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					Designing a DL\net Brochure Pick and choose from the following to customize your organizational brochure:

The Office of the [your management official, e.g., Commissioner] in the [your agency, e.g., Food and Drug Administration] is pleased to announce the availability of [professional development training] and[technical training] via the HHS Distributed Learning Network (DL\net): Our vendors, NETg (over 800 titles on technical courses) and SkillSoft (over 500 business courses) provide a wide range of topics to support employee learning. You are encouraged to take advantage of learning anytime and anywhere. Talk with your supervisor or training officer for more information.

What is the HHS Distributed Learning Network (DL\net)?
The HHS Distributed Network (DL\net) is designed to make learning available to HHS employees (and eventually our customers and stakeholders) wherever and whenever needed. Access to distributed learning is through an HHS Learning Portal, a single entry point for online learning. Because it is an internet site (, it is available at work, at home, or on the road.

What learning is available to HHS employees?

There are three different subscriptions available for an organization to choose from: - HHS Subscription - SkillSoft - NETg

What does each subscription entail?
Subscription HHS What are available? HHS Learning HHS Online Resources Communities of Practice Communications Center Business Skills Technology Skills

SkillSoft NETg

How long does it take to complete a course?
Since online learning is self-paced, it would depend on the learner. In general, business courses average 2-4 hours, while technical courses average 6-8 hours to complete. All courses are presented in a modular format which allow learners to take only a small segment of a course at one sitting, ususally 10 minutes’ worth. The user can “bookmark” where they leave off and return to the same place in the course at any time.

Can I take as much training as I want? There is no limit to the number of courses you can take. How long will this training be available?

Each subscription will last for a period of 12 months before expiration.

Where do I take this training?

HHS employees are able to access all courses on any PC (both at HHS and outside the workplace) that has Internet access, as long as the PC meets the minimum technical specifications. Check with your training office to find out about the specifications.

Does my supervisor have to approve this training?
You have complete access to all courses based on the kind of subscriptions your organization has purchased for you. Technically speaking, you can access the entire vendor library. Check with your supervisor on any policies or procedures for taking DL\net. You are also encouraged to discuss with your supervisor the best ways to accommodate DL\net in your work schedule