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					Kroger Neighborhood Reward Program Easy Cash for Demmitt Elementary School
We encourage you to order your Kroger Neighborhood Reward card to help Demmitt Elementary School earn easy cash! This program is almost too good to be true. You simply send $10.00 (checks payable to Demmitt) to school, and we will send you your card that already contains $10.00 of credit! Therefore, the card costs you nothing. When you shop at Kroger, you can add money (up to $250 total) to your card before the cashier starts to scan your items. At the end of your purchase, the purchase amount is debited from your card. The card is labeled “Gift Card,” but you can reload it and use it like a debit card over and over again. With no extra cost to you, Demmitt School earns 4% of your purchases. You may purchase gas at Kroger with your card also. The sooner you order your card from us, the faster Demmitt can begin earning easy cash from your purchases. The cards are not limited to Demmitt parents. You may get cards for friends or relatives as well. The cards are good at any Kroger location. Any card credited to Demmitt will give us the cash rewards. The proceeds from this program will help us purchase books for the school media center, purchase supplies for math and science, and help defray the costs of such programs as Victoria Theatre, COSI, and Dayton Philharmonic ensembles. Please fill in the information below, and return the form to school with $10.00 per card. We will send you your card as quickly as possible. Just shop as you always shop, and let your grocery dollars help Demmitt School. An informational flyer will be sent to you for each card. Sincerely,

Robert M. O’Leary, Principal ________________________________________________________________________

Student Name: _________________________________ Parent Name: __________________________________ Teacher Name: _________________________________ Number of Cards _____ times $10.00 equals $_________ (total)