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									Breastfeeding Posters and Displays
The following is a list of breastfeeding posters and displays developed by agencies or coalitions in Ontario. They can be adapted or obtained for use by contacting
the organization directly. Through the Maternal, Newborn Child Health Promotion Network and the Ontario Breastfeeding Committee agencies in Ontario were
invited to submit information about breastfeeding posters and displays that could be adapted, copied or purchased. Brochures and other resources are mentioned
when part of a comprehensive campaign, but are not listed as part of this project.

The information is current as of April 2009.

      Title                  Type          Key Message(s)                        Agency                 Contact Information          Comments

1     Breastfeeding          Campaign      breastfeeding through the             Middlesex-London           4 pictures with 4
      protects … how         with          continuum of pregnancy, up to 6       Health Unit            Contact: Laura Dueck         messages
      can you protect        display       months, 6-12 months and                                                                   Related resources
      breastfeeding          and other     beyond 12 months                                                                          also available
2     Breastfeeding a        Posters       breastfeeding can be done any         North Bay Parry          6 posters with 6
      human right                          time and any where                    Sound District         Contact: Heather Lawson      messages in
                                                                                 Health Unit and                                     English and French
                                                                                 North Bay District
3     Skin-to-skin           Poster        To encourage skin-to-skin             Hamilton Regional     1 poster laminated
                                           contact to facilitate breastfeeding   Lactation              lton/CityandGovernment/He    or not laminated
                                                                                 Committee and          althandSocialServices/
                                                                                 Hamilton Public        Contact: Sandy Hernandez
                                                                                 Health and Social
4     What? You want         Poster        To address attitudes about            Sudbury and                   1 poster
      my mommy to feed                     breastfeeding in public               District Health        Contact: Laurie Willett
      me in here?                                                                Unit
5     Breastmilk, it does    Poster        To address the benefits of            Sudbury and                   1 poster
      a baby good                          breastfeeding                         District Health        Contact: Laurie Willett
6     Breastfeeding on       Poster        To address breastfeeding in           York Region Health    1 poster
      the Go                               public                                Department             E6838-52E2-4C8B-8CE3-
                                                                                                        Contact : Ann Ciniglio
7     Breastfeeding Key      Display       Breastfeeding anytime,                Simcoe Muskoka         www.simcoemuskokahealth.     3 displays, same
      Messages               and card      anywhere as part of key               District Health Unit   org                          messages, different

                             rack          parenting messages                                         Contact: Kerri Grummett       sizes and
                                                                                                                                    increasing amount
                                                                                                                                    of graphics
8    Breastfeeding the       Display       Breastfeeding is natural, healthy   Elgin St Thomas         1 horizontal display
     Gift that Lasts a                     and worth the effort                Public Health          Contact: Kelly Hill           poster
9    Baby-Friendly           Display       BFI message                         Halton BFI coalition          1 vertical stand up
     Initiative              and 2                                                                    Contact : Chuey, Eileen       display and 1 two
                             page                                                                                                   page poster
                             poster                                                                                                 explaining the
10   Is your Health Care     Poster        Addresses the need of facilities    Thunder Bay            www.breastfeedingontario.c    1 poster
     Baby-Friendly?                        to be or become baby-friendly       District Health Unit   a
                                                                               in partnership with    Contact : Laura Prodanyk
                                                                               OBC, BCC and
                                                                               SJH Hamilton
11   Breastfeeding is        Poster        Exclusive Breastfeeding             Thunder Bay                   1 poster
     the only food                                                             District Health Unit   Contact : Laura Prodanyk
     needed in the first 6
12   Breast is Best          Campaign      Benefits of breastfeeding           Thunder Bay                   List of campaign
                             with a                                            District Health Unit   Contact : Laura Prodanyk      resources
                             number of
13   Breastfeeding           Poster        Breastfeeding in public             Thunder Bay                   1 poster
     anytime anywhere                                                          District Health Unit   Contact : Laura Prodanyk
14   Breastfeeding the       poster        Breastfeeding is the normal way     Windsor-Essex 1 poster
     norm for infant                       to feed babies.                     health unit            Contact: Sue Kocela
15   Breastfeeding           Poster        Breastfeeding is convenient         Algoma District     1 poster
     Anytime, Anywhere                     because it can be done anytime      Health Unit            m
                                           and anywhere                                               Contact: Hannele Dionisi
16   Breastfeeding – did     Banner        Breastfeeding benefits              Kingston, Fontenac       Other resources
     you know?               display                                           Lennox &               Contact: Kris Milan,          also available
                             and table                                         Addington Heatlh
                             top display                                       Unit
17   Breastfeeding is a      Poster        Normalcy of breastfeeding and       Chatham-Kent            1 poster
     normal part of life                   BFI messages                        Health Unit            Contact: Marcia Vermey

Breastfeeding posters, displays and other resources by other Canadian and International agencies:
This is NOT an inclusive list of ALL posters and displays available, but a list of agencies, who responded to out request. Agencies offering breastfeeding brochures
are not listed here.

INFACT Canada has a variety of posters and other resources.

The Breastfeeding Committee for Canada has a Baby-Friendly poster that can be downloaded from the “what’s new” section of their website at

Union of Ontario Indians has developed a breastfeeding brochure that could easily be adapted into a poster or display. For
information contact: Laurie McLeod Shabogesic.

The Alberta Breastfeeding Committee is selling posters from the home page of their website

Government of New Brunswick had developed a series of posters.

Entraide Naturo-Lait of Quebec has breastfeeding posters and other breastfeeding resources in French.

Centre Ressource Documentaire pour l'Allaitement Maternel - CERDAM in France offers a number of posters, displays and other
breastfeeding resources in French. For a catalogue of resources check:

Kangaroo Mother Care offers a skin-to-skin poster to encourage skin-to-skin contact and early breastfeeding. For information contact Attie Sandink at


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