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DBS Rewards
Redeem your DBS points amongst a plethora of treats. With over 100 different rewards to choose from, your options are aplenty. You only need decide how you want to be rewarded!

DBS SIM Visa Card – your card to recognition.
Apply now to enjoy:
• 2 Years Annual Fee Waiver • Lifestyle Benefits • Exclusive Privileges • 0% Interest Instalment Plan

Recognising your achievements and pursuits

DBS Indulge
Dining where taste matters. DBS Indulge gives you more reasons to eat, drink and be merry with friends and family!

DBS Super Travel Deals
From airfares to travel packages and hotel stays, go no further for out-for-this-world travel deals!

DBS SIM Visa Card
As a DBS SIM VISA Cardmember, you enjoy only the finest things in life with privileges lined up exclusively for your indulgence.
Features and Benefits

DBS Healthcare Privileges
Enjoy exclusive healthcare privileges specially designed for DBS Cardmembers only - including health screening, aesthetics, Lasik surgery and dental treatments from our carefully selected healthcare partners.

2 Years Annual Fee Waiver
Enjoy the benefits and privileges of your DBS SIM Visa Card and your Supplementary Card FREE for the first 2 years. Apply now to enjoy a world of privileges!

Exclusive Privileges
Enjoy exclusive privileges, fantastic offers and attractive discounts that will turn your purchases into a truly rewarding experience. They range from beauty and wellness, wine and dine to fashion and many more. For a comprehensive listing of DBS Credit Card exclusive privileges, please visit
Important Information • Late Payment Fee Flat fee of S$45 per account. • Finance Charges for Purchases Effective Interest Rate: 24% per annum. Minimum Charge: S$2.50. No finance charges will be levied if payment is received in full by the “Please Pay By” date and there is no balance carried forward from the previous statement. If not, finance charges will be imposed on the outstanding balance, calculated from the date each transaction was effected. • Cash Advance Charges Fee: 5% of amount withdrawn per transaction or S$15, whichever is greater. Finance charge: 2% per month on amount withdrawn, chargeable on a daily basis from the cash advance transaction date, until full repayment. • Minimum Monthly Repayment 3% of statement balance or S$50, whichever is greater. For accounts that are over limit, please pay the minimum payment specified plus the over-limit amount. • Liability for Lost/Stolen Card Cardholders shall not be liable for all transactions once the Bank is notified of any loss, theft or disclosure relating to their Card. As such, Cardholders are advised to inform us immediately if they should discover any loss, theft or unauthorised use relating to their Card. • Annual Fee &/or Welcome Gift Annual fee waiver and welcome gift (if any) are applicable to new primary cardholder only. Cardholders will not be eligible for such promotions upon approval when they reapply for credit card within 90 days from date of termination of the same card.

annual fee waiver


DBS Cashline^ with 2 Years Fee Waiver
Your DBS SIM Visa Card application now comes with DBS Cashline with 2 years fee waiver! Whatever your plans are, be it a holiday, kids’ education or cash for emergencies, DBS Cashline helps you meet them.

DBS CardShield
Get peace of mind when you enrol for DBS CardShield at only S$0.35 per S$100 outstanding. It pays off your DBS Credit Card’s outstanding balance of up to a maximum of S$100,000* should the unforeseen happen.

Free Insurance Coverage

Enjoy free personal travel insurance+ and coverage when you charge your full travel fares to your DBS SIM Visa Card.

^ Not applicable for foreigners, retirees and existing DBS Cashline customers. Subject to the Bank’s approval. * In the event of death due to an accident, twice your DBS Credit Card(s) outstanding balance up to S$200,000 will be payable. + Conditions apply. Up to S$350,000 for DBS SIM Visa Card.

Living, Breathing Asia

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Application for the DBS SIM Visa Card
(Please update if residential address is different from principal cardholder. Please do not give a P.O. Box or foreign address.)

As a Member of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), you hold the key to personal growth and development. Above all else, your SIM Membership provides you with an abundance of tools, resources and opportunities to help you achieve the greatest professional and personal success every step of the way. Now, SIM together with DBS Bank, offers you a new dimension to quality lifestyle. Introducing the DBS SIM Visa Card. There are simply no limits to what you can achieve.

Apply for the DBS SIM Visa Card today.
Principal Card – S$120 p.a. Supplementary Card – S$72 p.a. each

annual fee waiver


All Main Applicants must be SIM Members. Enjoy 2 years annual fee waiver for DBS SIM Visa Card and a 2 years annual fee waiver (S$60) for DBS Cashline. Thereafter, the respective annual fees will apply. To opt for Cashline, please sign to confirm your acceptance on the space provided in Part 6 of this application form.

Name of Employer: (Please update if you are employed)

application requirements
• All applicants must be 21 years and above. • Minimum income qualification of S$30,000 per annum for Credit Card. • For foreigners, minimum income qualification is S$45,000 p.a. Please update us immediately if you are granted Singapore Citizenship or Permanent Resident status by the SIngapore Government.

Note: S$42.80 (inclusive of GST) annual participation fee will be charged to your DBS SIM Visa Card. Cardholders currently enrolled in other DBS Rewards Frequent Flyer Programme with DBS will not be charged an additional participation fee.


mandatory documents
Please tick and submit a photocopy of the documents as applicable to you below: For Salaried Employees • NRIC (front and back), AND either a OR b a latest 12 months’ CPF Contribution History Statement b latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and latest computerised payslip For Commisioned or Variable Income Earners • NRIC (front and back), AND either a OR b a latest 12 months’ CPF Contribution History Statement b latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and latest computerised payslip For Self-Employed • NRIC (front and back), AND latest 2 years’ Income Tax Notice of Assessment Foreigners • Valid passport and employment pass (at least 9 months’ validity), AND either a OR b OR c a latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment b Company letter certifying Employment and Salary (in Singapore Dollar currency) c latest computerised payslip (in Singapore Dollar currency)
Please allow 2 weeks for processing. Applications not accompanied with required documents or with incomplete information will cause a delay in processing.

