SUCCESSFUL FUTURE                                                                                        HOW CAN STUDENTS PREPARE FOR
                                                       WHO PARTICIPATES IN TRANSITION?                      TRANSITION PLANNING?
WHAT IS TRANSITION?                                    A multidisciplinary collaborative team that              •   Identify interests through academic
Transition is a continuous and                         includes:                                                    subjects they enjoy and develop hobbies.
collaborative process of moving                              Student                                            •   Think beyond high school to post-
from school to adulthood.                                    Parents / Guardians                                    secondary education and employment.
Transition planning is a map of the                          Teachers                                           •   Become familiar with career cluster areas
student's vision for his/her future developed by the         Vocational Representative                              that "fit" with his/her interests.
student, family members, school personnel, adult             Counselor                                          •   Identify areas of strength and need,
service providers, and agencies.                             Adult Service Representatives                          learning preference, and work habits.
                                                             Post-Secondary Education Representatives           •   Talk to family members, teachers,
Transition planning is learning about school and
community resources. Initiated by the school, the                                                                   counselors, and friends about goals after
                                                       Parents and/or the student are encouraged to bring           graduation.
focus of transition is on designing a program that
                                                       relevant information, resources, and invite other        •   Develop an employment resume.
identifies the resources available to meet the post-
                                                       participants who have
secondary goals of student and family. At annual                                                                •   Gather information about colleges and/or
                                                       knowledge or special
Admissions, Review, Dismissal (ARD) meetings,                                                                       technical schools.
                                                       expertise regarding
transition information is reviewed and becomes an                                                               •   Assist in identifying and setting goals for
                                                       the student.
integrated part of the student’s Individual                                                                         school.
Educational Plan (IEP).                                                                                         •   Complete a four-year plan.

All students need support as they prepare for                                                               HOW CAN PARENTS PREPARE FOR
independence. Transition planning is critical in                                                            TRANSITION PLANNING?
providing students with disabilities and their         WHEN DOES TRANSITION START?
families with the knowledge to empower them to                                                                  •   Complete and return the transition parent
successfully chart their future.                       Every student and family has dreams about what
                                                                                                                    survey sent home from the school.
                                                       the future holds. Discussion of these dreams and
                                                       plans for the future should be ongoing in the            •   Discuss plans for the future with your
WHAT ARE TRANSITION SERVICES?                                                                                       son/daughter.
                                                       family setting and at school throughout the
                                                       student's school career.                                 •   Set goals for yourself and your
Transition services are a set of activities designed
                                                                                                                    son/daughter for post-graduation life.
to act as a compass to assist the student in moving    Beginning in the sixth grade, transition planning        •   Assist your son/daughter in identifying
successfully from school to post-secondary life.       will start addressing the student's secondary and            areas of strength and need, learning
These services are determined by individual            post-secondary goals. In high school, as                     preferences, and work habits.
student needs, interests, and preferences. Specific
activities may be focused on instruction,
                                                       graduation becomes a reality, transition becomes         •   Assist your son/daughter in gathering
                                                       more focused on post-secondary goals,                        information on career clusters and post-
employment, post-secondary                             instructional supports and services,
education, housing, transportation,                                                                                 secondary education options and
                                                       adult service providers and                                  appropriate adult services and supports.
recreation and leisure, reaching                       agencies needed to assist in
age of majority, and physical and                      making those goals                                   FOR MORE INFORMATION
mental health needs.                                   become a reality.
                                                                                                            Contact your child's special education case

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