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legal websites

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									State website  www.legalselfhelp.ca.gov  www.sucorte.ca.gov – Spanish version

Legal Websites - Santa Clara County

State referral website - www.lawhelpca.org Sites that help you fill out forms  www.ezlegalfile.org

 www.courtinfo.ca.gov/forms

Opening a small claims, domestic violence, divorce, guardianship or paternity case All available court forms, e.g. Civil, Family Law, Probate, and Small Claims

Local sites  Santa Clara County Superior Court site –


   

General legal and filing information, case look-up, Spanish/English, EZLegalFile Santa Clara County Bar Assoc www.sccba.org Santa Clara County legal aid agencies & Lawyers in the Library http://www.sjlibrary.org/about/locations/king/lawyers.htm Clerk Recorder’s office – www.clerkrecordersearch.org Domestic violence agencies – EPIC

CA Dept of Social Services - http://www.dss.cahwnet.gov/  Parental Rights Information www.info4parents  Birth, death, marriage records/CA Vital Statistics http://www.dhs.ca.gov/hisp/chs/ovr/OrderCert.htm

          

Social Security Income Veterans Benefits Senior Legal Self Help Native American Legal Help Hard of Hearing Self Help Dept. of Consumer Affairs – Contractor licensing Secretary of State Appeals – Online videos – Spanish form/instr packets -

www.ssa.gov www.vba.va.gov www.seniorlegalhotline.org http://www.calindian.org/ www.hearinglossca.org www.dca.ca.gov www.cslb.ca.gov www.ss.ca.gov San Diego court http://www.sdcourt.ca.gov Contra Costa court http://www.cc-courts.org/ Fresno County court

 Legal research –
April 2006

www.leginfo.ca.gov, www.findlaw.org

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