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As a part of the application process for the W. P. Carey MBA Program, please use the following information to provide a reference for the individual seeking admission to the W. P. Carey MBA Program at Arizona State University. Applicants are encouraged to select references carefully from among those who know them professionally and are familiar with their work history, credentials, leadership strengths and career aspirations. Since the W. P. Carey MBA fosters a team-oriented learning environment through case analysis and classroom discussion, citing specific examples of projects, observations and interactions with the applicant will help the Admissions Committee gauge their potential for success in such a program. The admissions committee values your input as an important part of our evaluation process. Thank you for supporting this process. Instructions: 1. Complete this form by filling in responses to the questions below OR type a free form letter to address the questions below. 2. Print on company stationery/letterhead OR enclose a business card. 3. Provide your contact information should additional follow up be required. 4. Return this form or your free form letter to the applicant in a sealed envelope. Applicant’s First and Last Name: 1. Describe your professional relationship to the applicant.

2. Describe any professional abilities or interpersonal skills which make this applicant effective in the work environment. Provide specific examples where you have observed these skills demonstrated.

3. Describe any unique characteristics this applicant demonstrates.

4. Please comment on your assessment of how obtaining an MBA can fit into this applicant’s career goals and aspirations.

5. How would this applicant’s qualifications assist him/her in completing graduate business coursework in a rigorous, team-based environment?

6. What additional comments would you like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee regarding this applicant’s candidacy?

Recommender’s Contact Information: Name: Title: Company or Organization: Address, City, State, Country: Phone:

______________________________________________________________________ Recommender Signature Date Please return in a sealed envelope to the candidate for whom this recommendation has been completed. The candidate is responsible for forwarding all application materials in a single package to the ASU Graduate College in order to complete his/her application. W. P. Carey MBA Admissions Arizona State University wpcareymba.asu.edu 480.965.3332 wpcareymba@asu.edu

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