Best of California 2008 by cpb87652


									                Best of California 2008

                                                                              A panel of 11 judges, representing
                                                                              architects, builders, associations,
                                                                              and other construction industries,
                                                                              chose nearly 50 winners out of
                                                                              more than 140 projects completed
                                                                              in California between September
                                                                              2007 and September 2008.
                                                                              We also recognize two project
                                                                              managers of the year and the top
                                                                              private and public owners who
                                                                              have all greatly contributed to the
                                                                              California construction industry.

                                                                              This year’s lineup includes some
                                                                              impressive efforts, including a
                                                                              brilliant church, a restored and
                                                                              stunning theater, a water treatment
Judges                                                                        plant that aims to teach and a
• J. Guadalupe Flores,                • Simin Naaseh,                         renovated youth center named after
  Flewelling & Moody Architects         Forell/Elsesser Engineers             a baseball legend. These and all
• Reginald Jackson, Morley Builders   • Lori Reed,                            the other winners are the result of
                                        American Institute of Architects
• Joseph Lutz, C.W. Driver                                                    outstanding teams of professionals.
                                      • Kirsten Ritchie, Gensler
• Steve Pellegren, Bernards
                                      • Laura Rodormer,
• Greg Stedman, KHS&S Contractors
                                        Green Consulting Services
• Steve Gallagher,
                                      • Randy Ruby, Engineering and
  Tishman Speyer
                                        Utility Contractors Association

                                      9   California Construction   12/2008
    Best of            2008   Northern California

                            Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland
                                                                                   Overall Top Project
                                                                      Outstanding Architectural Design

                                                                                 The soaring and luminous Cathedral
                                                                                 of Christ the Light consists of a one-of-a-
                                                                                 kind sanctuary for 1,500 worshipers, a
                                                                                 mausoleum, conference and residential
                                                                                 facilities, office and retail spaces, and a sub-
                                                                                 terranean parking garage.
                                                                                    Built to last for centuries, the cathedral’s
                                                                                 oval-shaped structure has been engineered
                                                                                 to withstand a 1,000-year earthquake and is
                                                                                 covered by 1,028 panes of fritted, transpar-
                                                                                 ent glass.
                                                                                    The new, $93 million cathedral replaces
                                                                                 the Oakland Catholic Diocese’s former
                                                                                 cathedral, which was severely damaged in
                                                                                 the Loma Prieta earthquake nearly 20 years
                                                                                    Webcor Builders, the general contractor,
                                                                                 says it worked closely with project stake-
                                                                                 holders to help push the design to the limit
                                                                                 while providing critical on-going con-
                                                                                 structability analysis.
                                                                                    Webcor adds that it worked with the
                                                                                 structural engineer, Skidmore Owings &
                                                                                 Merrill, to develop a “top-down” erection
                                                                                 sequence for the unique tension supported
                                                                                 structure. This approach called for the erec-
                                                                                 tion of the roof prior to the supporting
                                                                                 structure, which allowed both the roof and
                                                                                 ceiling schedule to be accelerated.
                                                                                    The project’s significant usage of glue-
                                                                                 laminated beams required exacting engi-
                                                                                 neering and fabrication. Webcor says it
                                                                                 identified appropriate vendors from its
                                                                                 existing subcontractor pool and was able to
                                                                                 obtain competitive pricing.
                                                                                    Webcor says it also took on the responsi-


                                       10   California Construction   12/ 2008
                                                                                          Northern California—Best of 2008

bility to design an aesthetically unique and
cost-efficient curtain-wall system. In con-                                                Project Team
junction with the design team and subcon-
tractors, the construction firm achieved the                                               Owner: Catholic Cathedral Corp. of the
desired look and aesthetic with a combina-                                                 East Bay, Oakland
tion of three off-the-shelf products, saving
                                                                                           General Contractor: Webcor Builders,
the considerable expense of a custom cur-
                                                                                           San Mateo
tain-wall system.
   Craig Hartman, a principal at SOM, says                                                 Project Manager:
his team saw this project as an once-in-a-                                                 Conversion Management Associates,
lifetime opportunity.
                                                                                           Inc., San Francisco
   “It took an enormous amount of passion
to accomplish this effort, which is certainly                                              Design Architect: Skidmore Owings &
very easy when you have this kind of oppor-                                                Merrill, San Francisco
tunity in front of you,” Hartman says.
                                                                                           Structural Engineer: Skidmore Owings &
                                                                                           Merrill, San Francisco
Judge’s Comment:                                                                           Mechanical Engineer:

“This innovative project                                                                   Taylor Engineering, Alameda

was a structural challenge                                                                 Electrical Engineer:
from the roof down. The                                                                    The Engineering Enterprise, Alameda

builders and designers met
that challenge brilliantly”

“With works like this, people will often
point to the architect. But this complex
was the work of many, many hands:
Engineers, the people of the parish who
supported it financially, and certainly the
workers, from the carpenters to the peo-
ple pouring concrete understood that
they were part of a very significant under-
taking and have done their absolute best
to make this worthy of their submission.
Everyone put their heart and soul into it.”
   The Cathedral of Christ the Light will
provide educational programs and out-
reach services to all within the diocese,
both Catholic and non-Catholic, particu-
larly the often overlooked and under-rep-
resented. The Cathedral Center is also a
part of a continuing civic and economic
turnaround for downtown Oakland. <<

                                                11   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008              Northern California

                                                      UC Berkeley East Asian Library
                                                                                Outstanding Architectural Design
                                                                                                                          Award of Merit

                                                                                                        Project Team
                                                                                                        Owner: University of California, Berkeley

                                                                                                        General Contractor

                                                                                                        McCarthy Building Cos., San Francisco

                                                                                                        Architect: Tod Williams Billie Tsien
                                                                                                        Architects, New York

                                                                                                        Associate Architect :Tom Eliot Fisch

                                                                                                        Engineers: Rutherford and Chekene
                                                                                                        Structural Engineers, San Francisco

                                                                                                        Flack and Kurtz, San Francisco

The C.V. Starr East Asian Library is             ures that are housed there – among them            1
                                                                                                     /2-in thick and located in an architectural
the first freestanding library in the U.S.       more than 900,000 volumes of Chinese,              sandblasted wall.
constructed exclusively to house East Asian      Japanese and Korean books and materials               Huge bronze grills were mounted
book collections and is one of few such          and a rare book room with temperature              together on the south, east and west exteri-
facilities in the world. Funded entirely by      and humidity controls and modern securi-           or walls to create striking pieces of art.
private donors, the 68,000-sq-ft, four-story     ty measures, which is essential for the long-      Constructed in Shanghai and imported by
facility is considered one of U.C. Berkeley’s    term care of the precious collections. To          boat in 60 pieces, the grills are a product of
marquee buildings. The project was com-          ensure preservation, McCarthy’s building           a 1,000-year-old sand cast method to
pleted on schedule and within budget.            techniques for this room included an eight         roughen the texture. They capture the tra-
   The concept behind the library’s design       step application of a multi-layered mois-          ditions of Asian etchings and woodcarv-
is an abstract blend of the campus’ neoclas-     ture proof system that prohibits the trans-        ings.
sical architectural theme, modern materials      fer of moisture and humidity to the floors,           The interior of the building features an
and East Asian influences and details. For       walls and ceilings.                                open floor plan that showcases a variety of
example, as a requirement of the university,        The meticulous design requirements and          materials and textures. Most of the interior
a colonial-style clay roof was incorporated.     complex construction methods made the              floor is architecturally ground concrete,
This was harmonized into the modern and          project both innovative and challenging.           whereby the concrete is ground down 1/8-
Asian elements of the building.                  Many of the materials used for the facility        in to expose the interior texture, and then
   From a distance, the building fits into the   were imported from around the globe.               polished to a matte finish.
campus’ neo-classical theme; however, up            The exterior is framed in concrete and is          Other features include magenta fabric-
close the roof disappears due to the cornice     partially clad in granite panels, which            covered calls with custom-made cherry
and the building becomes more abstract.          weigh 1,000 lbs each and were imported             wood features and a 60-sq. ft. circulation
   In addition to the overall theme, the         from China. McCarthy had to carefully              desktop made out of a single 2-in piece of
details and complexity in the library’s          pour and craft the exterior doors in con-          claro walnut, a rare wood typically used to
design honors the significance of the treas-     crete. Each of the three, 3-ft x 8-ft doors is 2   make violins. <<

                                                 13   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008              Northern California

            City College of San Francisco Mission Campus
                                                                                                           Higher Education

