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									Marketing Online : Making It Work

Vince Kwok
Chief Technology Director

About IntellisAsia

• IntellisAsia Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based organization. • We have become a dynamic and fast-moving company in the solution of client problems in Information Technology. • With a team of trained professional and friendly staff we ensure quality service to our customers. • We offer a full spectrum of services from Business Reengineering and IT Strategy to Systems Integration, Operations Management and Technology Strategies coverage.

Today’s Agenda

• How online marketing has affected the advertising industry in recent years? • How online marketing maximize your revenue? • The advantages of online marketing in terms of reach to your target audience (versus traditional marketing) • Case studies

How online marketing has affected the advertising industry in recent years?



Traditional Advertising Media – Newspaper – Television – Radio Online Marketing Media – SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) – EDMs(Electronic Direct Marketing/Mailers) – SEMs(Search Engine Marketing) – Web Development – PPC(Pay Per Click Advertising) – Banner Advertising – Directory Submission – Blog writing and etc.

Importance of Internet Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing Internet Marketing is very economical and fast way to promote product. Internet Marketing is very useful for promoting product globally [without any additional cost]. In Internet Marketing, you can also work with less employs [you can take more work with less manpower]. In online business you can sell or buy product 24 X 7, round the year without employing any person. Paying Professional and Experienced Internet Marketing Company is very economical.

Traditional Marketing Traditional Marketing is very expensive and takes more time to promote product. It is very expensive and time consuming process for traditional marketing. In Traditional Marketing, you need more employment with more man power which in terms requires spending more money. That is not possible in traditional marketing. Paying renowned Advertising and Marketing Company is very costly.

Case Studies

• Lately I have bumped into a few doctors and small local business owners and I find out that some have not even tapped into the raw power of local marketing online. More on more patients and shoppers venture online to either research a doctor’s reputation or simply find a doctor local to their area. If you don’t have an online presence you might just be shooting yourself in the foot because you are invisible to your online audience.


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