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									Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
August 10, 2004

CONVENING          Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. at the Laguna Treatment Plant with
                   Miles Ferris as Chairman.

                   Present:  Miles Ferris, City of Santa Rosa
                             Darrin Jenkins, City of Rohnert Park
                             Sue Kelly, City of Sebastopol
                             Dennis Dorch, City of Cotati

                   Absent:      Randy Poole, South Park Sanitation District

                   Present:     Dave Smith, Consultant for City of Santa Rosa
                                Dave Pinsky, Utilities, City of Santa Rosa
                                Dan Carlson, Utilities, City of Santa Rosa
                                Bruce McConnell, Administrative Services, City of Santa Rosa

                   Present:     None



Dan Carlson, City of Santa Rosa, informed the TAC members that the Subregional Plant is
currently performing routine summer preventative maintenance and various facilities are off-line at
the Plant.

The Subregional Plant is also experiencing a recycled water shortage due to the combination of
the Geyser’s being on-line, a dry spring, and record heat in March, which caused irrigation sooner
than usual. In addition, conservation efforts by various cities may have contributed to the reduced
flow in the Plant. This year’s dry weather average flow is currently under 17 mgd instead of the
projected 18 mgd. Farmers have been advised of the shortage and the current priorities for
distribution of recycled water are as follows:
                1. Paying customers (i.e. golf courses, parks, and schools).
                2. Geyser’s Pipeline (However, a temporary reduction in flow was arranged with
                3. Farm crops, pastures, hay and silage. (The City fields have been off-line since
                June 15th.)

A temporary emergency transfer of water has been arranged to supplement the north end of our

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
August 10, 2004
system from Sonoma County Water Agency’s Wikiup Tertiary Plant. The Wikiup Tertiary Plant
has storage that we can potentially use in the future. Subregional storage will also be maximized
in the winter with an option of discharging more to the Geysers, if necessary.

Darrin Jenkins, City of Rohnert Park, advised that the Fox Tail Golf Course has been cutting back
to the point that their greens are starting to turn brown. It was discussed that Fox Tail Golf Course
is a long-term, sustainable and paying customer, and, while they are encouraged to conserve,
they should not jeopardize their business.


Dan Carlson informed the partners that the Subregional Permit to Operate (NPDES) is due to
expire in April, 2005. The California Regional Board requires that a reported waste discharge
document be submitted 6 months prior to the permit expiration and therefore is due by September
30, 2004.

Dave Smith, Consultant for City of Santa Rosa, provided a letter from the Regional Board that
outlines a summary of expected topics to be addressed. These include the following:
               1. Effluent data from the past six years. Data will then be evaluated and limits
                  set for the next 5 years. If the limits cannot be attained, the process and
                  discharge to the river will then be reviewed further.
               2. Adequacy of the Receiving Water Monitoring Program, including monitoring
               3. Reports not previously submitted
               4. Satellite Municipal Collection Systems
               5. Maintaining and monitoring collection systems to prevent overflows
               6. Biosolids documentation, indicating compliance within the 503 regulations
               7. Title 22 Report that will formally describe each of the agricultural sites. The
                  City of Santa Rosa will be requesting that the irrigation portion be removed
                  from the Federal Discharge Permit, therefore, requesting two separate
                  permits, one for irrigation and the other for discharge.
               8. Education / Awareness in the community explaining Medical Waste
                  Management Awareness
               9. Planned System changes
               10. Documenting where the NCRWQCB jurisdiction stops and documenting that
                  the City of Santa Rosa ponds are not jurisdictional waters of the State or the
                  United States

Dan Carlson indicated that on July 15, 2004, the Subregional Reclamation System was served
with a 60-day Notice of Intent to File a lawsuit by Jack Silver and Riverwatch. Among the
accusations are the following:
               1. Leaking collection system and subsequent polluting of groundwater.
               2. Leaking irrigation system due to over spray or direct channels.
               3. Leaking ponds that violate our Discharge Permits.
               4. Phosperous causing problems in the Laguna.
               5. Discharge violations recorded monthly for temperature and dissolved oxygen.

Dave Pinsky, City of Santa Rosa, gave an update on the Geysers Project and recent fiber cable

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
August 10, 2004
problems. There are over 41 miles of pipeline and this summer more than 600 uneventful mark
outs have been conducted for construction purposes. Mark outs are done by running an electric
sensor up the fiber conduit and reading and marking from above. Recent construction at a
Windsor development on Starr Road cut into the fiber optic cable two separate times. The first
time, the line was not properly marked and the second incident was caused by 2 backhoes with
48” buckets working within 2 feet of the line. A letter was sent to the contractor indicating they
would be responsible for all expenses incurred. The cost for repairing the splice was
approximately $2,000; however, that does not include the man hours for overseeing the project for
2 days after the repair.

ITEM #5                PROJECTS UPDATE

Dan Carlson advised the new lab is nearing completion and occupancy is expected by
Thanksgiving of 2004. There will be internal work after the occupancy, such as equipment
installation and locker room remodeling.

The Biosolids Storage Facility at Alpha Farm, which will allow the storage of biosolids during the
winter, is expected to start construction this fall. This will save or eliminate approximately
$200,000 landfill fees yearly to dispose of the biosolids in the winter. The goal is minimize landfill

Other projects include upgrade of the Biosolids Dewatering Building and improving the digester
mixing units.


Dave Smith, Consultant for the City of Santa Rosa, updated TAC on the Master Plan Program that
was selected in March 2004 by the BPU and City Council, which is available for review at

Cost to move a direct discharge to the river is projected to be $30 million. Indirect discharge
options include perc ponds near the river and are projected to be 3 times the cost of the direct
discharge. However, if no discharge was allowed, significant additional storage and reuse would
be necessary at a cost of up to $360 million.

Projects for direct and indirect discharge will be worked on in parallel due to legal and regulatory
uncertainty. In addition, the competitive selection process for a consultant should be completed

The reuse project priority (Table 6) was developed using the following criteria: effectiveness,
potable water benefits, diversity, ease of implementation and ease of operation.

Darrin Jenkins noted that more work needs to be done to quantify potable benefits versus
expenses avoided by the System.

Dan Carlson briefly discussed the split of costs between wet weather/capacity preservation
projects and dry weather/capacity expansion projects.

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
August 10, 2004
Other Business:

Miles Ferris, City of Santa Rosa, notified TAC that Bill AB2633 is in legislature and would
designate grease as a hazardous waste. This would require grease haulers to maintain manifests
and to haul to a facility.

ADJOURNMENT There being no further business to come before the Technical Advisory
            Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m. until the next regular
            meeting, scheduled to be held at 10:00 a.m. on October 13, 2004 at the
            Laguna Subregional Treatment Plant.


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