                                                                                                     Project Team
                                                                                                     Owner: City College of San Francisco
                                                                                                     General Contractor: McCarthy Building
                                                                                                     Cos., San Francisco
                                                                                                     Architects: Cervantes Design Associates,
                                                                                                     San Francisco
                                                                                                     Kendall Young Associates,
                                                                                                     San Francisco
                                                                                                     ED-2 International, San Francisco
                                                                                                     Structural Engineers: Structus Inc.,
                                                                                                     San Francisco
                                                                                                     SOHA Engineers, San Francisco
                                                                                                     Mechanical Engineers: MHC Engineers,
                                                                                                     San Francisco
                                                                                                     Electrical Engineers: FW Associates,
                                                                                                     San Francisco

Located in the heart of the Mission                                                                team worked to preserve the major features
District, the 198,000-sq-ft City College of                                                        of the original building. As a result of
San Francisco Mission Campus project con-                                                          detailed planning and a carefully thought
sisted of the complete renovation of an                                                            out design, the construction of the campus
existing four-story 1935 “art nouveau”                                                             paid homage to its history.
building and the construction of a new                                                                Additionally, the two buildings are
four-story adjacent building.                                                                      adjoined by a central, secured outdoor
   This new facility, which replaced the                                                           courtyard that overlooks and captures the
existing campus, houses a state-of-the-art                                                         numerous design elements. The glittering
library, auditorium, communications cen-                                                           blue tile on the west face of the building and
ter, science and computer laboratories, a                                                          red tile in the courtyard between the two
media and broadcasting center, a career                                                            buildings are made from 100% recycled
guidance center, a testing and assessment                                                          glass. The cornerstone of the campus is the
center, as well as traditional classrooms and       General contractor McCarthy Building           main entry of the building, which features a
meeting facilities, a bookstore, cafe, confer-   Cos.’s team created a new, modernized             stunning 20-ft replica of the Mayan Aztec
ence rooms, multipurpose rooms, adminis-         community college campus with an archi-           calendar.
trative and student services offices and a       tectural façade that fit in with the aesthetics      The buildings also include energy effi-
child development center.                        of the surrounding community. Due to its          cient systems for heating, cooling and
                                                 designation as a historical landmark, the         lighting. <<

                                                 14   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of       2008              Northern California

                                         CSU Chico Student Services Center
                                                                                                       Higher Education
                                                                                                                   Award of Merit

                                                                                                 Project Team
                                                                                                 Owner: California State University, Chico
                                                                                                 General Contractor: Turner Construction,
                                                                                                 Architect: BAR Architects,
                                                                                                 San Francisco
                                                                                                 Project Engineers: Flack & Kurtz
                                                                                                 Engineering, San Francisco
                                                                                                 KPFF Consulting, Sacramento
                                                                                                 BKF Engineers, Sacramento
                                                                                                 SWA Group, San Francisco
                                                                                                 Krazan & Associates, Clovis

                                                                                               approach throughout the project. Turner
                                                                                               worked with BAR Architects and the uni-
                                                                                               versity throughout the design process,
                                                                                               assisting with constructability reviews, esti-
                                                                                               mating and value engineering. Turner says
                                                                                               this approach resulted in more than
                                                                                               $400,000 work of value engineering ideas
                                                                                                  Working in an active campus setting,
                                                                                               Turner says it worked with the city of Chico
                                                                                               and the university on the coordination of
In a system that has traditionally selected       The four-story, 122,000-sq-ft building       construction schedules. This, Turner says,
contractors based on a lump sum bid, the       has created a single meeting point for 26       ensured the safety of students, faculty and
California State University, Chico has taken   administrative departments. The building’s      staff.
part in the pilot program for alternative      “U” shape design plays a role in sustainabil-      CSU Chico has been classified as the first
delivery methods. CSU Chico chose to uti-      ity as well as comfort for those within the     Tier 1 School in Northern California for
lize a Construction Management at Risk         building. The project is also seeking LEED-     Turner, beginning in the 2008-2009 recruit-
contract with Turner Construction for its      NC gold certification, which, when award-       ing season. In September 2007, Turner and
Student Services Center project, which was     ed, will be the first in the CSU system.        the university announced the opening and
completed on time and within the universi-        With CM at Risk being new to the uni-        dedication of the Turner Building
ty’s strict budget.                            versity, Turner says it promoted a team         Information Modeling Lab on campus. <<

                                               17   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008               Northern California

                                   Ohlone College Newark Center for
                               Health Sciences & Technology, Newark
                                                                                                                 Green Building

                         Ohlone College’s                                     exterior mate-
                        Newark Center for                                     rials, while           Project Team
                        Health Sciences and                                   roofs combine
                                                                                                     Owner: Ohlone Community College
                        Technology will ini-                                  metal      and
                      tially serve 3,500 stu-                                                        District, Fremont
                                                                              membrane as
                   dents in the academic                                      “folded planes”        Architecture, Interior Design,
areas of health sciences and technology,                                     that extend to          Programming, Planning, Sustainable
with career programs in healthcare, the sci-                                 provide shade           Design: Perkins+Will, San Francisco
ences and emerging technologies. Allied                                      on sunny days
health programs include nursing, respirato-                                                          Construction Manager at Risk:
                                                                             and drape over
ry therapy, medical & physical therapy and        the building edge to form rain screens dur-        Turner Construction Co., Morgan Hill
health & wellness, with technology pro-           ing inclement weather.
                                                                                                     Civil Engineer: Sandis, Mountain View
grams in biotechnology, computers, net-             The building has two wings, one for
works, emerging technologies and environ-         health sciences and the other for technolo-        Landscape Architect: Conger Moss
mental studies.                                                                                      Guillard Landscape Architecture, San
   Because of the college’s strong environ-       Judge’s Comment:                                   Francisco
mental commitment, the center was
required to earn LEED certification from the      “Nice use of light from the                        Structural Engineer: SOHA,
                                                                                                     San Francisco
beginning. The center’s environmental per-        outside to the inside and
formance recently earned it platinum certifi-     great use of sustainable                           Mechanical Electrical Plumbing:
cation – the highest that USGBC awards.                                                              Alfa Tech Consulting Engineers,
   The center’s mass and aesthetics are con-
                                                  and energy conservation
                                                                                                     San Francisco
sistent with the campus master plan.              materials”
Building orientation and shape, as well as
the design of roof overhangs, respond to          gy. The two wings come together around a            Energy required for cooling and heating
operational and climatic conditions, with         campus green, joined by community areas          is substantially reduced by a geothermal sys-
massing that buffers high winds and over-         including a Learning Resource Center, gener-     tem that uses underground pipes filled with
lapping roof forms that animate the struc-        al education area, clinic and the campus com-    water to reject heat or to extract heat from
ture. The building’s form is tailored to meet     mons with access to the bookstore, café and      the earth. Additional energy savings are
the center’s instructional and service needs,     scholarly activity and training areas. The       delivered by twin enthalpy energy recovery
with circulation routes in and around the         total area is 130,000 sq ft.                     wheels, located behind glass viewing walls
building arranged to promote interaction.            Many familiar environmental practices are     in the main lobby. The enthalpy wheel is
   Exterior materials, selected for durability,   used at the center, such as solar power: 1,585   made of a hygroscopic material that is able
maintainability and aesthetics, follow the        photovoltaic panels covering 38,000 sq ft of     to transfer both sensible and latent heat.
Master Plan’s palette and support the rela-       roof make this Silicon Valley’s largest solar    The wheel rotates between the exhaust air,
tionship between the center and its environ-      panel installation, providing up to 30% of the   and the intake air streams, capturing up to
ment. Glass, cement, plaster, fiber-rein-         center’s energy needs (equivalent to taking      95% of this usually lost energy. <<
forced concrete and metal are the primary         1,000 cars off Bay Area freeways daily).

