LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE (2) by rzd36390


									           NAME: Christina Bryant         Room 213                                                        LAKE DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL
      WEEK OF:                                                                                                  LESSON PLAN
       SUBJECT: PAP English 1
PERIODS:                 1,4,5                                1,4,5                            1,4,5                    1,4,5                  1,4,5
Day:                     Mon                                  Tues                             Wed                      Thurs                   Fri
Date:                     8/24                                8/25                             8/26                      8/27                  8/28


                   Syllabus, Discipline Plan

Sponge/Bell work
                                               Proofreading Warm-Ups 1               Proofreading Warm-Ups     Proofreading Warm-Ups Proofreading Warm-Ups 5
                   Getting to know you game
                                               &2                                    3&4                       4&5                   &6

                   Discuss Syllabus and        Collect signed discipline             Trade and Grade Comma Trade and Grade Comma
                   Discipline Plan             plan                                  Handout pgs. 264-266  Handout pgs. 264-266

ACTIVITY                                                                             Comma Discussion:         Comma Discussion:
                                               Candy Game- students create
                   Discuss Summer Reading                                            Interrupters, Intro.      Interrupters, Intro.
                                               riddles that describe themselves as
                   Assignment- due 8/31        well as their candy                   Elements, Uses, Review,   Elements, Uses, Review,
                                                                                     End Marks                 End Marks
ACTIVITY                                       Comma Discussion: Items in
                                                                          Comma Handout: pgs.                  Comma Handout: pgs.
                                               a Series, Independent
                                                                          267-274                              267-274
                                               Clauses, Nonessential

Homework                                                                                                         Grammar Handout pgs.
                   Purchase supplies, novels, Comma Handout pgs. 264-                Grammar Handout pgs.
                                                                                                                 275-277 (script and
                      sign discipline plan    266                                    275-277 (script and poetry)
            NAME: Caterina Craig  Room 502                                                                      LAKE DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL
       WEEK OF: August 29 - September 2, 2005                                                                         LESSON PLAN
        SUBJECT: English I
PERIODS:                       2,3,7,8                            2,3,7,8                        2,3,7,8                       2,3,7,8                        2,3,7,8
Day:                            Mon                                Tues                           Wed                           Thurs                           Fri
Date:                        8-29-2005                          8-30-2005                      8-31-2005                      9-1-2005                       9-2-2005

                   1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4e, 5a,        1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4d, 4e, 5a, 1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4d, 4e,    1c, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4b, 4d, 4e,
                   7i, 11d                            7i, 11d, 14a                    5a, 7i, 11d, 14a               5a, 7i, 11d, 14a

MATERIALS                                                                             DLA #3 transparency;                                         Bellringer transparency;
                   DLA #3 transparency; Literary      DLA #3 transparency; Active                                    DLA #3 transparency;
                                                                                      Selection Quick Check                                                           Copies of
                   Elements Transparency ;            Reading Guides; literature                                     Grammar & Language
                                                                                      transparency; Grammar &                                      test; copies of Word Search
                   Identifying Conflicts examples     books; Literary CD                                             Workbooks
                                                                                      Language Workbooks;                                          Activity
Sponge/Bell work
                   DLA #3 (9a & 9b)                   DLA #3 (10a & 10b)              DLA #3 (11a & 11b)             DLA #3 (12a & 12b)            Bellringer: Brainteasers

ACTIVITY           Collect homework:                                                  Selection Quick Check
                                                                                                                                                   Test #2
                   "Understanding Figurative          Check/grade homework:           /overhead transparency/        Check/grade homework:
                   Language and Idioms"               Lesson 32 Ex. #1 Ex. #2         answer in complete             Lesson 6 Ex. #1 Ex. #2
                   worksheet & Vocabulary                                             sentences!                                                   Lady or the Tiger?"
ACTIVITY                                                                              Whole group discussion         Return graded papers
                   Literary Elements                  Active Reading Guide/
                                                                                      about the short story "The     ("Understanding Figurative    Word Search activity or read a
                   Transparency: Internal &           complete while reading "The
                                                                                      Lady or the Tiger?" / debate   Language; Vocabulary          book after finishing the test
                   external conflict (note taking)    Lady or the Tiger?"
                                                                                      princess' choice               worksheet)
ACTIVITY                                                                              Homework: Grammar
                   Identifying Conflicts Activity /   Begin short story: "The Lady    Workbook Lesson 6 (pg. 57-     Review "The Lady or the
                   small groups                       or the Tiger?" /Literary CD     58)                            Tiger?" for test tomorrow
                                                                                                  Ex. #1 & Ex. #2
                   Homework: Grammar
                   Workbook Lesson 32 (pg.125 -
                   126) Ex. #1 & Ex. #2



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