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									Prepaid Visa Debit Card

• What is a Prepaid Visa Debit Card? • What are the features? • Who is likely to use it? • How do we offer the product? • Summary

What is a Prepaid Visa Debit Card?
• A Visa Debit Card account with a pre-loaded value • Simply open the account and deposit funds. The value of the deposit then becomes your pre-loaded limit • Spending is limited to the credit funds in the account

What is a Prepaid Visa Debit Card?
• Card can be topped up at any time via phone, branch, direct entry or internet • Simple, safe & flexible • Customers can view account details through existing channels such as My Viewpoint

What are the features?
• Provides access to funds all over the world - 24 million outlets around the globe • ATM’s & EFTPOS outlets - Over 600,000 locations in Australia alone • Make purchases over the phone or Internet

What are the features?
• Locally, Visa Debit Card’s accounted for $15b of sales in year ended December 2006 • Globally, Visa debit card’s accounted for 56% of sales compared to 44% made on credit cards • Excessive use of Credit was the major cause of bankruptcies behind unemployment

Who may use it?
• Ideal for teenagers - Set sensible spending levels - Internet purchases - Mobile phone credits • Anyone not wanting to carry large sums of cash - If the card is lost the money is not • Parents wanting to provide funds to children in a secure way

Who may use it?
• Customers with a less than perfect credit history - No credit checks required • Anyone wanting the ability to make purchases online without a Credit Card - All the flexibility of a Credit Card with security of a Debit Card • Customers wanting to spend their own money - No surprises at the end of the month

How do we offer the product?
• Ultracs provides the functionality to do this right now - Create an account - Deposit funds to create the prepaid limit - Order card - Issue / activate card

• Allows your customers to utilise electronic payments using their own deposit funds • Provide an added service to your clients which is secure and proven.

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