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					              SolidWorks Lesson Template for Teachers to Contribute

Cover Sheet for Exemplary Lessons/Units Project

Faculty Member Name: Rick Daugherty________________________________
Date: Aug 24, 2006
School District:
Philip Barbour High School Complex
Teacher’s School email address: or
Title of Lesson/Unit:
Designing a 2-liter Pop Bottle piece to be used for a Water Rockets

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM Concepts Addressed: As part
of a school water rocket program, the students will be challenged to design a pop bottle
piece that will be useful in the construction of a water rocket. In order to complete their
task, basic measurement will be used as well as the technical method in the
development of their design. The student will also have to become familiar with basic
engineering principles in the process.

Length of instruction period: 2 hours
How many periods needed to implement lesson unit: 2 - 90 min classes

Grade Level(s) for use:
9 -12th grade
    1. Using the Technology method to state the problem.
    2. After an introduction to the SolidWorks program, become familiar with the
        vocabulary that includes line sketching, planes extrude and cut.
    3. Measure a 2 liter pop bottle, and 10 different parts of bottles to help design a
        one-stage water rocket.
    4. Use the SolidWorks program to “draw” a basic version of the pop bottle and the
        parts they need to design the water rocket.

SolidWorks software
Pop bottle 2-liter
Various parts of a pop bottle
Computer lab
Various scrap or recycled material for rocket parts (CD’s, file folders, tennis balls, pop
cans, paper towels roles, etc.)

. The students will be first introduced to the history of water rockets using web sites
attached. Then using the Technology method they will state the problem (we need to
design a water rocket using only recycled material, design and draw a rocket using
SolidWorks to travel the furthest distance straight up.) The students working in groups
of two will sketch all measurements on white paper. After the measurements and
sketches are checked, the students will then be shown the online tour of the SolidWorks
program and then we will begin to learn the basic concepts of the program together.
After the students appear to be comfortable with the vocabulary (such as line sketching,
plane, extrude and cut), as well as how to achieve this in the program, they will begin to
develop the drawing of the 2- liter pop bottle and the parts they will need to design their
rocket, ie. Tennis ball, top of a bottle, file-folder cone, CD, etc., as individual drawings.
Then join the parts together to show the final design for the water rocket and the exact
placement of each part.

The students will be graded on the finished drawing, and how close the project matches
the drawings. This will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks using SolidWorks and 2 weeks
building the project and modifying drawings. But the time spent will be well worth it. It will
allow them to move on to more complex projects, like the CO2 car. If it seems like they
are having problems using software, then assign each group a part for the rockets and
have them share the common parts to make up time

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