                                                  19   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008               Northern California

                                             Stanford Y2E2 Building, Palo Alto
                                                                                                          Green Building
                                                                                                                 Award of Merit

                                                                                                Project Team
                                                                                                Owner: Stanford University, Palo Alto

                                                                                                General Contractor:
                                                                                                Hathaway Dinwiddie, Santa Clara

                                                                                                Architect: BOORA Architects, Portland

                                                                                                Engineers & Consultants:

                                                                                                ARUP, San Francisco

                                                                                                BKF Engineers, Redwood City

                                                                                                CAS Architects, Mountain View

                                                                                                Greene Engineers, San Jose

                                                                                                Middlebrook & Louie, San Francisco

                                                                                                TRC Lowney, San Ramon

Hathaway Dinwiddie broke ground on                  Hathaway Dinwiddie worked closely         tion waste by 80%. The building’s design
Stanford University’s 166,500-sq-ft, three-       with BOORA Architects in a collaborative    reduces energy consumption by 57% and
story Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki               design and construction effort to provide   potable water consumption by 30%.
Environment and Energy (Y2E2) Building in         Stanford with the most innovative yet       Water usage for irrigation is reduced by
June 2006. The building is the first of four                                                  100%.
that will make up the new Science and             Judge’s Comment:                               As the building acts as a teaching tool,
Engineering Quad 2 (SEQ2) at Stanford and                                                     occupants and visitors are able to monitor
is part of the campus-wide strategy of group-
                                                  “Very Green! The building                   energy and water use throughout the
ing facilities and people to maximize interac-    acts as a teaching center                   structure by logging onto the Building
tion.                                             for sustainable                             Management System. The Y2E2 Building
   Upon its completion in October 2007,                                                       teaches students how to best deal with
                                                  techniques”                                 sustainable resources. For example, stu-
Y2E2 became a research facility and living
laboratory for a community of approximately                                                   dents will be able to compare the per-
500 ecologists, biologists, earth scientists,     cost-effective sustainable construction     formances of the four different types of
engineers, legal scholars, economists, policy     approach. The project was designed and      photovoltaic panels on the roof. The hope
analysts and students.                            built to LEED platinum standards. The       is that this research will in turn be used
   The building also showcases sustainable        sustainable construction practices imple-   for developing cutting edge technologies
building practices and acts as a teaching tool.   mented during the job reduced construc-     in that area of study. <<

                                                  21   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of       2008              Northern California

                                                                                China Basin Addition
                                                                                                                       Mixed Use

                                                                                                  Project Team
                                                                                                  McCarthy Cook & Co., San Francisco
                                                                                                  General Contractor
                                                                                                  Hathaway Dinwiddie, San Francisco
                                                                                                  Hellmuth Obata & Kassabaum,
                                                                                                  San Francisco
                                                                                                  Simpson Gumpertz & Heger,
                                                                                                  San Francisco

                                                                                                However, traditional building techniques
                                                                                                only allowed for a 50,000-sq-ft addition.
                                                                                                   The structural engineer, Simpson
                                                                                                Gumpertz & Heger, found that by using iso-
                                                                                                lators on the roof of the existing building
                                                                                                they could add more leasable space, making
                                                                                                the project more profitable for the owner.
                                                                                                This would be the first time in the U.S. that
                                                                                                isolators, typically used under structures,
                                                                                                would be used this way.
                                                                                                   Hathaway Dinwiddie was brought on as
                                                                                                the general contractor to build the China
                                                                                                Basin Addition, a 770-ft by 100-ft, two-
                                                                                                story structure totaling 150,000 sq ft on top
                                                                                                of the 185 Berry building.
                                                                                                   Although using the base isolators was a
                                                                                                more expensive option, it was less disrup-
The existing 185 Berry building was Co., was to add leasable space to the                       tive to tenants and allowed the addition to
a three-story structure built in 1988 to the   Mission Bay region of the city, an area that     be constructed without a seismic upgrade
requirements of the 1984 San Francisco         is saturated by the life science industry, but   to the existing building and also improved
Building Code. It was 825 ft long by 100 ft    also an area where available land for poten-     the seismic performance capability of the
wide and separated by two expansion joints     tial development is scarce. By building on       existing building by reducing earthquake
at approximately third points.                 top of 185 Berry, McCarthy Cook could            forces and displacement demand on the
   The goal of the owner, McCarthy Cook &      avoid land costs and meet their goal.            existing structure. >>

                                               23   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Two types of isolators were used: 33
Laminated Rubber Bearings (LRBs) and
54 Elastomeric Slider Bearings (ESBs).
Each isolator was subjected to an exten-
sive series of unique prototype tests sig-
nificantly beyond code requirements
equivalent to 10 Maximum Credible
   Working on a roof with in-use
mechanical equipment was technically
and logistically challenging – three mi of
existing piping and conduit had to be
raised 38 in above the as-built top of the
roof to allow the 27-in steel beams, each
weighing 75 tons, to be threaded under
and around the equipment.
   Building Information Modeling was
used in the project communications
effort as a visual aid.
   The China Basin Addition project was
completed within budget and on time
on Dec. 24, 2007. <<
   Best of       2008              Northern California

                      Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center,
                                                San Francisco
                                                                                                                   Mixed Use
                                                                                                              Award of Merit

                                                                                             Project Team
                                                                                             The Salvation Army, San Francisco
                                                                                             General Contractor
                                                                                             Cahill Contractors, San Francisco
                                                                                             Herman & Coliver, San Francisco
                                                                                             Structural Engineer
                                                                                             Tuan & Robinson, San Francisco

                                                                                           2008. The building is reinforced concrete
                                                                                           with structural steel supporting the gym
                                                                                           roof and third-floor courtyard. The exteri-
                                                                                           or of the project is architectural concrete,
                                                                                           plaster and metal panels. Project high-
                                                                                           lights include a below-grade parking
                                                                                           garage, full-court basketball gym, swim-
                                                                                           ming pool, climbing wall, fitness center,
                                                                                           dance studio, computer lab, chapel,
                                                                                           library and commercial kitchen.
                                                                                              The Tenderloin is an eight sq-block area
                                                                                           in the heart of the city and is home to
                                                                                           approximately 29,000 low-income immi-
The Salvation Army’s Ray and                   housing for chronic substance abusers       grant families. There are also 3,500 chil-
Joan Kroc Corps Community Center               and transitional housing for youth aging    dren who live in the neighborhood that
and Railton Place Housing is a new             out of foster care.                         are lacking safe places to grow, learn and
135,773-sq-ft, eight-story facility, located     The Community Center serves both          play. This project, according to its submit-
at 230-242 Turk Street in the Tenderloin       Railton Place Housing and provides a safe   ter and general contractor, Cahill
neighborhood of San Francisco.                 place for activities for the Tenderloin     Contractors, is a testament to Ray and
   The 113-unit housing component pro-         community.                                  Joan Kroc’s and the Salvation Army’s com-
vides permanent housing to chronic sub-          Project construction was started in May   mitment to improving opportunities to
stance abusers in recovery, transitional       2006 and completed on schedule in June      the disadvantaged. <<

                                               25   California Construction   12/ 2008
    Best of            2008                   Northern California

                                                                          eBay Building 17, San Jose

                                                                                                           Project Team
                                                                                                           Owner: eBay, San Jose

                                                                                                           General Contractor: Webcor Builders,
                                                                                                           San Mateo

                                                                                                           Architect: Valerio Dewalt
                                                                                                           Train Associates, Palo Alto

                                                                                                         flow showerheads and low-flow faucets; and
                                                                                                         extensive use of daylighting throughout.
                                                                                                            The project was delivered on time and
                                                                                                         under budget, and totaled 32,976 man
                                                                                                         hours with a zero incident rate
                                                                                                            The project features precast concrete
                                                                                                         warped to resemble wet paper at the build-
                                                                                                         ing ends. The interior conference room
                                                                                                         design included all-glass fronts to allow
                                                                                                         sunlight to reach deep into the core area.
                                                                                                            The project proves it is possible to design
eBay’s Building 17 is a five-story,                      Shades on the building’s south side will also   a steel-framed office building to a LEED
196,000-sq-ft structural steel and concrete              automatically lower if heat from sunlight       gold standard without using raised access
office building located on the eBay North                increases the temperature to uncomfortable      flooring.
campus in San Jose. The state-of-the-art                 levels.                                            The mechanical design included address-
facility is the first new building the online                                                            ing the need for cooling in the eBay data
auction company has ever built and will                  Judge’s Comment:                                center within the building’s chilled water
house approximately 800 employees of                                                                     plant. By utilizing chilled water to cool the
PayPal, eBay’s online payment service.
                                                         “Strong safety record and                       data center (the load of the data center
   The building features many sustainable                innovative MEP design                           alone exceeds the office building load in its
elements and is expected to achieve a LEED               ideas”                                          entirety), Webcor Builders, the general con-
gold certification. The sustainable features                                                             tractor, was able to eliminate stand alone
include solar energy panes on the roof, car-                Other key sustainable building features      condenser units at each of the 10 CRAH
pets and cubicle fabrics containing post-                include carpeting with 25% recycled content     (Computer Room Air Handler) units and
recycled materials, walls covered with                   and low VOC rating; recycled building mate-     decrease lifecycle costs significantly.
water-based paints and lots of glass for nat-            rials, including concrete, steel, and the          eBay decided to add photovoltaic power
ural light. Sensors will monitor the interior            metal of the curtain wall; workstations and     generation to the roof of this building and
light levels and only turn on the building’s             chairs furnishing the building are              the other buildings on this campus, gener-
fluorescent lights when they are needed.                 Greenguard certified; waterless urinals, low-   ating about 650kw of power. <<

                                                         27   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008              Northern California

                      Foundry Square Building 1, San Francisco
                                                                                                                   Award of Merit

                                                structural steel. The project also includes a
                                                double glass curtain wall and raised access       Project Team
                                                flooring for greater temperature control
                                                                                                  Owner: Equity Office Properties,
                                                efficiency. The structure’s thick concrete
                                                                                                  San Francisco
                                                frame also serves as a passive heating and
                                                cooling mass.                                     General Contractor: Webcor Builders,
                                                   To meet the tenant’s requirement for           San Mateo
                                                large, contiguous spaces to support its           Architect: Studios Architecture,
                                                financial trading operations, the design was      San Francisco
                                                adjusted to create an open office environ-
                                                ment using 30-ft by 30-ft structural
                                                columns. Floor-to-floor heights of 14 ft with
                                                access flooring make it a flexible office
                                                building for current and future changes.

