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									Name change sample letter
This letter is provided as a template for individuals and departments to use to notify external entities of name change. This letter may be modified to meet your specific departmental or individual needs.

Dear _______________: I’m writing to inform you that the University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR) is now known as Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) effective January 1, 2008. The University of Missouri Board of Curators formally approved the name change on April 6, 2007. Your organization is being contacted because of your relationship with UMR. We ask that you update your records to reflect this name change effective January 1, 2008. If your organization requires that specific procedures be executed to accomplish this updating of your records, please reply with that information so that the university can take the necessary actions. Effective January 1, 2008, the university’s web address changed to and all email addresses of university faculty, staff and students also changed (i.e., from to ). After July 31, 2008, any URL or email address directed to the domain will no longer function. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely,

[Name of Sender]

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