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									Newsletter of the Scottish Youth Housing Network                                                                  No 44 March 2003

 Ahead hits
  the road
     emand for training in
D    the use of the Streets
Ahead Guide to Leaving
Home and Housing has
resulted in a series of suc-
cessful seminars being run
across Scotland, including
Inverness, Edinburgh and
   Last November saw the
the first training and infor-
mation seminar launched in
Dundee, facilitated by
SCSH’s Housing Education
Team. The participants,                 The staff team from Horizons, Edinvar Housing Association’s new support project
ranging, from frontline
workers to homelessness
strategy officers, gave plenty
of positive feedback as well
as great ideas on how to
improve future seminars.
                                  Horizons promises
        A taster?
   Interested? Then why not
sign up for this “taster”
                                   a bright future
training and get familiar                  hristmas time saw the        and/or who have mental health     Young People’s Unit at the
with how the Streets Ahead                 launch of a new sup-         issues.                           Royal Edinburgh Hospital since
guide can be used in a range               port project for young          Plans are also underway to     1994. Both projects have been
of work settings.                people living in Edinburgh and         extend the service. Horizons      working increasingly closely in
   The remaining dates are       the Lothians.                          will be expanding the team so     recent years.
both in Glasgow on 25               Two long-standing support           that they can offer additional       The merging of the two ser-
March and 3 April. Places        projects – Slipway and SAILS –         supported accommodation pla-      vices is a natural progression
are filling up fast so book      have now combined their ser-           ces to young people.              and allows for a greater sharing
quickly through the Hous-        vices under the project name of                                          of skills and resources under
ing Education Team on            Horizons. The new name was                     Expansion                 the one name.
0131 226 4382 or fax 0131        suggested and chosen by ser-              In future the team will have      Staffed by an energetic team,
225 4382 to ensure you           vice users after much discussion       28 supported accommodation
                                                                                                          the Horizons project looks for-
                                 and deliberation.                      flats and 10 visiting support
have a place. ◗                                                                                           ward to building on the quality
                                    As part of Edinvar Community        places for young people – a
                                                                                                          services that have been offered
                                 Care, the new project will con-        welcome addition to service
                                                                                                          over the years.
                                 tinue to offer supported accom-        provision, given that requests
                                 modation, visiting support,            for these services constantly        For all enquiries about the
                                 groupwork activities, a drop-in        outstrip supply at present.       service, including referrals,
 LinkLiving: helping             centre, an emergency on-call ser-         The Slipway young person’s     please contact the Project Co-
                                 vice, residential trips and partner-   support service was established   ordinator, Richard Johnston, at
 people to take                                                                                           Horizons, 35 Marshall Street,
                                 ship working to young people           by Edinvar Housing Association
 control of their lives          aged 16 to 25 who have experi-         in 1987. The SAILS service has    Edinburgh, EH8 9BJ, Tel: 0131
                                 enced leaving care or hospital,        been working with service         667 4775 or email to
           Page 3                                                                                         marshallst@edinvar.co.uk. ◗
                                 who have faced homelessness,           users referred through the

Care forum seeks                                                                                           could use

