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									                  “Luxury Made Affordable”
Gary Hare
Co-Founder, CEO
203-615-1334 (Cell)

Every industry has “distressed inventory” problems


     Private Planes


     Retail Goods

     Limo Services                               ???

             Confidential and Proprietary 2010   2

85% of limo trips have “deadheads”, e.g. empty legs
(no passengers on one leg of the trip)...

    Revenue based on a “one-way trip”
    Costs based on a “roundtrip”
    Result? High prices (excludes many consumers)
    Billions of $$’s of lost annual revenue

                                                          *Source: IBISWORLD Industry Report, 48532, 3/30/06

           Confidential and Proprietary 2010                                      3
    Solution helps Limo Co’s sell “empty legs”
online to consumers at a discount…

    Free to Consumers and Limo Co’s
    20% commission on “empty legs” filled
    Airport trip “empty legs” only
    Free lead generation (proms, weddings, etc.)

           Confidential and Proprietary 2010   4
     Value Proposition

Exiting the recession, limo co’s need sales; travelers
are looking for savings and convenience…

     Consumers -> Discount Limo Services
     Businesses -> Lower Transportation Costs
     Limo Companies -> Increased Sales, New Clients
     Environment -> Fewer Cars on the Road

            Confidential and Proprietary 2010   5
     Target Market

Target Consumers (500,000,000 airline passengers in 2009)…
     Business Travelers
     Vacationing Families

Target Limo Co’s (95% of all Limo Co’s)…
     Small to Medium Companies
     Owner / Operators

             Confidential and Proprietary 2010   6

Would have to relinquish revenue streams and/or
lower prices to directly compete…

    Online Booking Agents (e.g.
    Price Comparison Sites (e.g.
    Lead Generation Sites (e.g.
    Van Services (e.g. CT Limo, Go Limo)

          Confidential and Proprietary 2010   7
    Founding Team

Successful entrepreneurs founded 10 companies in
last 20 years (5 sold, 5 still operating)…

    Founding Team (invested $350K, “sweat equity”)
    Software, Logistics, Transportation Backgrounds
    CEO’s last company (B2B e-commerce software)…
      $0 - $12M in bookings in 5 yrs
      2007 Gartner “Cool Company” Award

             Confidential and Proprietary 2010   8

Operating in NY/CT/NJ since 2008, break-even
expected early 2012; exit in 2014 ($6M EBITDA)…

          Confidential and Proprietary 2010   9

Online travel market (airlines, hotels) is saturated!
Next logical market? Ground transportation! Typical
approach? Acquisitition!

                Potential Acquirers

          Confidential and Proprietary 2010   10

Proven Business Model                                          Distressed Inventory
Underserved Market                                             Limo Services
Operating Business                                             Revenue Today
2nd Generation Technology                                      June 2010
Proven Team                                                    Past Success
Timing Right                                                   Economy Recovering
Aquisitive Market                                              Online Travel

           Confidential and Proprietary 2010             11
                  “Luxury Made Affordable”
Gary Hare
Co-Founder, CEO
203-615-1334 (Cell)

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