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                  Do You Know?
Are your customers satisfied
         with your technical support services?

                How do your customer satisfaction ratings
                                     compare to others in your industry?

     Do you know which agents
                      are your              top performers?

The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index service was developed by the IT support industry for the
IT support industry to help you measure, benchmark, and trend your customer satisfaction.
            HDI Customer Satisfaction Index Service
                                                                 Easy set-up
                                                                 The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index works seamlessly with
                                                                 most existing incident ticketing systems and does not require
                                                                 any new software. In approximately 30 minutes, the HDI
                                                                 Customer Satisfaction Index service is ready for operation.
                                                                 Setting up the service involves two main parts: establishing
                                                                 an administration account via the HDI Customer Satisfaction
                                                                 Index website and setting a rule for your existing ticketing
This is NOT your ordinary survey tool. The HDI Customer
                                                                 software to send ‘closed incident’ notifications to the HDI
Satisfaction Index service was developed specifically for
                                                                 Customer Satisfaction Index service.
the IT service and support industry by a 47-person team
of IT practitioners and customer satisfaction professionals.
                                                                 Seamless operation
When a ticket is closed, this user-friendly, secure, web-        This service was developed to work transparently with your
based service automatically surveys your customer, but           support center software. When a case ticket is closed, an e-mail
that’s just the beginning.                                       is sent to the Customer Satisfaction Index service. Based on the
                                                                 parameters you set, the service will randomly select closed tickets
    n Theagent reporting feature creates historical statistics
                                                                 to be surveyed and e-mail those customers a survey request.
     by agent, including graphing, raw data, and links to
     customer comments.                                          Depending upon your preference, you can send individual
                                                                 or batch notifications to the service.
    n Benchmark   your performance against your established
     goals, other companies in your industry, or against the
     support industry as a whole.                                Test first
                                                                 You can set up the system to test internally prior to going live.
    n Response    rates average a whopping 30%.
                                                                 Once you feel confident everything is working as expected,
    n Configure  the service in about 30 minutes, with no        you can start sending survey requests to your customers.
      software to install.
    n Save time with turnkey reports.                            Download turnkey reports
	   n Receive an alert when someone responds unfavorably.        Reports are easy to read, ready to distribute, and e-mailed to
                                                                 you weekly or monthly, making it easy to stay on top of valuable
                                                                 trending information. Print the reports on-demand if you want
                                                                 real-time data for a meeting. You can segment the report by support
                                                                 center, agent, industry, and a number of other important criteria.
                                                                 Your scores are graphed against goals you set, averages in your
                                                                 industry, and averages of all participants.

                                                                 The standard survey questions were developed
                                                                 by a team of IT service and Support professionals
                                                                 and IT leaders and have elicited high customer
                                                                 response rates.
                                                                                                           Very                   Very
                                                                                                           Dissatisfied       Satisfied
                                                                 How satisfied are you with:

                                                                 The courtesy of the analyst?
                                                                                                           •      •       •   •   •
                                                                 The technical skills/knowledge
                                                                 of the analyst?                           •      •       •   •   •
                                                                 The timeliness of the service provided?
                                                                                                           •      •       •   •   •
                                                                 The quality of the service provided?
                                                                                                           •      •       •   •   •
                                                                 The overall service experience?
                                                                                                           •      •       •   •   •
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            HDI Customer Satisfaction Index Service

Alert function keeps you informed
The alert function allows you to set the type of
                                                                 HDI Customer Satisfaction
responses that trigger an alert. For example, if a               Benchmarking Study, September 2007
survey measures below “satisfied,” or the respondent
                                                                 144 companies
has added comments to the survey, an automatic
e-mail notification will be sent to you. The alert               201 centers
e-mail identifies the incident ID, date/time closed,
and provides a link to the submitted survey.
                                                                 257,682 surveys
                                                                 The largest customer satisfaction benchmarking study in IT
                                                                 history finds that 78% of all support center customers are very
Benchmarking made easy
                                                                 satisfied wih their overall experience.
The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index service,
designed by support practitioners, consists of five

