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    Mobipocket Activity sectors

mobile software

eBooks distribution

eBooks retail
                  Mobipocket Reader
                    and IDPF2.0
One reader, one reflowable
format, for all reading devices

  Windows mobile
  Symbian smartphones
  Dedicated e-ink devices
  Palm OS
and more…
      Mobipocket Reader on
Mobipocket mobile device usage for eReading – Q4 2007

                 E-ink OEM (excl. Kindle)


                                            43 % Windows Mobile
                                            23 % Palm OS
                            Windows         14 % Symbian
        Symbian              Mobile         14 % Blackberry
                                             4 % e-ink OEM

          Mobipocket Reader
          Desktop 6.2
                      Vista edition – IDPF 2.0 enabled

support for IDPF
2.0 in .epub

Support for the
structured table
of contents

Can send .epub
file to any reading
           Mobipocket Reader 6 OTA
                           Over The Air
OTA eBook store

OTA downloads

Rich client app. based
on web services

Optimized user

Released for

Available in
June 2008 for all
wireless devices
               Mobipocket retail technology
                           (.epub, .mobi)

                           mobi                 mobi

1. Integrated eBookstore               mobi            2. Over The Air store

    All 3 retail                                         Maximize
  technologies                                           customer
   open to 3rd                                          convenience
                                  3. Web store
                   eBookBase Import
                                         .epub format for catalog ingestion

Before: Separate files in random order      Now: Streamlined process
error-prone manual process                  error-free ingestion
lost books                                  increased selection
           Mobipocket eBookBase
                  the leading content distribution service
3000 publishers:                20 retailers:
• Random House
• Mc Graw Hill
                           70000 • Mobipocket (FR,DE,EN,ES)
• Harper Collins
                        copyrighted • Fictionwise
• Hachette Book Group
                            titles    • eBook Mall
• MacMillan                           • Cyberread
• Penguin
                           secure • Books on Board
• Simon & Shuster
                         distribution • Diesel ebooks
• Oxford University Pr.               • The Book Gap
• Elsevier Science                    • Selexyz
• Taylor & Francis                    • Amazon Kindle store
...                                   ...
     eBookBase History
Today: 70 000 copyrighted titles, 10 000 free eBooks

          eBookbase      Amazon eBookBase
             Launch      acquires Import launch
          (Jan 2003)         Mobi (March 2007)
                       (May 2005)
                       eBookBase Import
             .epub enables better tools for handling the volume

Now with
IDPF 2.0
           • Web-based tool for bulk uploads of e-books into eBookBase
           • Standardized input

           • Visual error reporting

           • Books live and searchable on Mobipocket immediately, sync’ed to
             Kindle store

           • Accepts book deliveries and metadata updates
eBookBase Import
       View of the Import Cabinet
                Mobipocket Creator

                           The professional visual
                           environment for IDPF

Now with IDPF2.0 support
Mobigen 6.2 (CLI)
IDPF2.0 compliant too
          Mobipocket technology
      Mobipocket leverages the IDPF2.0 standard to offer:
      • A common format for all reading devices
      • A common format for all retailers
      • A common format for all ebookstore technologies

Mobipocket technology (recent releases):
• Mobipocket Creator and mobigen 6.2 now support IDPF2.0 (epub)
• Mobipocket Reader 6.0 for Blackberry (OTA)
• Mobipocket Reader Desktop 6.2
Customer feedback
   “I had scoffed at the idea of a novel translating to digital format.”

   “I quickly settled on Mobipocket
   Reader […] on my BlackBerry.”

   “Count me as an e-book convert”

        “my assumption had
        been that a useable
        electronic book would
        need to resemble a
        Gutenberg book ”

        “Reading on digital
        devices -- real, sustained,
        novel-style reading”
         “the logic of reading a book on a BlackBerry, is pretty
        straightforward: You have the thing with you, so you
        might as well make the most of it.”

        “the ergonomics almost beat that of books”
                       To download mobipocket reader, point your mobile browser to:


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