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                                University of Alaska
                               Course Content Guide

Date September 14, 2000 Course Prefix & Number HUMS 2 _ _                  Credits 2

Program Associate of Applied Science in Disabilties

Course Description
This course is a basic overview of mental illness. Topics include the stigma in
today’s society, history of deinstitutionalization, and the etiologies, types, and
symptoms of mental illness. Students will be introduced to basic treatment
approaches and discuss the role of family, friends and community in recovery
and wellness.

Course Design
 This course is designed for lower division undergraduate students in the
  disability support field.
 This course is for two (2) credit hours.
 Student “classroom time” clock hours:
     Required audioconferences (8 @ 90 min.)               720
     Required structured videotape viewing (4 tapes)       270

                                                       Total 1,500 minutes
D. Student “out of class homework” clock hours:
       60 – 70 hours of additional assignments to include: journal entries,
       referenced readings, written response papers, etc.
E. A long distance audioconference fee is assessed for this course. Other “on
   campus” standard student fees are waived.
F. This distance delivered course is offered on a non-standard schedule, and is
   sscheduled to be offered once per academic year. Eight weekly
   audioconferences are required; attendance is mandatory.

Course Activities:
This distance delivered course requires the students to actively participate in
mandatory weekly audiocnferences and complete optional Internet activities,
readings, knowledge assessments, and homework assignments which focus on
understanding individuals with mental illness.
Prerequisite/Co-requisite Knowledge and Skills
Although not required, it is recommended that students complete distance
delivered courses HUMS 282: Communiyt Services for People with Disabiliites
and HUMS 205: Intro. to Human Exceptionality prior to, or concurrent with, this
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Course Evaluation: Graded x Yes No
  A. Required participation in weekly audioconferences- 25%
  B. Completion of required weekly homework assignments- 75%
Excerpts: HUMS 135 Introduction to Mental Illness                         3of 3

                         COURSE CALENDAR

Class 1: Jan. 14
      During this class, we will:
             Introduce ourselves
             Discuss how to best participate in an audioconference
             Introduce basic material on Stigma and Mental Illness.

      After class, you should immediately begin working on the required
      reading, Homework Questions and video responses for Class 2.

Class 2: Jan. 21
      Before class you must:
            Read: “Causes of Mental Illness” in Educating Patients &
            Families About Mental Illness (pg. 285-287) and answer
            homework questions.
            Watch “Mental Illness: Personal Perspectives”video (approx.
50                 min.) and answer homework questions
            Watch a “Hollywood”movie regarding people with mental
            illness (see potential list of movies) and answer homework
            Log on to and complete homework
            questions regarding stigma.
            Read: “Chapter 5- Facts and Fictions Concerning Mental
            Illness in People With Mental Retardation and Developmental
            Disabilities” in Challenging Behavior (pg. 89-99) and answer the
            homework questions.
            Read: "Empirical Correction of Seven Myths about
            Schizophrenia with Implications for Treatment " (pg. 140-146)
            no homework questions.

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