                                                                                                                                                                              Somewhat Dissatisfied
standard questions to measure a support center’s
performance. In order to determine industry

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Somwhat Satisfied
performance averages and to benchmark organizations

                                                                                                                                                Very Dissatisfied

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Very Satisfied
against those industry averages, users are not able to
alter the five standardized questions. When viewing            Overall Survey

the current industry averages, you will not be able
to view specific results for other companies, just the         Results
industry average and your own statistics.
                                                               1. The Courtesy of the analyst?                                           1%                               1%                                         4%                         11%                       83%
Privacy is paramount                                           2. The technical support skills/knowledge
                                                                  of the analyst?
                                                                                                                                         2%                               1%                                         5%                         14%                       78%
HDI understands your concern for privacy. HDI
only uses the limited information it receives to provide       3. The timeliness of the service provided?                                3%                               2%                                         5%                         13%                       77%
the satisfaction scores and benchmarking data you
                                                               4. The quality of the service provided?                                   2%                               2%                                         4%                         12%                       79%
desire. We never store e-mail addresses or any other
information we receive. Any temporary data needed              5. The overall service experience?                                        2%                               2%                                         5%                         13%                       78%
is encrypted in a secure server environment.
HDI doesn’t want to inundate your customers with
                                                                                                                        Somewhat Dissatisfied

surveys. We offer a number of controls so that you

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Somwhat Satisfied
can determine exactly how many surveys reach your
                                                                                                    Very Dissatisfied

customers. Survey limiting allows you to define the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Very Satisfied
maximum amount of surveys sent to each customer                Satisfaction with...
through any period of time. Opt-out functionality              The overall service experience

allows you to remove who you want from any future              by Industry
surveys. Another option allows your customers to                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mean
opt themselves out.
                                                                Computer Software                   3%                  3%                                          7%                                16%                              71%                               4.49

                                                                Education                           2%                  1%                                          3%                                  9%                            85%                                4.75

                                                                Entertainment                       2%                  1%                                          3%                                10% 84%                                                            4.74

                                                                Financial Services-Banking          2%                  1%                                          4%                                15%                              78%                               4.65

                                                                Financial Services-Insurance        2%                  2%                                          6%                                16%                              74%                               4.56

                                                                Government                          2%                  2%                                          5%                                15%                              76%                               4.60

                                                                Health Care                         3%                  2%                                          5%                                13%                              78%                               4.61

                                                                Manufacturing (non-computer)        2%                  2%                                          5%                                15%                              76%                               4.61

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   HDI Customer Satisfaction Index Service

How to PurcHase
The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index service starts at just $1,995 USD annually for HDI members, gold level and above.

Not an HDI member?
Non-member pricing begins at $2,995 USD. Purchase a combination of an HDI platinum plus membership
along with the Customer Satisfaction Index service for just $3,490 USD and receive the following:
  n $1,000   USD discount on the HDI Customer Satisfaction Index service
  n Two   free online training courses (a $745.00 value). Receive one ITIL® Lite course and one HDI certification course.
  n Discounts     on HDI services, training programs and certification, and the HDI Annual Conference & Expo
  n HDI   members-only online resources such as discussion rooms, Ask-the-Expert, and our interactive file library
  n Eligibility   to attend HDI local chapter meetings
  n Subscriptions    to SupportWorld magazine, quarterly Focus Books, and HDI’s annual Practices and Salary Survey.

              “I cannot begin to put a value on the quality of services
           and tremendous time savings this survey tool has allotted me.
            The alert function alone is worth the price because it allows
               me to address customer issues as they arise and make
                    necessary service improvements on the fly.”
                           Jeffery M. Brooks, Director of Global Services, FormScape, Inc.

             About HDI®
             HDI is the world’s largest IT service and support membership association and the
             industry’s premier certification and training body. Guided by an international panel
             of industry experts and practitioners, HDI is the leading resource for help desk/support
             center emerging trends and best practices.

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