 views of young                                                                                            that spare
        he aim of the Scottish Throughcare and       Jamieson, Minister for Education and Young Peo-            n event to introduce a
        Aftercare Forum is to promote young          ple. It is also being used in the development of
         people’s participation in national through- local services and policies – a very promising
                                                                                                           A    new concept in emer-
                                                                                                           gency accommodation for
care and aftercare policy developments and in the result. This work will continue over the coming          young people in Scotland
development of local services for young people months and it is great to see young people’s views          takes place next month.
leaving care. Promoting the work, meeting young being listened to and taken seriously. Copies of              Nightstops in Scotland is
people and encouraging others to get involved the results are available from the forum’s website:          a free conference which is
were obvious priorities but the major focus was www.scottishthroughcare.org.uk.                            being co-ordinated by the
getting involved with national policy develop-          We hope to get more young people involved          Scottish Churches Housing
ments taking place at this stage.                    and distribute the results of the questionnaire.      Agency in conjunction with
   The Scottish Executive asked The Scottish Some have already had the chance to speak to                  Nightstop UK.
Throughcare and Aftercare                                                MSPs about their views and           Nightstops have devel-
Forum and Who Cares? Scot-            Janet Sanders is Young             the results have been shared      oped in England and Wales
land to consult with young                                               at the Local Authority Lead       over the past decade as a
people on the Throughcare             Person’s Development               Officer’s Group for through-      response to youth home-
and Aftercare Working                                                    care and aftercare.
                                      Worker with the Scottish                                             lessness. The concept is
Group Report, published last                                                We intend to set up issue
                                                                                                           simple. People with a spare
September.                                Throughcare and                specific Young People’s Focus
                                                                                                           room make it available one
   The report has implications                                           Groups. Initially these groups
for supporting Young People
                                    Aftercare Forum. Funded will look at young people with                 or two nights a month as
                                                                                                           emergency accommoda-
when they move on from               for three years by Comic disabilities; accessing further              tion for homeless young
care, and consultation on both                                           and higher education; with the
its contents and the effects it        Relief the post reflects          possibility of a young parents’
                                                                                                              The Scottish Churches
will have on services when the Forum’s desire to give group happening later on.
                                                                                                           Housing Agency and Night-
its recommendations are                                                     We also hope to further
                                       young people a voice                                                stop UK are now working
brought into being, will be                                              our partnership working with
                                                                                                           together to develop the
vital.                               when leaving care. Here local agencies across Scotland                idea in Scotland.
   Having just three months to                                           and help establish Young Peo-
do this particular piece of con-     Janet describes the task ple’s Groups in other areas of
sultation we began with a                                                the country.
                                                                                                                Is it for you?
                                                                                                             This conference is your
small consultation meeting with young people.           Our young people will be working especially
From this, we decided which questions about the hard as they hope to organise a Young People’s             opportunity to find out
report should be put to young people around the Debate with MSPs and local councillors. Six young          more, and to assess if a
country. After further consultation about design people are currently working on the idea and              Nightstop scheme might be
and wording, as well as some more focused con- applying for funding from the Prince’s Trust Mil-           appropriate in your com-
sultation with groups of young people from lennium Awards scheme.                                          munity. It will include
specific backgrounds, we put together a young           At the SYHN Conference in May our young            speakers with experience of
people’s questionnaire on the report.                people will perform their Moving On role play and     running a scheme; and
   The response to the questionnaire was really will feedback the questionnaire responses from             workshops will provide the
good and working with the young people and Having Your Say. We look forward to seeing you                  opportunity to meet Night-
hearing their thoughts and opinions was really there.                                                      stop volunteers, to exam-
enjoyable, not to mention inspiring!                    If you would like more information about the       ine     procedures      and
   The results have now been compiled in a doc- forum’s work with young people and a copy of               practice, and to look at
ument called Having Our Say, which has been the first newsletter, please contact Janet Sanders             starting a scheme.
passed to The Scottish Executive and to Cathy on 0141 341 0144. ◗                                            The conference is on Fri-
                                                                                                           day 11 April 2003 at The
                                                                                                           Wynd Centre, 6 School
                                                                                                           Wynd, Paisley, from 11.30
                    The Network and Homing In provide the ideal forum
                                                                                                           to 3.30. It is free and
                     for news of youth housing initiatives, problems and                                   includes a buffet lunch. To
                   events in your area. All ideas and feedback welcome.                                    book contact Len Wright,
                            Contact the SYHN c/o SCSH, 5th floor,                                          Scottish Churches Housing
                     Wellgate House, 200 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1NQ,                                       Agency, 28 Albany Street,
                           tel 0131–226 4382 fax 0131–225 4382.                                            Edinburgh EH15 2ES, 0131
                                                                                                           477 4500, fax 0131 477 2710,
 getting on the network is easy!                                                                           or website www.churches-
                                                                                                           housing.org. ◗


 Person-centred approach
  offers a different future
                                                               One of LinkLiving’s
                                                               service users in a
                                                               summer residential
                                                               week to develop
                                                               skills, experience                    Many training and conference partici-
                                                                                                 pants have volunteered to stay involved
                                                               and capacity, run                 with LinkLiving; one spin off is that young
                                                               by Falkirk Council’s              people are set to design a training course
                                                               Community                         and pack which they will deliver to staff.
                                                                                                     They will also be trained to use person
                                                               Education Service.
                                                                                                 centred planning tools and facilitate person
                                                                                                 centred plans for other young people in the
                                                                                                 organisation or in other organisations. This
                                                                                                 would reduce the number of professionals
                                                                                                 involved and thus help young people to be