                                                Judge’s Comment:
                                                “The mix of different skins
                                                on the exterior provides
                                                texture and character to
                                                the building”

Foundry Square Building 1 is one of                Although LEED certification was not
four architecturally-linked 10-story, mid-      sought, the project has many sustainable
rise buildings located on each corner of        elements that would likely qualify it for a
Howard and First streets. A community-          silver or gold rating. Key sustainable fea-
friendly feature of the site is that the four   tures include an high-performance façade
open corners form a public square filled        that controls temperature changes by more       on the building, which makes the building
with public art that encourages pedestrian      than 17.5% over baseline; raised access         aesthetically pleasing from a design stand-
use.                                            flooring that reduces energy consumption        point, says the general contractor, Webcor
   The building consists of a concrete struc-   by up to 15%; natural light and views to the    Builders. But the various skin systems made
ture with 10 floors of office space totaling    exterior from more than 90% of interior         it a challenge to build and to ensure a
327,462 sq ft and two levels of below grade     spaces; non-ozone depleting refrigerant sys-    watertight building. The point supported
parking. The structure’s 11th floor consists    tem; and 75% of construction waste divert-      glass tech wall and undulating standing
of 11,637 sq ft of mechanical space and its     ed from disposal.                               seam metal roof are highlights from a
undulating metal roof is supported by              There were eight different skin systems      design perspective. <<

                                                29   California Construction   12/ 2008
    Best of            2008                  Northern California

                                                            One South Park, San Francisco

                                                                                                        Project Team
                                                                                                        Developer: Santa Fe Partners,
                                                                                                        San Francisco

                                                                                                        General Contractor: Webcor Builders,
                                                                                                        San Francisco office

                                                                                                        Architect: Levy Design Partners,
                                                                                                        San Francisco

                                                                                                        Structural Engineer: Murphy Burr Curry,
                                                                                                        San Francisco

                                                                                                        Civil Engineer: KCA Engineers,

One of the main challenges of the One                    The architectural intentions were to           Mechanical Engineer: Critchfield
South Park project was to preserve the                accommodate the program while preserv-            Mechanical, Menlo Park
integrity of the historical structure while cre-      ing the architectural integrity of the struc-
                                                                                                        Electrical Engineer: Rosendin Electric,
ating modern livable space. The former                ture and highlighting the building’s char-
                                                                                                        San Francisco office
tobacco warehouse and sewing sweatshop                acter throughout the design. In the central
was converted into 35 residential units and a         courtyard, where the floors were cut out,
first floor commercial space within its exteri-       the structure was left exposed, using glass
or walls, with the addition of a partial pent-        handrails and smooth stucco wall to differ-     house level above was subdivided into
house level. To accommodate residential use           entiate the new from the old. Inside the        townhouse or two-story units.
in the thick-walled, square-shaped building,          units, the concrete walls and ceilings             Additionally there was a total seismic,
light was needed in the center of the struc-          where left exposed, revealing the original      mechanical, electrical, and plumbing
ture. The solution was to cut out two court-          construction. Lateral bracing was provid-       upgrade through the structure.
yards, one in the center and the other on an          ed by inserting steel braced frames                Environmental sustainability was con-
interior property line.                               inboard of the concrete walls, which were       sidered throughout this project. The proj-
   The design enclosed an existing railroad           also left exposed, allowing the original        ect is essentially a redevelopment of an
spur with modern fenestration, in keeping             space to read through. In the units that        existing warehouse building located in an
with the Secretary of Interiors Standards for         enveloped the former exterior walls of the      urban neighborhood with public trans-
historic rehabilitation. An outside terrace           railroad spur, the arched openings              portation within a short walking distance.
preserved historic railroad tracks, creating an       remained as design elements within the          The entire superstructure, including the
urban patio directly accessible from the side-        units.                                          exterior walls, columns and floors, were
walk. As part of the adaptive reuse, the exist-          During construction, it was discovered       retained and reused leading to consider-
ing first floor was lowered and a new floor           that the structure could have been built        able savings in material use and energy
inserted between this level and the existing          with better concrete which resulted in the      requirements. The thick concrete exterior
second floor. The first floor contains the            reinforcement of the entire superstructure.     walls act as a thermal mass that provides
street level commercial space and parking.            The upper story with the new partial pent-      indoor comfort for the occupants. <<

                                                      31   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of       2008              Northern California

                                                    Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club,
                                                                   San Francisco
                                                                                                                     Award of Merit

                                                                                                   Project Team
                                                                                                   Owner Boys & Girls Club of
                                                                                                   San Francisco

                                                                                                   Construction Manager: Swinerton
                                                                                                   Management & Consulting, San

                                                                                                   Architect: Michael Willis Architects,
                                                                                                   San Francisco

                                                                                                   Structural Engineer: John Yadegar and
                                                                                                   Associates, San Francisco

                                                                                                   Civil Engineer: G.T. Kuntz & Co.,
In response to escalating violence in the such as ensuring the existing clubhouse                  San Leandro
neighborhood, the city and county of San       was kept operational to serve more than             Mechanical Engineer: MHC Engineers,
Francisco and the Boys & Girls Clubs of        60 children a day.                                  San Francisco
San Francisco teamed up for the renova-           Other challenges included the need to
                                                                                                   Electrical Engineer: The Engineering
tion of the Milton Meyer Recreation            provide a single entrance within the con-
                                                                                                   Enterprise, Alameda
Center to create a new Boys & Girls            fines of two single story buildings on mul-
Clubhouse in San Francisco’s                   tiple tiers of the existing hill. Additionally,     Landscape Architect: Smith & Smith,
Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood.            several skylights were installed in the teen        San Francisco
   The $4 million renovation created a         center and café to brighten up the space.
full-service recreation and resource facili-   Natural light was also introduced into the
ty on Hunters Point hill for young people.     hallway by glazing the old window open-
The 23,000-sq-ft facility includes an art      ings and installing new security screens.
studio, technology center, learning center,       Furthermore, the building has consid-          Mayor's Office of Community
teen center, organic garden and teaching       erable grade differential from the                Development, was managed with a CM-
kitchen, game room, community                  entrance to the rear. The design maxi-            Multiple Prime delivery method. SMC
room/dance room with athletic floor, full      mizes the length of ramp within the exist-        packaged the project into small trade con-
gymnasium, a two-level courtyard, admin-       ing building walls and includes a wheel-          tracts with the intent of attracting the
istrative office and a San Francisco Police    chair lift to make up the difference, which       smaller local minority contractors indica-
Department Community Policing office.          involved raising the floor in a section of        tive of the local community. Through pub-
   The Boys & Girls Club’s primary goal is     the building. This allowed the Boys &             lic bidding, outreach, advertisement and
to provide a safe, fun and healthy environ-    Girls Clubs to maintain the site lines            community meetings, 40% of the con-
ment for kids. In order to uphold this         desired for supervision, meet ADA codes           struction was installed by local contrac-
goal, several challenges were overcome         and to serve children with disabilities.          tors, including 17% by local Bayview dis-
throughout the course of construction,            This project, funded in part by the            trict contractors. <<

                                               33   California Construction   12/ 2008
    Best of            2008                   Northern California

                                                       The Infinity Phase I, San Francisco

                                                                                                                 Project Team
                                                                                                                 Owner/Developer: 300 Spear Realty
                                                                                                                 Venture, LLC/Tishman Speyer, San

                                                                                                                 General Contractor: Webcor Builders,
                                                                                                                 San Mateo

