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					                       Teacher Templates in FrontPage

Open Micro Soft FrontPage 2000 from the Start button at the bottom left corner of your desktop.

From the top menu select “file”. The Open File dialogue box opens and you can select the location of the
needed files. Click the button on the right side of the widow that displays My Webs. Today select the 3 ½
Floppy (A:) from the list in the pull down menu.

The TeacherTemplate.htm file is highlighted and you may double click it.
You now have the template open and ready to work on. We will now assist you as you make changes to your
personal page on the school site. You may add as much information as you think would like, the page will
enlarge to accommodate the information added.

As you make changes to the template you should save your work frequently.

In the “File Name” line, provide a page name. Use only letters and I try to not use spaces. If the page name
needs more than one word to be descriptive, use capital letters to denote each word as I did in JgeddesWebPage.
Click the “Change” button on the “Page Title” line and type a descriptive explanation of what the page is.