        inkLiving offers more than support-       organisation, it is committed to mutual sup-
        ed housing: by providing individual       port, participation and personal develop-      in, and keep control of, their lives and future
        services, promoting inclusion, devel-     ment for staff, service users and committee    plans.
oping person-centred approaches and               members.                                           The “In the Know” training course was
focusing on user involvement it supports             Two recent initiatives which helped to      facilitated by Diversity Matters, who trained
people to take control of their lives and         promote service user involvement and           young people and staff together as a team.
shape different futures.                          building capacity within the organisation      They explored person-centred planning
   It provides services to 300 people in Ed-      were “In the Know” training and a Young        tools and values. From this course Link-
inburgh, Midlothian, Fife and Falkirk who         Persons Conference in West Bridge Mill,        Living hopes to offer training for new and
have faced social exclusion through home-         Kirkcaldy. Each was aimed at building young    existing staff as well as staff in other organi-
lessness, mental health problems, learning        people’s personal skills and experience        sations. Young people are developing a
disabilities or because they have multiple                                                       training manual and pack and LinkLiving
needs. Within this, LinkLiving supports                                                          hopes to train young people as person-
around 200 young people through the pro-                                                         centred facilitators so that they can do
vision of housing or support services. Each                                                      some planning with and for other people
young person has their own council or                                                            who use our services or for people in other
housing association tenancy and receives                                                         organisations.
flexible, responsive tenancy support for as                                                          The training was seen as “an excellent
long as is needed.                                                                               opportunity to learn something about your-
   Supported living services are also offered
to those not yet ready to take on the
                                                            ❛ The conference                     self. Give it a shot, and stay open-minded!”
                                                                                                 Another said: “It was good to meet other
responsibility of their own tenancy. This               was so good I didn’t                     people and do something different”.
support is available for as long as required
and includes helping the young person to
                                                         want to go home             ❜               There are many other opportunities for
                                                                                                 involvement. LinkLiving has service users on
                                                                                                 its board of management and are setting up
find their own permanent accommodation.
   Whether as the main support provider           while helping them develop their confi-        advisory groups in each area of operation,
or working on varying levels of partnership       dence, abilities and involvement in Link-      with the help of its service user involvement
with other agencies and organisations             Living.                                        officer to advise on policy, procedures and
LinkLiving adapts each of its services to local      One young person said the conference        direct involvement in monitoring the quality
circumstances. It provides strong, flexible       “was so good I didn’t want to go home” and     of services.
support networks for people who need              participants were keen to repeat the expe-         For further information please contact
help to manage the challenges and stresses        rience. Workshops were held on drum-           Linda Burnett, Service Manager (Young
of daily life and offers a comprehensive          ming, arts, mental health awareness and        People), LinkLiving, 23 Dalmeny Street,
range of services to meet individual needs.       sexual health, with lunchtime entertainment    Edinburgh EH8 6PG, tel 0131 625 0777 or
   An innovative, dynamic and growing             from hiphop band Discipline.                   email lb@linkhaltd.co.uk. ◗

