry
out tests to find out what you are allergic to.

              For more information on healthy eating visit                                                                          3
        What you can do about ‘superbugs’
Hardly a week goes by without a ‘superbug’               without causing a problem. Normal ‘good’                Your doctor will always advise
story hitting the headlines. There are a number          bacteria present in the intestines keep C. diff.
of things we can all do to prevent the spread            in check but some antibiotics can kill the              you to finish an entire course of
of bugs and infections. Here we take a look at           ‘good’ bacteria too allowing C. diff. to take           antibiotics. Do not
a couple of the bugs that have made the news             hold. The toxins produced cause diarrhoea.              ignore this advice.
recently.                                                Alcohol hand gels do not prevent this
MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus               What can you do?                                           What is bacteria?
Aureus) describes any strain (or type) of the                •   Regular, careful hand washing with
                                                                 soap and water if looking after yourself
                                                                                                                    We all have 5,000 to 10,000 different
                                                                                                                    bacteria in or on our bodies - mostly
staphylococcus bacteria that is resistant to
various antibiotics. Bacteria have been around                   or someone else at home                            good but some are bad. Though found
for millions of years and they tend to be                    •   Always wash your hands before and
                                                                 after preparing food
                                                                                                                    on all surfaces exposed to the
increasingly resistant to modern medicines.                                                                         environment (skin, eyes, mouth, nose),
MRSA is specifically resistant to Methiciillin.              •   Do not prepare food for others if your
                                                                 are suffering from diarrhoea
                                                                                                                    the vast majority of bacteria live in the
                                                                                                                    large intestine. Bacteria is vital for
Many of us harmlessly carry the bacteria that                •   Wash your hands after using the toilet
                                                                                                                    continued good health. For example,
can cause MRSA on our skin, so it is important               •   Cover any cuts with a clean plaster
                                                                                                                    bacteria help us digest food and make
to remember that MRSA is rarely a threat to                  •   Keep your nails short and clean
                                                                                                                    vitamins. They can also help us fight
healthy people. The organism can be passed on                •   Wash your hands if they look dirty
through physical contact, or can become                      •   Use a moisturising hand cream to                   infections and control those bacteria that
                                                                                                                    can make us ill.
airborne if moved, i.e. by shaking sheets in the                 prevent dry skin
air. If passed on to someone who is ill or weak,
it can cause a much more serious infection.              What can you expect from health
                                                         care staff?
What can you do?                                             •   That they will maintain a very high
    •   Hospital visitors should use the alcohol                 standard of hygiene
        hand gel on entering and leaving a                   •   Staff may need to isolate people with
                                                                 contagious infections and will take extra
    •   Ask health care professionals if they                    care when treating them
        have washed their hands before                       •   Staff will wash and dry their hands
                                                                 before and after caring for patients
        examining you (don’t feel afraid to ask
        this question)                                       •   Staff should wear disposable gloves
                                                                 when in contact with open wounds,
Clostridium difficile                                            handling needles or inserting a drip,
                                                                 and then wash their hands on glove
Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) is a major cause of
diarrhoea and colitis (inflammation of the
lower bowel) that mostly affects elderly                     •   Remember you can always ask health
                                                                 care staff about infection control
patients who already have other illnesses. C.
                                                                 procedures at any time.
diff. lives in the large intestines of about 3% of
the adult population and 66% of infants

Health News to be shaped by your views                                                                                            Medium
Thank you to all readers who
completed the survey in the last
                                           readership and it is pleasing to
                                           know that over 90% of people
                                                                                    to reinforce national messages
                                                                                    that apply locally. We understand
                                                                                                                                  Secure Unit:
edition of Health News. Your
views are extremely valuable to us
                                           find it ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’,
                                           with nearly 51% stating that it
                                                                                    that these are less popular and we
                                                                                    will use them more sparingly in               Bordesley
and will be used to direct the
future development of the design
                                           was ‘very useful’.                       future. email:
and content of Health News as we           We asked you to tell us whether                                                        Outline planning permission
seek to create a healthier future          you liked the types of articles we                                                     has now been granted for the
for all residents of Birmingham            publish in Health News. The charts                                                     new medium secure unit for
East and North PCT.                        below show you what we were                                                            men to be located on the
                                           told.                                                                                  former Yardley Green Hospital
Congratulations to Tracy Walker                                                                                                   site in Bordesley Green.
from Shard End whose survey                Articles about your area, those                                                        Demolition and site clearance
reply was drawn by BEN Chairman            offering health advice and details                                                     is likely to begin this summer.
Paul Sabapathy. A £25 House of             of local NHS services proved
Fraser voucher has been sent to            popular. Patient stories and PCT                                                       The community liaison group
Tracy.                                     news were also favoured by a                                                           continues to provide a regular
                                           majority. Your views on the design                                                     forum for local residents to
It is pleasing to note that Health         of Health News were split, with                                                        discuss the development. The
News is read by a wide range of            many of you wanting a smaller                                                          project is also to integrate the
people living across Birmingham            format. This is something we will                                                      unit with the work of local
East and North. Almost 80% of              consider as part of the PCT’s                                                          PCTs and other local health
respondents were regular readers           review of Health News. In the
                                                                                                                                  organisations to improve local
and it is clear that many of our           past, national NHS advertisements
                                                                                                                                  access to health care services.
readers share the publication with         which have appeared in the press          PCT Chairman Paul Sabapathy
other members of their family.             and on television have been               drawing the winning survey                   Minutes resulting from the
Health News has a diverse                  included in Health News in order          entry
                                                                                                                                  community liaison group will
                                                                                                                                  be available at:
                                                                                                                         and on
                                                                                                                                  display at the Partners in
     Like                                                                                                       Dislike           Health Centre. For further
                                                                                                                                  information please contact
                                                                                                                                  Tanveer Choudhry on
Articles relevant     Health       Details of local       Patient         News from        The design            The              0800 051 0302.
   to my area         Advice        NHS services          stories        the local PCT                      advertisements

4       We value your feedback on this publication. Please email with any comments or suggestions.

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