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									                     KNOW ABOUT THE WATRWING – UNDERWATER TOY

Watrwing is an Australian owned and operated business. Our parent company, HP Productions Pty
Ltd (ABN 12763415488), is a privately owned Australian registered company. Ms Pritchard had
been a competition swimmer and now suffering from multiple sclerosis, was living in Broome when
she came up with the idea behind her new product Watrwing. She fabricated a device from a real
estate sign and some poly pipe that took her underwater at the flick of a wrist, enabling her to take
a closer look at the wildlife and to swim at depths that required greater physical exertion.

              Watrwing is now being used by the NSW Institute of Sport and swimming schools
              around the country. The Swimming Faculty head coach Jody Holtes said Watrwing was
the perfect tool to encourage children to take up swimming. The business operates from Beechboro
in Western Australia, and have a number of distributors located across Australia. Watrwing
commenced in 2006 and following a successful research and development phase, the product has
gone from strength to strength.

                     If you are interested in becoming a distributor in your location please visit our
"Distributors" page and register your interest. Alternatively please feel free to call the number or
send an email to the address below. We hope you find the Watrwing a lot of fun to use and that you
benefit from its unique educational aspects that will help you improve your entire swimming
abilities and confidence in water. Watrwing also supports the Multiple Sclerosis Society of
Australia. A percentage of all sales will be donated to MS Australia. If you would like to make an
additional donation to MS Australia, please click on the MS Australia logo below to take you to their

For More Information about the Watrwing, Please click on

Address: PO Box 91, Ballajura, Western Australia, 6066

Email address:

Mobile: +61 (0) 417 177 262

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