                                                                                                                 Architects: Arquitectonica, Miami

                                                                                                                 Heller Manus Architects, San Francisco

                                                                                                                 Interior Designer: Arquitectonica, Miami

                                                                                                                 Landscape Designer: Hargreaves
                                                                                                                 Associates, San Francisco

                                                                                                                 Located one block from the Embarcadero
                                                                                                              in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA neigh-
                                                                                                              borhood, The Infinity was designed by
                                                                                                              Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Miami-based
                                                                                                              Arquitectonica and Clark Manus of San
                                                                                                              Francisco-based Heller Manus Architects.
                                                                                                              The Infinity features well-designed floor
                                                                                                              plans, including two-level town homes, 1-,
The Infinity Phase I is a luxury residen-                      mat slab in 356 calendar days and within       2- and 3-bedroom homes, and studios.
tial complex with a 36-story, post-tensioned                   one week of the original schedule.             Sizes range from 536 to 1,462 sq ft in the
concrete tower containing 365 condomini-                         During the excavation of 190,000 cu yds of   mid-rises and from 800 to 3,300 sq ft in the
um units, a five-level subterranean parking                                                                   towers.
garage, and two mid-rise buildings that
                                                               Judge’s Comment:                                  Amenities include a state-of-the-art
house a fitness spa, swimming pool, court-                     “Well done.                                    5,000-sq-ft health club; 75-ft lap pool; pri-
yard, lounge and retail space.                                                                                vate treatment room and sauna; spacious
                                                               Spatially pleasing”
   Phase II will include another tower of 46                                                                  club lounge; business center; and a distinc-
stories.                                                       soil, workers uncovered a 19th century whal-   tive private screening room. The Infinity
   Using an innovative combination of con-                     ing ship. Webcor says it overcame the delays   also features a 9,500-sq-ft fine dining restau-
crete forming systems, Webcor Builders, the                    associated with the ship’s removal and an      rant, 3,500 sq ft of additional retail, an on-
general contractor, poured the 36-story                        unusually wet winter by achieving a four-      site concierge, a 24-hour attended lobby
tower, five levels of parking and 7,000-cu-yd                  day, floor-to-floor concrete pouring cycle.    and gated parking. <<

                                                               35   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of       2008              Northern California

                                                    One Rincon Hill, San Francisco
                                                                                                                   Award of Merit

                                                                                                  Project Team
                                                                                                  Owner: Urban West Associates, La Jolla

                                                                                                  General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease,

                                                                                                  San Francisco

                                                                                                  Construction Manager: Project

                                                                                                  Management Advisors, San Francisco

                                                                                                  Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz &

                                                                                                  Associates, San Francisco

                                                                                                  Structural/Civil Engineer: Magnusson

                                                                                                  Klemencic Associates, Seattle

                                                                                                  Mechanicl/Electrical Engineer:

                                                                                                  C&B Consulting Engineers,

                                                                                                  San Francisco

The completion of the first phase of the       mi from the San Andreas Fault required           damper tanks, located at the top of the
One Rincon Hill project is one of the most     the creation of a first-of-its-kind structural   building, use the motion of the sloshing
significant additions to the San Francisco     system. Developed using a performance-           water to counteract building sway and
skyline in more than 30 years, and the         based seismic design approach, the struc-        increase occupant comfort in heavy winds.
tallest all-residential tower west of the                                                          Another challenge was to provide occu-
Mississippi River.                             Judge’s Comment:                                 pancy as early as possible. Flying forms
   One Rincon Hill was a complex project,      “It reshaped the San                             kept floors free of shoring and helped
both structurally and geographically, says                                                      achieve a three-day pour cycle (versus a
general contractor Bovis Lend Lease. The
                                               Francisco skyline and
                                                                                                norm of five days), a West Coast speed
1.3 acre site is immediately adjacent to the   is a nice addition to                            record for high-rise concrete work. The key
San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge and           the community”                                   to the shorter cycle was keeping informa-
surrounding buildings. The project includ-                                                      tion flowing, especially to the design-build
ed demolishing the site’s existing office      tural system features a concrete core and        teams for the mechanical-electrical-plumb-
building, the famed Bank of America clock      outriggers comprised of buckling                 ing and curtain-wall systems, and separa-
tower and parking garage.                      restrained braces. One Rincon Hill is also       tion of vertical and horizontal construction
   In addition, the constraints of a 650-ft-   one of the first U.S. applications of tuned      by keeping the core three levels ahead of
tall tower on a narrow site approximately 8    liquid mass dampers. The two 54,000 gal          the deck. <<

                                               37   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of       2008              Northern California

                   America’s Choice High School, Sacramento

                                                                                                  Project Team
                                                                                                  Owner: Sacramento City Unified School

                                                                                                  Developer: Regent Development,

                                                                                                  General Contractor: McCarthy Building
                                                                                                  Cos., Roseville

                                                                                                  Architect: HMR Architects, Sacramento

                                                                                                  Engineers: Chase Electrical Engineering,

America’s Choice High School was plicated experiments and a specialty com-                        Laugenour & Meikle Civil Enginners,

the sixth of seven planned high schools as     puter lab to foster a curriculum that teach-       Woodland
part of the Sacramento City Unified School     es students how to build technology.               Peters Engineering, Sacramento
District’s reform plan, which was launched        The cornerstone of the campus is an
                                                                                                  Wallace-Kuhl & Associates,
in 2001 to provide more options for local      exterior amphitheater located in the court-
                                                                                                  West Sacramento
families, reduce crowding at existing high     yard that serves as a gathering area for stu-
schools and to provide productive learning     dents and faculty. Other features include
environments to minimize the dropout           administrative and multipurpose build-
rate.                                          ings, fully functional cafeteria, library, and
   The effort was fueled in large part by a    athletic fields.                                 implemented a lease/leaseback project
grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates             The school’s aesthetics include exterior      delivery system allowing a collaborative
Foundation, which provided funding for         brick work, barrel roofs, intricate wood         approach between Regent, HMR and
new small high schools across the country,     framing and decorative facades and               McCarthy. This delivery model enabled the
as well as dollars generated from Measure I.   canopies – with minimal straight lines.          client to use private sector procurement
Passed by voters in 2002, the measure ear-        One of the unusual design features            practices on a publicly funded project while
marked $225 million in bonds to upgrade        included “V” columns, which were mount-          permitting the project team to open com-
existing campuses and build new high           ed leaning outward to add character and          munication and jointly solve budget and
schools.                                       complexity to the curvature of the build-        schedule challenges early in the project
   The 45,808-sq-ft high school situated on    ings’ roofs.                                     delivery timeline. This allowed McCarthy’s
13 acres of land consists of eight buildings      SCUSD’s request for a unique high             “hands-on builder” expertise to be leveraged
and serves up to 500 students.                 school project under a tight budget result-      and offer solutions to offset cost impacts
   America’s Choice was built with the high-   ed in McCarthy and HMR teaming with              while maintaining design and quality stan-
est of academic amenities, emphasizing a       Regent Development, Inc. to approach the         dards. For example, costs were reduced by
hands-on curriculum in science and tech-       project in a way that was cost effective, but    making the football field 1.5 ft higher than
nology. The facility features prominent lab-   high in design and construction standards.       planned rather than hauling off 1,000 cu yds
oratory facilities equipped to handle com-        To address this challenge, the team           of soil prior to development. <<

                                               39   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of          2008                Northern California

                                                                                     Folsom Public Library

                                                                                                         Project Team
                                                                                                         Owner: City of Folsom

                                                                                                         General Contractor: Flintco Inc.,

                                                                                                         Architect: BSA Architects,
                                                                                                         San Francisco

                                                                                                         Construction Manager: URS Corp.,

                                                                                                         Landscape Architect: The HLA Group,

                                                                                                         Structural Engineer: KPFF Consulting
                                                                                                         Engineers, Sacramento

                                                                                                         Mechanical Engineer: Capital
                                                                                                         Engineering Consultants, Rancho

