SELF REFLECTIVE COVER LETTER

a. Through out the writing process I have had an inner struggle many times. I
   struggle the most when I revise a paper, in the revision process I am trying to
   make my writing the best that I can. Through out the process I struggle with what
   I want to add or delete from a piece. The background that I used in writing was a
   combination of what I had learned in previous English classes, and your class.
   The textbook is a very useful tool that I used every time I wrote. I would look up
   the genera that my piece was in and then follow the guidance given by the book.
   When we did peer review I didn’t seem to gain much out of it because everyone
   in my group would not criticize me enough. They gave my little hints of what I
   could improve on but I didn’t feel like peer review helped my writing much.
   When we had in class discussions I felt that they really helped me clarify to
   myself what I wanted to say in my papers, it was one of the most useful tools that
   I can think of.
b. Before this class I didn’t really care about weather my writing was “good writing”
   but through this class I found that the writing process is truly a process. You must
   struggle with many things before you say that you have a final piece of writing.
   Now I view good writing as a piece that has been struggled with so much that you
   can’t find anything else to change and so the paper is the best that it can be.
c. Like I said before I didn’t get much feedback so it didn’t really have to worry
   about struggling my way through that. Most of the peer review I got came from
   my family and friends; they were too kind to really help me change the piece too
d. I did hours of research, and I feel that it shows in my writing. The class
   discussions on research were hard to follow until you showed us in the lab how to
   do those things. I used goggle my whole high school career and now that you
   have showed me the other search engines I feel that I have been greatly helped.
   These are very good tools that I wish I had found about earlier. I tried to build up
   my creditability by sharing specific examples in each piece. The text on research I
   found to not be as good as your advice.
e. No, I feel that if anything my documents are too few.
f. At the beginning of this class I felt that everyone had a step ahead of me. I was
   fresh out of high school and my writing in high school was my worst subject.
   After using the text and advice that I have received from you and the class I feel
   that I am growing a little as a writer. A good example of this is all of my research;
   in my senior English class I wrote a research paper. Looking back on it none of
   the research was any good. I have learned how to use better tools and have thus
   improved as a writer. I feel that my research is rhetorical and that all of it helps
   strengthen my points and creditability.

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