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									You must obtain three letters of character reference to include in your senior exit portfolio. You are responsible for the collection and placement of these letters in your portfolio. DO NOT have people mail or deliver them to the high school. Below is a letter of explanation that you may reproduce and give to the people of whom you ask letters. It will explain briefly what the portfolio project is and the type of information they need to include in their letter(s).

Dear Friend of NHS: Newton High School seniors have been asked to prepare a Senior Exit Portfolio for presentation to a review team this spring. The portfolio process is designed to provide an opportunity for graduates of NHS to demonstrate mastery of the skills necessary to move successfully from high school to continued education or the world of work. The exit portfolio requires that each student obtain three letters of character reference. One of these letters may be from a school staff member -- a teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator. Two must be from community members not associated with NHS. If you are asked to write a letter of character reference for a student, the letter should include whatever you think is important about the student, including a description of academic or personal characteristics. We are particularly interested in the student's intellectual promise, motivation, relative maturity, integrity, independence, level of responsibility, originality, initiative, leadership potential, capacity for growth, special talents, and enthusiasm. We welcome information that will help us to differentiate this student from others. Students are responsible for the collection and placement of these reference letters in their portfolios. Please do not mail or deliver letters to the high school. Thank you, Portfolio Committee Newton High School

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