                                                                                                         Electrical Engineer: O’Mahony & Myer,
                                                                                                         San Rafael
The city of Folsom wanted its new Folsom              nity room and café when the library is closed.
Library to embrace the civic park where it is            The visual strength and rough texture of
located, with its stepped massing and dual            the rotunda’s masonry walls create a dra-
wings off a central core that forms a rear            matic contrast against the smooth tex-           wing offer dramatic views outward while
patio/outdoor reading room and informal               tures of the librar y’s skin and glass           serving as beacons identifying the library
amphitheater adjacent to the existing and             expanses. The masonry material, visible          and allowing views inward from the park,
renovated gazebo.                                     on the exterior of and on the interior of        civic center and roadway. Clerestory win-
    The rear of the library also includes a sec-      the entry gallery, as well as the concrete       dows throughout the library and shade
ond entry to the building from the park, fur-         floor finish reinforces the design objec-        “fins” on the larger windows allow for
ther reinforcing the strong visual and physi-         tives to bring the outside in. The qualities     extensive use of natural daylighting with
cal connections to the park.                          of the materials are both an honest              effective control.
    The library’s inverted entry rotunda is the       expression of the building’s structural ele-        Surrounding the grounds of the library
compositional centerpiece of the facility. The        ments and are durable, versatile finishes.       is a new memorial flag-lined walk with
rotunda’s arms welcome the community into                The theme of establishing a strong con-       several large bronze sculptures, including
the library and its strong circular form creates      nection to the park is also reinforced with      a soldier, scout dog, eagle and 8-ft-tall
the core or “hearth” of the facility. The design      expansive glazing at reading and social          books with patriotic inscriptions and a
of the inverted rotunda creates an interior day       areas as well as occasional windows with-        large granite monument containing the
lit entry gallery for local art displays, pre-func-   in the stacks and other program areas.           original plaques inscribed with the names
tion space and allows for access to the commu-        The reading lounges at the end of each           of Folsom’s fallen soldiers. <<

                                                      40   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008              Northern California

          Woodland Medical Office Building, Woodland

                                                                                                     Project Team
                                                                                                     Owner: Catholic Healthcare West,
                                                                                                     Rancho Cordova

                                                                                                     General Contractor: Panattoni
                                                                                                     Construction, Sacramento

                                                                                                     Architect: Boulder Associates,
                                                                                                     Boulder, Colo.

                                                                                                     Structural Engineer: Miyamoto
                                                                                                     International, West Sacramento

                                                                                                     Civil Engineer: Laugenour & Meikle,

                                                                                                     Mechanical Engineer: Turley &
                                                                                                     Associates, Sacramento

The Woodland Medical Office             Ample natural light is introduced into                       Electrical Engineer: Ken Rubitsky &
Building is a group practice facility the gallery through the clerestory windows                     Associates, Auburn
designed to accommodate pediatrics,             along both sides, creating an inviting
OB/GYN, allergy, cardiology, dermatology,       architectural space for patients and their
internal medicine, family practice, urgent      families.
care, pharmacy, imaging, orthopedics,              The community benefited from the new               Additionally, the construction site for
occupational medicine, clinical laboratory,     facility because older buildings on the cam-       the project was the employee parking lot
café/coffee shop and group gathering areas.     pus that housed the various separate depart-       for the hospital. A vast majority of a new
   This 58,050-sq-ft facility was designed as   ments were not under one roof.                     parking lot had to be constructed in order
a one-story building to maximize the value         One challenge of this project was not only      to house 250 vehicles prior to demolishing
of the client’s capital investment. A central   to provide design assist services to the client,   the existing parking lot resulting in a
gallery, used for reception, registration and   but to ensure an on-time and on-budget             phased construction sequence. The new
waiting, was incorporated to make most          project. This at times was difficult due to        building footprint took over half of the for-
effective use of the large floor plate. As a    many different user groups that had input          mer employee parking lot.
healthcare facility, short walking distances    into the design and layout; many times there          Early on in the design phase the client
are essential. By arranging clinical spaces     were in excess of 90 tradesmen working in          placed scheduling constraints on the proj-
on either side of the gallery and physician     every zone of the project. The design and lay-     ect team of one year based on their financ-
offices distributed away from the examina-      out was continually changing through the           ing arrangements. The project was brought
tion rooms, patient walking distances are       entire course of construction. Even during         in well under budget as well as beating the
reduced while reinforcing the health sys-       the final construction phases there were sig-      one year schedule by 1-1/2 months, which
tem’s intent to have physicians share           nificant changes that needed to be addressed       was imperative based on the GMAX cost
exam/treatment spaces.                          without affecting the project schedule.            plus contract. <<

                                                41   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008              Northern California

         InterContinental The Clement Hotel, Monterey

                                                                                                    Project Team
                                                                                                    Owner: Cannery Row Hotel
                                                                                                    Development Venture L.P., San Mateo

                                                                                                    General Contractor: Devcon
                                                                                                    Construction, Milpitas

                                                                                                    Architect: Devcon Architecture, Milpitas

                                                                                                    Architect (Building C, parking structure):

                                                                                                    Watry Design, Inc., Redwood City

                                                                                                    Civil Engineer: Creegan + D’Angelo,
The Clement Monterey Hotel is the               vernacular of the waterfront area with its          Monterey
first new hotel to be built in Monterey since   flat building masses, punched window
the late 1980s. The project is located on a     openings and industrial materials and               Structural Engineer: Nishkian
waterfront site along Cannery Row.              detailing.                                          Menninger, San Francisco
   The hotel’s original undeveloped, weed-         The hotel site, located within an ocean          Mechanical Engineer: Critchfield
infested, debris-strewn site on the former      high tide zone, also spans both sides of a          Mechanical, Menlo Park
location of a long-demolished sardine facto-    busy commercial street and fronts a public
ry had been vacant for more than 20 years       recreation trail that bisects part of the prop-     Electrical Engineer: Cupertino Electric,
and it became a longstanding source of          erty. These parameters called for the high-         San Jose
frustration for local civic and community
leaders.                                        Judge’s Comment:
   Located next to the Monterey Bay                                                                 Pre-existing footings on the site were
Aquarium, the hotel consists of three four-     “Two big challenges –                             reused to minimize impact on the marine
story buildings, including a 126,000-sq-ft      environmental bay issues                          environment. New footings, where required
waterside building with 111 hotel guest                                                           in tidal areas, were hoe-rammed below
                                                and using the existing
rooms, restaurant, meeting space, new                                                             mean sea level – typically during off hour
boardwalk and pier; a second 79,902-sq-ft       foundation – were                                 construction scheduled late at night or in
structure with an additional 98 guest rooms     accomplished”                                     the early morning hours during negative
connected by a pedestrian bridge to the                                                           low tide. Special concrete additives were
waterside building; and a parking garage        est level of innovation, planning and sched-      used to pour footings in order for them to
with 347 spaces.                                uling in the construction of the project. The     set up within two-hour windows before
   The project was brought in on time and       team developed a project work plan to com-        they became submerged by tidal action. A
on budget.                                      ply with the stringent regulations for con-       marine biologist and support staff were
   As an infill project, the design of the      struction activity within the Monterey Bay        added to the construction team and were
hotel ties into the cultural and historical     National Marine Sanctuary while maintain-         available at all times to monitor marine life
past of Cannery Row. Architecturally, the       ing an aggressive construction schedule tar-      and mitigate any potential construction
hotel fits the “rough and tumble” historical    get of 21 months.                                 impacts to the local ecosystem. <<

                                                43   California Construction   12/ 2008
    Best of            2008                  Northern California

                                           InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco
                                                                                                                          Award of Merit

                                                                                                        Project Team
                                                                                                        Owner: CDC San Francisco LLC

                                                                                                        General Contractor: Webcor Builders,
                                                                                                        San Mateo

                                                                                                        Project Architect: Hornberger +
                                                                                                        Worstell, San Francisco

                                                                                                        Design Architect: Patri Merker
                                                                                                        Architects, San Francisco

                                                                                                        Interior Design: Brayton+Hughes Design
                                                                                                        Studio, San Francisco

                                                                                                      site from the ground up, including thick
                                                                                                      marsh deposits during excavation and high
                                                                                                      winds as the building grew towards its full
                                                                                                      height. The site was located at the corner of
                                                                                                      two high traffic streets in a busy downtown
                                                                                                      area next to the Moscone Convention Center
                                                                                                      and the Wells Fargo data center. This
                                                                                                      required a close working relationship with
                                                                                                      the neighboring businesses as well as the
                                                                                                      Department of Public Transportation.
At 555 rooms, the InterContinental is                   According to the general contractor,             The project was required by the city of San
the largest hotel to open in San Francisco in         Webcor Builders, many of the interior fin-      Francisco to implement a First Source Hiring
20 years.                                             ish components were Guaranteed                  Program, whose purpose is to foster con-
   Located at 888 Howard Street, the dis-             Maximum Price allowances and the firm           struction and permanent employment
tinctive blue, glass tower features an indoor         worked closely with the owner and design        opportunities for qualified, economically dis-
lap pool, 2,200-sq-ft fitness center and spa.         team to examine different products and          advantaged individuals. The city also
   The 32-story, concrete poured-in-place             installation methods in order to provide the    required the owner to provide 12,600 sq ft of
tower, with two levels of below grade park-           design intent at the lowest possible cost.      publicly accessible open space. The project
ing and a six-floor podium, also includes             After Total Cost of Ownership was extend-       included pedestrian streetscape improve-
extensive conference and meeting space.               ed for reasons beyond Webcor’s control,         ments, such as the planting of numerous
   Typical room rates range from $250 to              the project team still managed to finish four   mature trees, and the building design includ-
$400 per night, while suites range from               days earlier than scheduled.                    ed several wind awnings to mitigate high
$1,500 to $5,000 per night.                             Webcor says the project was a challenging     winds and the wind tunnel effect. <<

