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Document should include:
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Effective date of the initiation of the demotion Conduct, work rule violation, or performance discrepancy Prior attempts to correct conduct, work rule violations, or performance discrepancy Signature line for acknowledgement of receipt of the document by the employee Document should be copied to copied to Department Chair or Head, HRS personnel file, and Office of Employee Relations
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(Employee's name) (Supervisor's name) (Subject)

This letter is to inform you that effective ___________________________, you are being demoted to a vacant position in class __________ in accordance with 3.116(3) Merit Rules. This action is being taken as a result of an allegation that on ___________ you (violated work rules, failed to meet performance expectations, or failed to meet expectations of appropriate conduct). If you have questions concerning this action or need further information about your status in regard to this action, please contact me.

_____________________________________________________ Acknowledgement of Receipt (Employee's Signature)


Department Chair or Head HRS personnel file Office of Employee Relations


3.116(3) Demotion. A department head may, for cause in accordance with 3.115(19A), demote an employee to a vacant position in a lower class provided the employee meets

the qualifications for that lower class. The department head will notify the affected employee of the demotion and the reasons therefore in writing within 24 hours of the time the action is taken. A copy of the notice of demotion will be sent by the department to the resident director and will be maintained in the employee’s personnel file. Employees may appeal the action directly to Step 2 of the grievance procedure specified in 3.129(19A) or a comparable step in a grievance procedure approved in accordance with 3.129(1). If not satisfied with the decision rendered at that step, the employees may pursue their appeal in accordance with the grievance procedure.

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