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									Application Form
2006 Australia-Japan Year of Exchange Endorsement of Projects, Events and Activities
Notes for applicants: 1. Applicants should refer to the Endorsement Guidelines for information about the types of activities that will be considered for YOE endorsement. 2. Official endorsement does not involve any funding. 3. Applications for merchandising applications of the logo will be considered on a case-bycase basis. DFAT reserves the right to charge a licence fee. 4. Email your completed application form to or send to the YOE Coordinator Australian Embassy 2-1-14 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8361

Office Use Only
Date application received Application reviewed Applicant notified Approved/Rejected/Signed


Applicant Details

Name / Organisation:


Tel.: FAX:

Postcode: Contact Person Name: Position within organisation: Tel.: Email: Contact email regarding PR materials: FAX:

Type of Organisation

Please mark appropriate box Individual Australian or Japanese Government Prefectural Government Non Government Organisation Commercial Entity Local Government Other ( )

ACN Number 2. Details of the Project, Event or Activity

Title of the project, event or activity

Brief description of the project, event or activity
(100 words or less – to be posted on the YOE website)

Has the event been held previously?



When will the project, event or activity commence and be finalised?



Where will the project, event or activity take place?

Web link for the venue (map)

What is the estimated cost of the project, event or activity?

List any partners and/or sponsors involved in the project, event or activity

Provide details of any admission fees to be charged for entry to the project, event or activity

Provide details of how tickets can be purchased

Provide details of the core funding source (This should
include funding applied for and/or approved by any Government body, private funding and public donations)

Will the event have a web site?

Yes If yes, provide the web address



Relevance to the 2006 Australia-Japan Year of Exchange
Bilateral exchange in the fields of politics, business, the arts and culture, education, science and technology, sport and tourism. Bilateral collaboration in these fields. Showcases Australia in these fields to a Japanese audience. Strengthens existing bilateral links, for example, sister city/sister state relationships.

Which of the following objectives does the event meet? (Please tick the
appropriate box)


Logo Application (optional)

Reasons for use
What is the purpose of the intended use? (Please be detailed and specific)

Proposed use
(Please provide details of how the official 2006 Australia-Japan Year of Exchange logo will appear in the lead up to, and during, the project, event or activity.)

Image required
(Please tick the appropriate box)



Bilingual horizontal Japanese characters

Bilingual vertical Japanese characters

Colour required
(Please tick the appropriate box)

Colour Black & White

Countries of use

Period of use

5, Authorisation By submitting this application, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in the Endorsement Guidelines.

Name in full

Position in organisation


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