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promotion letter

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									STANDARD COVER LETTER FOR EXTERNAL ASSESSORS FOR TENURE AND PROMOTION FOR ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS Note: As per the Collective Agreement with University of Guelph Faculty Association the following cover letter will accompany all requests for external assessment for those faculty members who are being considered for Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor. <External Assessors Name> <Address> Dear <External Assessor>: The Department of <department name> at the University of Guelph wishes to thank you for your assistance with regard to its consideration of <candidate’s name> for the conferring of Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor. The conferring of Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor is a very important step in the relationship between the University and a Faculty Member, and it should be decided upon only after careful consideration and attention to due process. The granting of Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor to a Faculty Member recognizes academic competence and maturity, and, significant scholarly achievement demonstrated by contributions to the academic functions of the University and to the member’s discipline within and outside of the University. The conferring of Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor obliges the University to support the career of the Faculty Member and it obliges the Faculty Member to continue to perform in a manner deserving of that support. Such external opinions are sought as per the Collective Agreement with the Faculty and constitute part of the information on which the Tenure and Promotion Committees will base any subsequent recommendation. We would be grateful for your assessment of the scholarly activities of <candidate’s name>. <Candidate’s Name> has a distribution of effort which reflects the following percentage of effort with respect to teaching, research/scholarship, and service responsibilities: X%: Y%: Z%. We have enclosed for your consideration information that is relevant to your assessment. In particular, we would appreciate having your opinion concerning the quality of these activities and the extent to which you believe their quality, in accordance with the criteria provided, justifies the conferring of Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor. Please note that external opinions are being sought from other persons in addition to yourself and the assessments will be transmitted to the College Committee, the University Committee and the President and, if requested, without attribution, to the Faculty Member being assessed.

We have attached the following information to assist you in your assessment:     Applicable Guidelines/Criteria for Tenure and Promotion, Curriculum Vitae a selection of reprints of the Faculty Member’s published work (chosen by the Faculty Member) other evidence of scholarship as determined by the Faculty Member (e.g. Teaching Dossier).

We would appreciate having your response by <deadline date>. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely,


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