Mental illness is . . by tar19045


									     so desperately need?
can you find the help you
with mental illness, where
  When you’re struggling

                                                                          Mental illness is . . .
                                                                          more common than
  Each year, here in Clark County, we respond to over 20,000 crisis       cancer, diabetes or
  calls, treat over 6,000 people, counsel over 1,000 children and their   heart disease • the
  families, and serve up to 3,000 clients each week.                      leading reason for
                                                                          hospital admissions
  We are the primary source of treatment in Southwest Washington          • the leading cause of
  for anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, dementia,    disability worldwide
  chemical dependency, attention deficit disorder, and many other         • a multi-billion dollar
  serious illnesses.                                                      burden on our
  With your generous support of our new expanded treatment facility,      economy
  you will make it possible for us to provide even more men, women        Mental illness
  and children with the best possible quality treatment and care.         affects . . .
                                                                          one in five families
                                                                          one in five children
                                                                          one in four women
                                                                          one in ten men
                                                                          Mental illness
                                                                          touches all of us
  6926 E. Fourth Plain Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98663 • (360) 993-3048         each and every day
                                         In Clark County, the answer could be
                                         Columbia River Mental Health Services
                                         We provide over 80% of all mental health services
                                         in Southwest Washington, including:
                                         Suicide and Crisis Intervention
                                         Chemical Dependency Treatment
                                         Youth Violence Intervention
                                         Child and Family Counseling
                                         Psychiatric Treatment
                                         Senior Services

but we can’t do it alone
Join us in making a real difference in people’s lives!
Your generous contribution today will help us complete
our new expanded treatment facility in Vancouver.

We need you —
can you help?
 For more information, call (360) 993-3048

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