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									Tolono Public Library District
Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes March 4, 2008
President Paula Baker called the meeting of the Tolono Public Library District Board of Trustees to order at 7:01 pm in the Library Meeting Room. Trustees present were Paula Baker, Tracy Culkin, Linda Fisher, Joshua Mikeworth, Katrina Olsen, and Sherrie Roderick. Staff Present was Janet Cler. Also present trustee elect Tracy Wilson. Public present, Ron Cler. Minutes: The minutes of the February 5, 2008 Board of Trustees meeting were reviewed. Under staff present it was pointed out that Diane Bland was also present. The Minutes were then approved with the noted correction. President Paula Baker appointed Tracy Wilson to fill Board Seat vacated by Frank Krasnowski, until May of 2009. Loyalty oath was signed and Board welcomed Tracy. Treasurer’s Report: In reviewing the General Ledger, Paula Baker asked what Gaylord was. Janet Cler replied that it was a company the Library orders supplies from. Tracy Culkin moved to approve checks as written. Sherrie Roderick seconded. Motion carried. Cash and Investment Report: Treasurer Linda Fisher is going to check on interest rates for 1st Bank of Savoy CD 06-4000138-8 and CD 06-4001044-7 , to find the best rate for a short term rollover, Katrina Olsen moved that Linda have the option to place them in the best interest rate possible, Sherrie Roderick seconded. A role call vote was taken as follows: Tracy Culkin yes Linda Fisher yes Joshua Mikeworth yes Katrina Olsen yes Sherrie Roderick yes Tracy Wilson yes Paula Baker yes Motion carried 7 for, 0 against. Library Directors Report: The Library Directors report was reviewed. Janet Cler informed the board that the wireless internet will be activated in just a few days. There will be one network for staff and one for wireless. Janet also told the board that the staff are needing four new office chairs. Cost would be $1670.03 and would be considered to be taken out of per capita grant.

Diane Hoffman asked Janet to pass along to the board that the interest in 2007 from the first Bank of Savoy, was $13,323.11. This interest comes in when the CD is mature. Discussion ensued regarding the television cabinet that was left from the purchase of a new T.V. Ideas concerning selling the cabinet, were discussed with sealed bids and advertising the sale in the newspaper as the best course of action. There were many compliments for the new T.V. Program Coordinators Report: The Program Coordinators report was distributed and reviewed. Unfinished Business: Policies and By Laws- Paula Baker reviewed the changes that were suggested by the Policies and By Laws Committee. (Paula Baker, Janet Cler and Sherrie Roderick) Board members were asked the review the current Policies and By-laws for themselves and be ready to make any suggestions at the next meeting, before adoption of corrections. Paula asked that the board move to approve the Code of Conduct, the Wireless Internet Policy, and the Internet Public Policy as they pertain to the Tolono Public Library. Tracy Culkin moved to approve the Policies as written. Sherrie Roderick seconded the motion. The motion carried. Paula Baker asked the board to review the Services to Patrons with Disabilities Policy. Paula Baker discussed 2008/2009 Goals for the Tolono Public Library 2008 1. Purchase Four Computers 2. Coordinating with the Friends of the Tolono Public Library. 3. Implement E-Newsletter 4. Wireless Network 2009 1. Library Service 2. Year round Programming. New Business: President Paula Baker appointed Joshua Mikeworth to be Vice President. President Paula Baker appointed Sherrie Roderick to be secretary. Tracy Culkin advised the board of a newspaper article in the County Star, quoting John Deedrich, the mayor of Sadorus about a new branch of the Tolono Library being brought there. The board has no plans for this.

Library Direction Janet Cler asked the board to consider new direction for the Library. Discussed were more hours or an assistant being made available to the Program Coordinator. Landscape and Maintenance Committee Paula Baker stated that Linda Fisher was on the committee last year and she agreed to remain on it this year. Also interested in being on this committee was Tracy Culkin. Long Range Plans and Goals Committee Paula Baker informed the board that Katrina Olsen and Sherrie Roderick were interested in being on this committee. Also on this committee would be Janet Cler and Char Braur from the library staff. Continuing Education: Getting Rid of Public Records and First Search Next Meeting: April 08, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library Meeting Room. The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Sherrie Roderick, Secretary

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