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work for hire agreement

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WORK FOR HI RE AGREEMENT Virtual Assistant Services (Client) This W ork f or Hire Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and eff ective this ___th day of _______, 20____, by and bet ween (Your Name) of (Your Company Name), (“Contract or”) and (Client Contact Name) of (Client Company Nam e) , (“Client”). Now, and theref ore, Client and Contractor agree as f ollows: 1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVI CES Beginning on ___________, 20___ , (Your Name) & (Your Company Nam e) , shall pr ovide, specif ically, the f ollowing services (collectively, the “Ser vices”): (List an specif ic s er vice(s) here) At Client’s request t he f ollowing Virtual Assistance ser vices may also be provide:                  W ord processing Transcript ion (tape and digit al) Database Management Spreadsheet Creat ion/Data Entr y Desktop Publishing Scanning Résumé Prepar ation Document f ormatting Mail Merge/f orm letters/labels/mailings File archiving Internet f ile shar ing, scheduling Email screening and response Appointment scheduling/synchronizing/calendar m aintenance Travel arrangements W ebsite design Graphic design General business transcription and word processing

(Yo ur Co nt act I n fo r ma ti o n)

CONTINUED    Legal transcr ipt ion and word processing Medical transcription and wor d processing Copyediting, grammar and punctuat ion assistance

2. ENGAGEMENT Contractor shall pr ovide ser vices to Client pursuant to this Agreement f or a term commencing on _______, 20__, and ending upon wr itten 30 -day notice of either part y. 3. PLACE OF W ORK Contractor shall render ser vices pr imarily at Contractor ’s of f ice , (Your Complete Mailing Address) . 4. CO MPENSATION & EXPENSES Client will pay compensat ion to Contract or f or the Services based on the requested ser vices at $ (amount) per hour . All payments in US f unds. This compensation shall be payable within 10 days upon receipt of invoice. Client shall be responsible f or all project/ task -related expenses such as postage, long distance telephone calls, and other applicable project -related expenses not specif ied in this agreement. 5. BILLING PERIODS & CLIENT INVOICES Client shall receive monthly stat ements detailing all project/task -related transactions. This includes all transact ions such as, but not limited to, time billing, basic account activit y, and miscellaneous charges. Invoices & billing statement are due within 10 days upon receipt . Invoices will be f axed or emailed ONLY. A pr inted statement can be requested with a surcharge of US$2.00 per statement mailed out. Payments should be received on or bef ore the payment date indicated on the Client’s invoice to avoid i nterest and penalt y charges. If the paym ent due date f alls on a Sat urday, Sunday, or any holiday, the next available business day is the applicable due date. 6. INTEREST & PENALTY CHARGES Any charges or balances remaining unpaid or which have been paid af te r the due dat e shall bear interest at the rate of 2% per month, and an addit ional penalt y of 3% of the amount due f rom the due date until the date of f ull payment.

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CONTINUED 7. NON-PAYMENT In the event a check submitted is returned f or insuff icient f unds, or a credit card chargeback made by the Client, the Client agrees to pay ALL f ees charged by the Contr actor’s f inancial inst itution. In the event of non payment, the Contractor reser ves the r ight to discontinue Ser vices f or the Client, as well as the ref e rral of Client ’s account to an author ized collection agency. The Client agrees to be liable f or any and all court and/or legal f ees and any expenses incurred necessar y to collect paym ent on any delinquent f ees or expenses, and accepts Colorado as the stat e of venue f or such legalit ies. 8. RELATIONSHIP OF PARTIES It is underst ood by t he parties that (Your Name) & (Your Com pany Name) are independent contractors with respect (Client Contact Name) and (Client Company Name) . Client will not provide f ringe bene f its, including health insurance benef its, paid vacat ion, or any other employee benef it, f or the benef it of (Your Name) & (Your Company Name) . 9. CONFIDENTIALITY Contractor will not at any time, or in any manner, eit her direct ly or indirect ly divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner any inf ormation that is proprietar y to the Client(s). Contractor will protect such inf ormation and treat it strict ly conf idential. This provision shall continue to be eff ective af ter the terminat ion of this Agreement. Upon ter minat ion of this Agreement, Contractor will retur n to the Client, or destroy, all records, notes, document ation, and other items that wer e used, created, or controlled by the Contractor during the terms of this Agreement. 10. ENTIRE AG REEMENT This Agreem ent constitutes the f inal understanding and agreement bet ween the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior negotiat ions, understandings, and agreements bet ween the parties, whether wr itten or or al. This Agreement may be am ended, supplement ed, or changed by an Agreement in wr it ing signed by bot h of the parties.

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CONTINUED 11. SEVERABI LITY If any pr ovision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenf orceable f or any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enf orceable. If a court f inds that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenf orceable, but that by lim iting such provision if would become valid and enf orceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed and enf orce d as so limited. IN W ITNESS W HEREOF, this Agreement has been executed by the part ies as of the date f irst above wr itten.

________________________________________ (Client Contact Nam e) Date (Client Company Name)

_____________________________________ ___ (Your Name) Date (Your Company Nam e)

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