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									                   WHAT IS KRIYA YOGA
Kriya Yoga is an ancient method of living and meditation
that cultivates body, mind, intellect, and awareness of the
soul using powerful meditative and yogic disciplines. It helps
us to experience the three divine qualities of light, vibration,       Kriya Yoga Europe              THE ANCIENT SCIENCE
and sound by using techniques of concentration, posture,
and breathing. This develops a one-pointed mind, which
                                                                       Kriya Yoga Centre Vienna
                                                                                                         OF KRIYA YOGA
enables us to penetrate the deepest levels of consciousness
and to change our lives. Kriya Yoga teaches that any action,            Mother Centre Europe
kri, is done by ya, the indwelling soul. It is a universal spiritual
discipline that crosses all divisions and boundaries.                                                    Spring Retreat
                                                                                                    Kriya Yoga Centre Vienna
                                                                                                          (Tattendorf near Baden)

                                                                          Pottendorferstrasse 69        April 16-21, 2010
                                                                              2523 Tattendorf
           PARAMAHAMSA HARIHARANANDA                                     tel. +43 2253 81491 fax.
              (1907-2002) - (photo on the right)                              +43 2253 80462
filled with purity and love, came from a long, unbroken line
of masters, ultimately attaining nirvikalpa samadhi (the state
without pulse or breath), the highest goal of a realized yogi.
A disciple of Swami Shriyukteshwarji and Paramahamsa                 
Yoganandaji, he spread Kriya Yoga to the East and West.

          PARAMAHAMSA PRAJÑANANANDA                                      Kriya Yoga Centrum
                       (photo on the left)
his successor, continues his mission teaching one lesson:
the lesson of love. Through every action and breath, he
urges us to realize that we all are divine and to achieve
that blissful state of divine love and contentment through
basic self-discipline and the practice of Kriya Yoga.
                   LINEAGE OF MASTERS                                          Heezerweg 7
                                                                           NL-6029-PP, Sterksel
                                                                                                    Paramahamsa Prajnanananda
                                                                           The Netherlands tel.       Rajarshi Peter van Breukelen
                                                                           +31 40-2265576 fax.         Swami Mangalananda Giri
                                                                             + 31 40-2265612
                                                                      and other Yogacharyas
             Schedule                                              Initiation                                          Teachers
    Friday, April 16, 2010                          People who wish to learn Kriya Yoga must first          Paramahamsa Prajnanananda
            6 - 8 pm                                receive initiation from an authorized teacher
                                                                                                        is the current head of the Kriya Yoga Institutions,
                                                    of Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.
   Introductory Lecture                                                                                 disciple and successor of Paramahamsa Harihar-
            and                                                                                         ananda. A truly powerful teacher, author and
                                                    During the initiation ceremony the body, spine,     speaker on world religions. He combines a divine
     Meditation for all                             and senses are purified. Then there is infusion     compassion with his mastery of complex
                                                    of the triple divine qualities of light, sound,     philosophical thoughts. On his 39th birthday the
   Saturday, April 17, 2010                         and vibration.                                      title of Paramahamsa, the highest title reserved
          9 am - noon                                                                                   for monks, who attain the summit of realization,
           Initiation                               Please bring the following offerings to the         was conferred upon him by his loving and divine
                                                    initiation:                                         Master.
          4 – 5.30 pm
                                                    - Five fruits
    Explanation of technique,                         (represent fruits gained from activities
                                                                                                                Peter van Breukelen,
           Meditation                                 throughout life)                                        Swami Mangalananda Giri
          6 – 8.30 pm                               - Five flowers                                              and the Yogacharyas
Discourse and Guided Meditation                       (represent the five senses)                       are all long term disciples of Paramahamsa
                                                    - Donation of € 150                                 Hariharananda, who authorized them to give
      Sunday, April 18 –                              (represents the physical body)                    initiations into the authentic Kriya Yoga.
  Wednesday April 21, 2010
        6 am – 8.30 pm
                                                    After the initiation ceremony, the first level of
                                                    the Kriya Yoga techniques will be taught. New
                                                                                                            Info & Registration
 All-Day Program: Question &                        initiates must attend at least three meditation
 Answers, Meditations, Videos,                                                                                 Kriya Yoga Centre Vienna
                                                    classes during this program, which will help
    Lectures (daily 6.00pm)                         them learn and integrate the techniques.               Tel. +43-2253-81491
                                                                                                           Fax +43-2253-80462
                                                    Please bring a blanket or cushion and socks.
                                                    Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended
          Location                                  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the           Overnight Accommodation
 Kriya Yoga Centre Vienna                           initiation and 15 minutes before the meditation        By request we will send you a list
    Pottendorferstr. 69                             classes start.
                                                                                                           of accommodations.
     2523 Tattendorf
                                                    Mobile phones must be switched off during              Fees for the programme
                                                    the initiation and classes.
                         ***                                                                             * Seminar fee                 € 30 per day
Meditations and technique classes may be attended
 only by initiates in the lineage of Paramahamsa
                                                                                                         * Seminar fee including meals € 42 per day
Hariharananda and Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

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