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					Final Exam Backup Copy

Revise these sentences (20 points)

   1. It has been determined that this candidate is the best for the job so a position has been offered.
   2. I left my last job because my boss was a total jerk.
   3. After following one expert’s advice regarding writing resumes, a salary increase of $9,000 was
   4. There are numerous problems a new graduate faces when writing resumes, such as: a job
       history of jobs not related to the job they are seeking, have never had any jobs or have an
       erratic job history, and you do not describe skills in a way that sounds like the skills the
       company is looking for.
   5. The help-wanted ad being responded to should be used to gather hints from the job you are
       seeking. And from people in the same company or field.
   6. Your resume, because the person looking at a stack of resumes to decide who should be
       brought in for an interview wants to find the truly exceptional candidates not just the merely
       good ones, must mark you and not just talk about your history.
   7. Because you did not make a submission of all the required information, your application for the
       computer programming cannot be processed.
   8. The part of a resume that gets the most attention in that initial 30-60 second scan is the key
       word or achievements and abilities, and what are your most sterling qualities?
   9. Especially skilled at building effective, productive working relationships with clients, and staff,
       this job is perfect for me.
   10. Although I do not have much experience working in this field, I hope you will please give me a
       chance to show you what I can do.

   Write Two Letters

   For the past three weeks, you have been interviewing candidates for an entry-level job at the
   company you work for (invent all necessary details). After narrowing the candidates down to two,
   Mary Gonzales and David Lembeck, and after conducting second interviews, here’s what you have
                    Both have recently completed their BA degrees (you determine the field).
                    David’s GPA is higher than Mary’s, but Mary worked 30 hours a week while
                       going to school full time while David – a student athlete – only worked during the
                    Neither has much related work experience, but they have solid
                       recommendations from previous employers and from professors in their major.
                    David has strong _________ skills than Mary (Add something that this is
                       valuable to your company and might make him a good hire for another position,
                       just not this one).
                    Mary is fluent in Spanish (your company has branches in California, Texas,
                       Florida, and Mexico).

       1. Write a letter to Mary offering her the job. Describe it in detail – including who she will be
          working for, what her day-to-day schedule will be, what her salary and other perks will be,
          when she will start work, how and when she needs to respond, etc.
       2. Write a letter to David telling him that the position has been filled. Be positive about him.
          What alternatives can you offer David?