                                                      44   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008              Northern California

  Tower Bridge Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements, Sacramento

                                                existing historical bridge elements result-
                                                ed in providing an improved vital link for
                                                                                                   Project Team
                                                pedestrians and bicyclists between
                                                Sacramento and West Sacramento.                    Owner: City of Sacramento
                                                   The project overcame numerous design
                                                and construction challenges, including:            Architect/Engineer: Parsons
                                                   • First contracted use of fiber reinforce-      Brinckerhoff, Sacramento office
                                                ment polymer (FRP) deck in California,
                                                allowing the lift span sidewalk to be              Builder: Golden State Bridge, Inc.,
                                                widened from 3 ft to 10 ft.                        Martinez
                                                   • Innovations in construction -- much of
                                                the construction activities on the truss
                                                were executed from under the existing
                                                sidewalks, with no false-work over the
                                                water. Construction methods used tempo-          (curb ramps and pedestrian crossing sig-
                                                rary suspended platforms over the river,         nals) provides a safer, more convenient
                                                thereby avoiding any impact to environ-          crossing of the high volume intersection at
                                                mentally sensitive and navigable waters of       the east end of the bridge for all pedestri-
                                                Sacramento River.                                ans and bicyclists, including sight
                                                   • Tower Bridge is listed in the National      impaired and other special users.
                                                Register of Historic Places and to maintain         • An important requirement of the proj-
                                                its integrity, many elements including           ect was to ensure navigational clearances
                                                                                                 and construction requirements were
                                                                                                 developed allowing work on the lift span,
                                                Judge’s Comment:                                 only within specific periods of time, when
                                                “A great asset to the com-                       the bridge had to be locked in the up posi-
                                                                                                 tion, maintaining clearing navigational
                                                munity and a project that
                                                                                                 requirements at all times.
                                                maintained environmental                            • To protect the bridge operation
                                                standards”                                       machinery during construction, the con-
                                                                                                 tractor provided independent bridge lock-
                                                bridge railings, light fixtures, existing con-   ing system in the up position, resulting in
The Tower Bridge Pedestrian/Bicycle crete sidewalks, concrete barriers and                       limited closure of the bridge to traffic (two
Improvements Project is an outstanding          pedestrian gates were preserved in place         months) as work on the lift span was fin-
example of a context-sensitive design           or relocated where feasible.                     ished.
approach to a very difficult set of technical     • Americans with Disabilities Act                 • All construction of the bridge
problems. It demonstrates how the inno-         (ADA) compliant features attained on             improvements were performed from the
vative use of a fiber reinforced polymer        both the bridge (cane detection barrier for      bridge. No work was performed in the
deck, redundant mechanisms for balanc-          minimum headroom requirements at diag-           water, thus avoiding impacts to the natural
ing the lift span, preservation and reuse of    onal truss members) and the roadway              environment. <<

                                                45   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of         2008                Northern California

                        Congregation Beth Sholom, San Francisco
                                                                                                            Religious Facilities

                                                                                                         Project Team
                                                                                                         Owner: Congregation Beth Sholom,
                                                                                                         San Francisco

                                                                                                         General Contractor: C. Overaa & Co.,

                                                                                                         Architect: Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma
                                                                                                         Architects, San Francisco

                                                                                                         Structural Engineer: Forell/Elsesser
                                                                                                         Engineers, Inc., San Francisco

                                                                                                         Acoustical Engineer: Charles M. Salter
                                                                                                         Associates, Inc., San Francisco
The Congregation Beth Sholom project                exposed, colored concrete.
                                                                                                         Mechanical Engineer: Rumsey
consists of three seismically separated struc-         To acoustically soften the hard interior
                                                                                                         Engineers, Oakland
tures. The one-story plaza provides meeting         surfaces, the inside face of the vertical walls
and library space on the ground floor and           are angled in a checkerboard fashion.
space for public gatherings on the roof. It also    Light-gage framing was used to frame the
provides a link between the social hall and the     stadium-style seating inside. The bowl and        structure due to the unusual shape and ele-
sanctuary, which are the other two main             its end walls are partially post-tensioned in     vated center of mass. The structural design
structures. The social hall is a two-story light-                                                     was independently peer reviewed as a
gage framed structure with long span roof                                                             requirement by the city of San Francisco.
                                                    Judge’s Comment:                                      Project Manager Kevin Smith of general
trusses that is supported on a concrete podi-
um.                                                 “Beautiful, inside and out.                       contractor C. Overaa & Co. states: “The cast-
   The 704-seat sanctuary is the most dramat-       Great attention to detail                         in-place concrete was very challenging. For
ic element of the project. The inspiration for                                                        instance, all poured-in-place walls have cast
this structure derives from the traditional syn-
                                                    with the acoustics”                               features, both inside and out, so doubling
agogue temples in Israel, with their bowl-                                                            up the forms was very difficult. Formwork
shaped congregation areas. It is a large curved     two-directions to control deflections and         needed to be carefully engineered to main-
concrete shell structure that is supported on a     cracking, and to provide the strength             tain a crisp radius with clean chamfer-less
narrow pedestal, giving it the appearance of        required to resist gravity and seismic            corners. The use of post-tension cables
almost defying gravity. The pedestal structure      forces. The variable radius of the bowl pro-      enabled C. Overaa and the design team to
rests on a massive concrete mat foundation          vided several analysis and detailing chal-        build a structure, which has little or no visi-
that provides seismic stability for the sanctu-     lenges not typical in residential or com-         ble cracking. Looking back, it was compli-
ary. The roof is framed with structural steel       mercial post-tensioned concrete. Although         cated, but our expert team was able to
and is separated from the sanctuary walls by a      not required by code, non-linear time his-        resolve these issues efficiently, resulting in a
continuous perimeter skylight. The bowl and         tory analyses were performed to verify the        beautiful building, as pleasing to the eye as
pedestal structures are architecturally             seismic performance and stability of the          it is structurally sound.” <<

                                                    46   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of      2008             Northern California

         Ritz-Carlton Club & Residences, San Francisco

                                                                                               Project Team
                                                                                               Owner: R.C. Chronicle Building LP,
                                                                                               San Francisco

                                                                                               General Contractor: Plant Construction
                                                                                               Co., San Francisco

                                                                                               Architect: Charles Bloszies Architect,
                                                                                               San Francisco

                                                                                             Judge’s Comment:
                                                                                             “Reverting the building
                                                                                             from a bad 1960s exterior
                                                                                             restoration to its original
                                                                                             brick was a great idea”

                                                                                                The new 24-story building contains 101
                                                                                             residential units (57 condos and 44 time-
                                                                                             share units) and retail space, totaling
                                                                                             approximately 225,000 sq ft.
                                                                                                The project redeveloped the Burnham &
                                                                                             Root-designed Chronicle Building, which
                                                                                             when it rose up in 1890 was the nation’s
                                                                                             first skyscraper west of the Mississippi.
                                                                                                Featuring a valet-attended parking
                                                                                             garage, fitness center and boardroom, the
                                                                                             property features one- to three-bedroom
                                                                                             floor plans.
                                                                                                The 12th floor residents’ lounge features
The $90 million Ritz-Carlton Club &          removal of 1960s-era steel cladding and         a fireplace and terrace, in addition to the
Residences project involved the conversion   restoration of the original brick exterior,     main lobby with a concierge team.
of the historic Chronicle Building on the    demolition of portions of the existing build-      The one-, two- and three-bedroom Club
corner of Market and Kearny streets in San   ing, extensive excavation, structural           residences use custom furnishings, hard-
Francisco into new condominiums and          upgrades and the construction of eight          wood floors, gourmet kitchens and marble
time-share units. Work included the          additional above-grade floors.                  bathroom floors. <<

                                             47   California Construction   12/ 2008
   Best of        2008              Project Manager of the Year (Northern California)

