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									Instructions for Essentials Reinstatement Letter: • This letter is to be sent to people to reinstate. (former consumers &_distributors) • To make full use of this opportunity, we suggest encouraging your downline business builders to access it, as well as sending a copy to those who do not have access to a computer. • You can get labels for your first level dropoffs from Cell Tech. • For best results you will need to follow up with these people. • Please read the letter to fully understand its purpose and to correct any computer type changes. Feel free to personalize the text copy. • The copy (HTML) for the letter can be cut and pasted into your own program to reformat and personalize. You may refer to the copy of the letter for style suggestions, such as where to use bold type. • There are 4 instances where you will need to add your personal information: • In the 4th paragraph, add your phone number, Cell Tech ID#, and your email address (if applies). • Your name at the signature of the letter. • Due to the cost, we do not suggest sending samples to a huge number of people. It is best to be selective. • If you are sending samples, it is important to attach the product description from the Cell Tech website. (Staple the edge or tape.) The name of the product description document is Essentials 4up and can be found at: • If you do choose to send samples, check with your local post office for the most acceptable and cost efficient way. • We suggest that you enclose a more detailed flyer with your letter. There are 3 flyers to choose from which are listed following the reinstatement letter in this section. The names of the files are: • The Essentials Flyer 2 (for reinstates) • The Essentials Benefits Chart page 1 (to be printed back to back with page 2) • The Essentials Benefits Chart page 2

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