Sign up now! Yes! I want to apply for DBS Cashline and enjoy an annual fee waiver of S$60 for 2 years!
• Please sign here to confirm your acceptance for Principal Applicant only, • If you are an existing DBS/POSB main Credit Cardholder, please complete Part 2 & 3 of this application form and submit your latest required mandatory documents. • DBS Cashline offers a credit line of up to S$200,000 or twice your monthly income, whichever is lower. • DBS Cashline carries an annual fee of S$60. • Not applicable for foreigners, retirees and existing DBS Cashline customers. • Subject to Bank’s approval.

I/We confirm that at the time of this application, I am not/neither of us is an undischarged bankrupt and no statutory demand or legal proceedings has been served on or commenced against me/us. I/We hereby declare and warrant that the information given in this application and all documents submitted to you are complete, true and accurate and belong to you absolutely and that I/we have not willfully withheld any material fact. If any of the information given herein changes or becomes inaccurate in any way, I/we shall immediately notify you of any such change or inaccuracy. I/We hereby authorise and give you consent to conduct credit checks on me/us (including but not limited to checks with any credit bureau recognised as such by the Monetary Authority of Singapore) and to obtain and verify and/or to disclose or release any information relating to me/us and/or any of my/our account(s) from or to any other party or source as you may from time to time deem fit at your own discretion for the purpose of this application and without any liability or notice to me/us. I/We hereby agree to abide and be bound by your DBS Card Agreement, Terms & Conditions Governing Electronics Services, and, where I/We have applied for Cashline, the Cashline Terms and Conditions as each of such terms and conditions may be amended, supplemented and/or substituted by you from time to time (collectively, the “Term”), which govern the use and operation of the DBS Cashline account (the “Account”), DBS/POSB Credit Card(s) and other DBS/POSB card(s). Copies of the Terms are available from any DBS/POSB branch, at or by calling telephone number 1800-111 1111. I/We request you to issue and continue to issue me/us with the above-mentioned credit card(s) (”Card“) until I/we/you terminate the card. I/We agree that a Personal Identification Number (”PIN“), the abovementioned Card, and a copy of the DBS Card Agreement will be sent to me/us if this application is approved. I/We agree that the PIN and the Card shall be sent to me/us by mail to the principal applicant's billing address at my/our own risk. I/We agree that you reserve the right to decline this application without giving any reason whatsoever. By enrolling for the DBS Rewards Frequent Flyer Programme, I/we authorise you to disclose any information relating to me/us and my/our credit card account(s) (Card Account") to Singapore Airlines Limited (”SIA”) and any third party (whether within or outside Singapore) as you deem necessary in connection with the DBS Rewards Frequent Flyer Programme and/or the SIA KrisFlyer Programme. I/We agree that the principal applicant for the Card is responsible for all liabilities (including annual fees and other charges) which may be incurred in respect of his/her Card and all supplementary card(s) issued at his/her request and that each supplementary applicant is responsible only for all liabilities which may be incurred in respect of his/her supplementary card.

Sign here

LG400 02

current relationship with DBS Bank (for priority processing)
DBS Private Banking Customer DBS/POSB Customer DBS/POSB Credit Card Customer My DBS/POSB Credit Card number:
Just complete Part 1 , 6 , 7 and 8

Treasures Priority Banking Customer No Existing Relationship

Entertainment Manufacturing/Production Name of Employer: Address of Employer (Please do not give a P.O. Box address.)


FOR NEW DBS/POSB CARD APPLICANTS Please complete in full Part 1 to 8

• Supplementary applicants must be at least 18 years old of age and above. • Please enclose a photocopy of your NRIC (front and back) or valid Passport AND • For application below 18 years old, please submit: either a or b a A letter of acceptance from the overseas institute to certify you are going for overseas studies b A letter to confirm your travel duration and travelling overseas for at least 1 month

If this application is or is purported to be given or sent by me/us to you by facsimile transmission, you are hereby authorised by me/us, but are not obliged to accept, rely upon and act in accordance with the faxed copy of the application without waiting for the original application and without any liabilities to me/us. If for any reason whatsoever, the Account or Card Account is closed (whether by me/us, you or otherwise) within the period of nine (9) months from the date of the opening of the Account or Card Account (as the case may be), I/we agree that you shall be entitled to claim from me/us full reimbursement of the cost of any welcome gift which you may have given to me/us upon approval of my/our application and/or activation of my/our Account or Card Account. I/We hereby authorise you to debit the Account or card account for the cost of such gift (as determined by you) prior to closure of the Account or Card Account.


my application details
Dr Mr Mrs Miss Mdm

Name as in NRIC/Passport (underline surname): Name to Appear on Card Date of Birth:
(19 characters):

Name to Appear on Card (19 characters):

NRIC/Passport Number:
Sign here Sign here Jul 08 DBS Bank Ltd Co. Reg. No. 196800306E

NRIC/Passport Number:



D D /MM/ Y Y Y Y

Residential Address: Block
(Please do not give a P.O. Box or foreign address)

Unit #


Street: Building: Billing Address: Home:

Postal Code: Residential


For New Card applicant, billing address will be default to Residential if option is left blank





Name of Previous Employer: (Please update if current employment is less than 12 months.) Office: Length of Previous Employment:
VG863 00 Source Code: 34-P2A80R31ØØ-0

Existing DBS/POSB Cardholders: If there has been any changes in your employment details, please proceed to complete Part 3 accordingly.

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