                                                                 Reggie Hanna - Opus West
By Greg Aragon                                                           ums, ranging from          in the country,” says Don Little, senior vice
                                                                         approximately 700 to       president of Opus West, Northern California.
Big projects require big leadership. So last                             2,050 sq ft. Units offer   “Its close proximity to public transportation
year when things got tricky on the $53 mil-                              spacious terraces with     lines, shopping, restaurants, AT&T Park and
lion Park Terrace at Mission Bay project in                              views of the estuary,      the Financial District were key selling points,
San Francisco, Opus West Corp. project man-                              the city skyline and       and it has quickly become known as one of
ager Reggie Hanna stepped up and took con-                               the San Francisco Bay.     the most desirable new residential communi-
trol.                                                                    Top-quality finishes       ties in San Francisco.”
   Because of his work on this job Hanna was         Reggie Hanna        accent each unit, as          But before the development could cele-
named California Construction Project                                    well as numerous           brate its grand opening in September of last
Manager of the Year.                            common area amenities, including a land-            year, the project team had to overcome a few
   “Reggie was instrumental in the success of   scaped and furnished courtyard, fitness cen-        hurdles. This is where Hanna stepped up, say
Park Terrace through his ability to manage      ter, secured parking lot and lobby.                 colleagues such as Jonas Vass, Opus
the design, construction, city process and         The seven-story, cast-in-place concrete          Construction senior project manager.
unit turnovers,” says Jeff Smith, vice presi-   building sits on a waterfront acre near the            “Reggie utilized his past experience and
dent of construction for Opus West              Mission Bay Estuary. It was designed by             immediately made his mark through leader-
Construction Corp.                              Irvine-based McLarand Vasquez Emsiek &              ship during project procurement and sched-
   The 110-unit Park Terrace features two-      Partners. The lead architect was Opus West          uling phase,” says Vass. “His emphasis on
and three-bedroom townhomes, ranging            Architects and Engineers.                           communication and creating clear direction
from approximately 1,200 to 2,400 sq ft, as        “Park Terrace is touted as one of the most       and goals for the project led construction
well as one- and two-bedroom condomini-         unique master-planned urban communities             team members to quickly take notice.” <<

   Best of        2008              Project Manager of the Year (Southern California)

                                                                               William Rapp - LAUSD
By David Silva                                                          with the nonprofit          ules, he monitors construction, trou-
                                                                        Wonder of Reading           bleshoots, makes sure safety protocols are
William Rapp, California Construction                                   program; a $57 mil-         being followed, facilitates the bidding and
Magazine’s 2008 Project Manager of the                                  lion early childhood        contracting process and is in charge of fil-
Year, never gets a weekend off.                                         education facilities        ing regular cost and progress reports. He
   Senior project and program manager for                               program; and a $173         also volunteers with various philanthropic
Los Angeles Unified School District’s                                   million, 117-project        organizations, including Big Brothers of
Existing Facilities Division, Rapp oversees                             Core Facility pro-          Greater Los Angeles.
major building upgrade programs under               William Rapp        gram to upgrade var-           Rapp says that during his off hours, he
California's Proposition 1D -- a 2006 bond      ious school facilities such as multipurpose         works from home.
initiative that targeted $7.7 billion toward    rooms and food services facilities.                    “I typically work really long days as a
K-12 schools. He also manages a sweeping          Along with putting together the program           result of all this,” he adds. “Sometimes
library renovation effort in partnership        budgets, design proposals and work sched-           there’s some intense schedule pressure. I’m

                                                48   California Construction   12/ 2008
a program manager in design and intent
and project manager just because we have
limited staff. There are project manager
functions involving day-to-day interface
with construction management at the local
level and program manager functions that
are more strategic in nature. I have to do a
little of both.”
   By “a little,” Rapp means a lot. A signifi-
cant part of his duties involves overseeing
the Prop. 1D-funded Career Technology
Education facilities upgrades, a $91 million
effort in which unused or underused shop
buildings are converted into modern class-
rooms equipped with state-of-the-art com-
munications technology.
   He also oversees development of the dis-
trict's 33 Qualified Zone Academy Bond
upgrade projects, using $55 million of Prop.
1D money to set up high school “career acad-
   “There are groups of these shops that have
been recognized by the state as being educa-
tion academies,” he says. “The academies
may be focused on high-tech computer train-
ing, finance, human services, medical tech-
nology or the construction trade industry.”
   The largest project Rapp managed was the
district’s “High Tech High” in Van Nuys’
Lake Balboa area. The $10 million facility at
Birmingham High School trains students for
careers in the technology fields.
   Through the district’s partnership with
Wonder of Reading, Rapp drives a $6 mil-
lion program to renovate and expand 95 ele-
mentary school libraries.
   Victoria Yan, LAUSD’s deputy director of
program management and Rapp’s boss,
points out the projects he manages well: All
of them.
   “It amounts to hundreds and hundreds of
programs,” Yan says. "When I know Will is
in charge of a program, I feel confident he
will manage them well. He’s extremely pas-
sionate about the programs we do. They’re
not just something he does as he traverses
his career. He exemplifies the ability to feel
passionate about the projects as being more
than just bricks and mortar.” <<

                                                 49   California Construction   12/2008
   Best of          2008                Public Owner of the Year

                                             Los Angeles Unified School District
By David Silva                                                                      In response,     track calendar system, with thousands of
                                                                                 California          students having to bus to facilities out of
Los Angeles Unified School District’s                                            Construction        their neighborhoods.
massive construction program may go                                              has      chosen        “One of the fundamental tenets of the
down as a textbook example of how to                                             LAUSD as its        program is we’re putting all of our students
spend bond money right.                                                          2008 Public         back into two-semester, neighborhood
   The $20.3 billion program, the largest in                                     Owner of the        schools so parents can participate in their
the nation’s history, could have easily fol-                                     Year.               education,” Mehula says. “We’ve also set
lowed a different path if district officials                                        “One of the      aside money in the program to encourage
would have brought in out-of-state contrac-                 Guy Mehula
                                                                                 things we incor-    joint-use opportunities for community
tors to build a handful of high-school cam-                                      porated into our    partners to come in. We can match their
puses whose capacities would be maxed out            standard design process was that we didn’t      funding and therefore put resources into
in a decade.                                         want to do any ‘cookie-cutter’ designs,” says   these schools to promote after-school pro-
   But with overcrowding a major problem             Guy Mehula, chief facilities executive for      gramming, weekend use, evening use -- all
in schools across Los Angeles, and with par-         the district. “Each design is individual, and   the things that really make a school the cen-
ents and community leaders calling for a             meant to fit into the community. We hold        ter of the community.”
different approach, the district instead             multiple meetings with community mem-              To attract firms nervous over LAUSD’s
chose to focus on attracting area contrac-           bers, where the architect comes out and         once-notoriously bureaucratic contract sys-
tors, which has given the area economy a             meets with them and makes sure that we’re       tem, the district streamlined the process by
hefty boost.                                         answering the community’s needs.”               putting accounts on a 30-day pay cycle and
   The result thus far: Seventy-two new                 The program was financed through the         providing training to contractors on its
LAUSD schools have been built, with 60               passage of several bond initiatives, begin-     policies and procedures.
more scheduled over the next four years.             ning with a $2.4 billion bond in 1997.             “We’re also absolutely committed to
Thirty of 38 planned early-education cen-            When built out in 2012, the program will        investing bond money into the communi-
ters have also been completed, along more            have added approximately 145,000 new            ty,” Mehula says. He says 68% of the money
than 17,100 modernization projects that              classroom seats and allow students to           goes back into laborers in the LA area,
upgraded most of the district's 1,155 facili-        return to a traditional 180-day school calen-   while 58% goes to small businesses.
ties. In the works are an additional 3,300           dar.                                               For more on LAUSD’s school construc-
modernization efforts.                                  Overcrowding presently forces many dis-      tion and modernization bond program,
                                                     trict schools to use a year-round, multi-       visit <<

   Best of          2008                Owner of the Year (Private)

                                                                                          Kilroy Realty Corp.
By Greg Aragon                                         “To be acknowledged as Owner of the             “We strive to design, develop and oper-
                                                     Year is an outstanding tribute to the KRC       ate our assets in a ‘best-of-class’ manner,
With 12.2 million sq ft of stabilized prop-          team of professionals and the outstanding       and that is reflected in the repeat business
erties in its possession, and 1.8 million sq ft of   relationships we have with our vendors,         solutions KRC has delivered to our ten-
new leasing thus far in 2008, Los Angeles-           and most importantly, with our cus-             ants.”
based Kilroy Realty Corp. has been selected          tomers,” says John B. Kilroy, Jr., the firm’s     Tyler Rose, Kilroy senior vice president
California Construction’s Owner of the Year.         president and chief executive officer.          and treasurer, says a “good blend of entre-

                                                     50   California Construction   12/ 2008

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