                                              on the Web: www.joa.co.uk/homing.html
        Equal Voices                                                                                                         provided by the Office of the
FIFE Racial Equality Council –
home of Equal Voices and Equal
Futures – has folded due to
changes in its funding structure.
                                        noticeboard                                                                          Deputy Prime Minister. It is self-
                                                                                                                             organised through a manage-
                                                                                                                             ment committee of social
                                                                                                                             housing organisations; private
                                                                                                                             housebuilders and financiers;
Saeed Akbar, chairperson of                               SYHN Conference 2003                                               local authorities; housing chari-
Fife REC, says that discussions        THIS year’s conference includes young people describing
on setting up a new community-                                                                                               ties; housing consultants; and
                                       their input to projects; giving their views on moving on;                             academics. The group operates
led organisation are ongoing.          plus sessions on mediation, equalities, the homelessness
However, SYHN has been                                                                                                       by holding open meetings
                                       bill, alcohol use, consultation, mentoring and befriending,                           around particular topics, and
unable to contact Equal Voices         acceptable behaviour contracts, and education taster
to establish whether there is                                                                                                through electronic communica-
                                       sessions. Be there!                                                                   tion. It recently looked at
any prospect of their service            Date and venue: Stirling Management Centre, Stirling,
receiving new funding.                                                                                                       homelessness strategies and
                                       Friday 16 May. The cost to subscribing organisations is                               statistics. To get involved, visit
           Wanted                      £80, which includes lunch. To book your place contact
                                       SYHN on 0131 226 4382.
IDEAS for articles, good quality                                                                                             statistics/hsug.
photographs and information
on your activities for inclusion
                                       ter for you, and will add your             now moved to Unit 13, Mans-                        Housing rights
                                       appeal grounds for certain bene-           field Park, 32 Mansfield Street,           THE Scottish Secure Tenancy is
in the Noticeboard. Contact
Norma Jones on 0131 538 8191           fit claims. You can calculate your         Glasgow, G11 5QP, tel: 0141                a new leaflet for tenants and is
or email to syhn@joa.co.uk.            own benefit entitlement, and               339 519, fax: 0141 339 7346.               available from the Scottish
                                       print off letters of claim. And                                                       Executive. It has the clarity
       Welfare rights                  you can send an email enquiry                             HSUG                        Crystal Mark of the Plain English
SCOLAG Journal has reviewed            to a welfare rights officer and            DO YOU use housing statistics              Campaign and sets out in simple
Glasgow City Council’s welfare         receive the reply by email                 to plan, deliver or comment on             question and answer format the
rights website and given it high       or post. The site is at www.               housing? Do you want to find               basic facts around the new SST.
praise for “excellence in interac-     glasgow.gov.uk/html/council/dept           out more about what data is                Available from The Scottish
tivity and usefulness to adviser       /social/welfareonline/index.htm.           available or comment on its                Executive, Housing 2:3, Area
and applicant alike.” It covers a                                                 quality? The UK Housing Statis-            1-G, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh
wide range of benefit informa-                   On the move                      tics User Group is an open                 EH6 6QQ or by phoning 0131
tion, benefit rates and a fre-         HEMAT Gryffe Women’s Aid, a                forum with the general purpose             244 2105, or sending an
quently asked questions section.       voluntary organisation primarily           of improving communication                 email to housing.information@
It links directly to the DWP’s         for Asian, Black and Ethnic                between all users and providers            scotland.gsi.gov.uk. The Scot-
downloadable application forms         Minority women who are                     of housing statistics in the UK. It        tish Executive’s website is at
and will even draft an appeal let-     escaping domestic violence, has            is independent, with support               www.scotland.gov.uk. ◗

    Homelessness figures released
      tatistics just released by the                                                                           in priority need. Of these, 48% were
      Scottish Parliament show that
      there has been an increase in
                                                        special                                                offered a permanent social rented
                                                                                                               tenancy and 21% were offered tempo-

the number of people applying to                                                                               rary accommodation.
local authorities for assistance under                                                                         ❍ Meanwhile, the Homelessness Etc
the homelessness legislation.                                                                                  (Scotland) Bill passed its third reading
   Social Justice Minister Margaret                                                                            in the Scottish Parliament on 5
Curran commented: “As we fully                                                                                 March. The Bill will shortly become
expected, there is an increase in the                 to carry out an assessment of home-                      law and guidance will be published to
number of people who have applied                     lessness in their area and develop a                     accompany it. The full text of the
to local authorities for assistance. The              strategy to tackle it. Since September                   debate at the Social Justice Commit-
reason for this is quite straightfor-                 2002 they have also had an increased                     tee is at www.scottish.parliament.uk/
ward – changes in the law mean that                   duty to provide temporary accommo-                       official_report/meeting.html.
far more people are now eligible for                  dation, advice and assistance to every-                     The Bill extends priority need cate-
help. It is worth noting that the                     one assessed as homeless.                                gories. The first phase includes young
biggest increase has been in the num-                    Temporary accommodation fig-                          people up to the age of 20. Age limits
ber of single people now being                        ures show that in the six months to                      will be further extended as the cate-
assessed as a priority.”                              the end of September 23,150 house-                       gories are phased in up to 2012.
   This is well illustrated by Glasgow                holds applied as homeless. Sixty three                   Deciding whether an applicant is
where, since January 2002, the city                   per cent of those applying between                       intentionally homeless becomes a
council has assessed 72% of single                    January and September were single                        power, not a duty. Statistics have
homeless applicants as a priority,                    and a further 24% were single parents.                   shown that only 7% of all applicants
compared to 25% in 1999.                                 Between April and September                           were intentionally homeless. Local
   The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001                    18,918 households had their cases                        connection will be suspended, though
introduced a duty on local authorities                concluded, and half were found to be                     its impact will be monitored. ◗

                       Published on behalf of the SYHN by Jones Ogg Associates, The Cork House, 104 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 6AW

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