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					     AFPC Norm Decontamination Facility Plant
1.         Introduction
-   The passage of produced water through pipe work and plants leads to the
     built up of Norm scale on the inner surfaces, which can present an
     external radiation Hazard during normal operation and an Internal and
   external hazard during maintenance work.
- AFPC have made a policy decision to manage the NORM wastes in
   accordance with best international practice.
- AFPC constructed a Norm Decontamination plant by the AEA

- The AFPC NDF plant is used to remove NORM contaminated scales
   from Production equipments in order to be prepared for re-use or
   safe disposal.
-   The plant is run continuously for 10 HRs per day and 365 days per year
     (except the break down maintenance & De- sludging shutdowns)
-   Sump pumps to transfer process water from the jetting bays / lancing
     machine into settling tanks that designed to allow fine NORM
     particulate to fall out of suspension in the process water stream.
-   The AFPC NDF plant achieves decontamination level down to 0.37
     Bq/Cm² for Alpha radiation and 3.7 Bq/Cm² for Beta radiation.

2. NDF Main Parts:

1- A general area with:
  a) Operators Change room with showers: with barriers and
     monitoring equipments
 b) Visitors Change room with showers
 c) A hooded Gas Cutting area: breathing air supply is
    required for Operators
 d) An active Laundry: with ventilation and waste feed direct
    to a disposal tank
 e) A water Jetting area for Decontamination

2- A Pump House with High Pressure Pumps for Equipments
   * Process water is extracted from settling tanks and
     conveyed to the water filter units, where cartridges will
     remove particulate down to 10 micron.
a) High pressure pump for tubular decontamination
b) Low pressure pumps for sump and water re-circulation
3- Active air samplers to monitor airborne activity and
   ventilation system

Extract Ventilation System
HEPA filters
4- A tubular Decontamination plant for tubes Decontamination:
   - 1000 bar operational pressure
   - It is hydraulically operated and controlled de- scaling
water chiller: is to cool the process water temperature which
  has gained heat after passing through high pressure pumps
  and lances.

5- A lay down area for equipments dismantling to be
6- A Lay down area for decontaminated equipments
7- A temporary waste store building for main and
    secondary waste temporary storage.
8- Health Physics Laboratory

                                AFPC NDF Plant Layout
                          W. Chiller        NDF Layout                                      A. Chiller

                  Tubular lance                                             Store      W.Shop
Controlled                                                                                    Air
                Tubular     Primary    Secondary
Area            C.Room      Settling   Settling
Tube Racks                    Tanks    Tanks                                                  Luck
                                                         Dismantling Bay
Contaminated                                                                                           Delay
Equipments                                                                                             Tanks
                 Hepa                  Jetting Bays                                         Op.Cha.
                 Filter    Pump                                 Burning Bay                 Room
                                       2.K. bar.
                 Room      House                         S.Ch.R

                                       pressure                            HPS
                                                                           Office           Change
                                       Offices                             W.C      Room



      Scale Drum Store                                Clean Area                             Sun                   7
               The NDF External Layout

Drum Store        Offices, Mess   Controlled Area At The back
                  Room, W.C.
       Clean      Spares
                  Stores                                Air Luck

                     Main Gate
Burning Bay

High Pressure Jetting Bay

Tube Plant Machine

Jetting & Burning Curtain

Waste Bags

Filters Bank

                Controlled Area
       Contaminated Equipments Wrapping

1. Received items are wrapped in plastic bags.
2. Vehicle wheels must be checked by the plant
   HPS Prior to leave the Plant. Apply
   Decontamination if required.
H.P.S Office

3. Decontamination of equipment
1. Receipt of equipment from Owners with all the required info
   included in job work Request form (Owner name, indicator
   and telephone number, location, equipment explanation for
   reused OR scrap, numbers of equipments, Norm certificate
   checked by the location RPS, job priority based on
   equipments reuse or HSE condition)
2. NDF Plant manager and HPS Recheck the work request
   information and compare.
3. HPS Recheck the Norm contamination of the received
4. Off loading At NDF controlled area
5. Check the vehicle body and wheels prior to leave the facility
   and Decontaminate if required

Clothing Minitor

Air Sampler


6. Write NDF Local number
7. Organizing Job based on priority
8. Start Decontamination based on equipments type until
   back ground
9. NDF contact the person who raised the WO when achieve the
10. Transport the Decontaminated equipments to the Central
   work shop for maintenance OR contact the Owner to take
   the equipments back as required.
10. Issue Clearance Certificate OR Radiological Survey
    Report as required

                                               Norm Yards Decontamination Management Process
Re-used equipments                                              Flow Chart                                                                                       Scrap Equipments
                                                                                                                                                                 -OPX/M raise Immpower
     OPX/M                                                         OPX/M, Focal Point                                                                           work request to NDF including
   Inventorying the                                                                                                                                                   the Norm reading
                                                                   - Equipments Decontamination Priorities
     priorities of                                                                                                                                              - OPX/M raise WO to OTS/3
                                                                   - OPX/M to specify the inventory of the
  equipments by type                                                                                                                                            for equipments transportation to
                                                                   reused and scrap equipments:                                                                         and from NDF.

                                                                                                                                 RPS to attach
                                                                       RPS to inventory the
- OPX/M to raise Immpower work request to NDF based on                                                                          the Norm
                                                                       equipments based on Norm
job necessity including all details (Norm reading, hot work if                                                                  inventory with            -NDF, schedule priorities and
                                                                       contaminated level for
requested to be applied after decontamination, and effective by                                                                 readings                  carry out Decontamination
                                                                       each type
high pressure water jetting. Confirm the priority of urgent job
-OPX/M to raise another W.R to OTS/2 for the equipments                Notes:
that need maintenance after decontamination.                          1- To nominate the Omar scrap yard focal points that will be responsible for
- OPX/M to raise transportation W.O to OTS/3 to transport             the decontaminated scrap materials from NDF as a central yard for all areas        -NDF, to contact OTS/3 (Telephone
equipments to NDF, from NDF to OTS/2 , and from OTS/2 to              scrap accumulation. OPO action                                                     call or e-mail) to transport the
the main area location.                                               2- To specify Transportation responsibility (The materials Owner has to            achieved equipments to Omar scrap
                                                                      request transportation from PLS for all required steps.                            yard with all the radiological details
                                                                      3- Equipments Owner has to response of removing achieved material from             report.
                                                                      NDF, delay will cause facility space confusion.                                    -- OTS/3 achieve the transportation
 -ODS/N (NDF), to schedule                                            4- Material s wrapping and packaging as per procedures to be applied under the
                                                                                                                                                         within maximum 2 weeks plan.
                                                                      RPS consultancy and authority.
 the Normal job
                                                                      5- Area RPS has to be informed to carry out double check of the received /
 decontamination priority.                                            decontaminated equipments from NDF prior to use them.
 - OPX/M to confirm the priority                                      6- Area RPS is authorized for all Norm activities in his area and responsible to    -PLS is responsible for dispatching
 for the urgent requirements                                          follow up all required procedures and registers details.                            the clearance Decontaminated scrap
 including all details.                                               7- Area RPS has to feed back to NDF with regard to the Norm reading of the          Equipments to SPC or to Hamaa factory
                                                                      decontaminated materials received from NDF, and to inform for any deviation         under Omar RPS Norm re-survey official
                                                                      of the attached clearance certificate.

    NDF, to check all the details.                          - NDF, to contact OTS/2 for the equipments that need maintenance with all official radiological report
   Carry out the decontamination process,                   and required PPEs recommendation if required.
   attach the required radiological reports.
                                                            -OTS/2 will arrange transportation from NDF to the work shop through OTS/3 within maximum one week.

   -NDF, contact the Owner for the reused equipments (No maintenance                                                                                            OPX/M to contact OTS/3 to
   requirements need), to take them back to the area with in maximum one week.              - OTS/2 to contact the owner to                                    insure transportation to remove
   - OTS/3 to insure equipments transportation from NDF to the main                                                                                            all achieved equipments from
                                                                                            remove equipments after repairing.
   location within maximum one week.                                                                                                                           OTS/2 W.Shop to the Owner area. 22
Clean Equipments Area

        4. Important Issues Of AFPC NDF Plant:

1) Modern, closed recycled process water system, Air extracts
   system (safer)
2) Tight environmental controls
3) All NDF workers are Norm aware and radio logically
4) All the plant workers carry out annual Radiological and
   Medical examination at AESC Establishment.
5) Personal Film Badges are inspected each two months by
6) All unsafe act/condition and incidents shall be reported
7) The plant building is air conditioned to give a maximum
   working temperature of 25 C°
8) Work schedule is 12 hrs day shift, Actually 9 HRs work
   (From 06:00 to 08:30, from 09:30 to 12:00, from 13:00 to
   15:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00 HRs)                           24
9) HPS Checks vehicle body and wheels prior to leave the
    plant. Apply Decontamination if required
10) All employees wear the appropriate PPEs as required
    (Where Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is
    provided for use in particular Circumstances)
11) First Aid is provided at all times
12) All employees shall be made aware of Permanent
    Instruction, which is to be followed in the event of an
    incident requiring First Aid or Ambulance.
13) The Norm contaminated scale & Sludge are removed from
    the tanks, and containerized in plastic drums and stored in
    the waste drum store through a sequentially De-sludging
    shutdown of the plant.


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