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					                                              Multi-genre Project Schedule
Last week: Found poem
Mon Nov 9                Tues Nov 10                Wed Nov 11        Thurs Nov 12                    Fri Nov 13
Punctuation –fix on      Memo or                    Choose your       1. Peer review day-have         Reading day
humor piece & make       Snapshot of moment         genre from list   revisions of two pieces to      TURN IN TWO
sure know for project!   from another perspective   we created-and    share                           PIECES
Recipe                                              samples in        2. Bring in and summarize a     FINISHED for
                                                    class             current event from your         feedback
                                                    *Be good-Ms.      country
                                                    R not here        3. Turn in your revised
                                                                      humor piece with corrected
                                                                      punctuation and justification
                                                                      (label rules 1-4)

Nov 16                   Nov 17                     Nov 18            Nov 19                          Nov 20
Use models to write      Think about packaging      Pick another      1. Peer review day- have        Reading day
poems                    and what styles of         genre-start       revisions of two new pieces     *Be good-Ms. R not
                         writing would go best      working           to share                        here
                         -Write another piece                         Decide on your research topic
                         In class essay theme                         2. Bring in and summarize a
                         paper preparations                           current event from your
Nov 23                   Nov 24                     Thanksgiving      Thanksgiving Break-finish all   Thanksgiving
TURN IN TWO              In class essay theme       Break-finish      creative pieces of project      Break-finish all
PIECES FINISHED          paper-what is the point    all creative                                      creative pieces of
for feedback             of your text & how is it   pieces of                                         project
Writing letter &         made (use post its from    project
endnotes                 throughout)
Nov 30                   Dec 1                      Dec 2             Dec 3                           Dec 4
Research in upstairs     Research in LMC            Research in       Bring in and summarize a        Outline of paper
lab                      (books!)                   LMC (books!)      current event from your         due
Bring in project for                                                  country
Dec 7                    Dec 8                      Dec 9             Dec 10                          Dec 11
Read good model &        Read good model &          Read good         Rough draft of paper due!       Read good model &
write                    write                      model & write                                     write

Dec 14                   Dec 15                     Dec 16            Dec 17                          Dec 18
                         Second rough draft         Read good         Read good model & write         Project DUE-
                         due!                       model & write                                     reading day.

When your unit is finished you will know how to:
  • Revise a piece of writing thoroughly
  • Understand what makes a strong piece of writing in any genre
  • Write effectively in a variety of genres
  • Communicate ideas about the craft of writing and themes of writing in your novel.
  • Understand how to craft a sophisticated research paper with voice
  • Recognize how dependent we are on writing in the 21st century
  • Revise for punctuation & understand how to use commas and semicolons
  • Recognize current issues in your novel’s country (& perhaps decide to help)
  • Be able to write a paper analyzing the theme of novel and the way in which it is portrayed
  • Learn to research effectively using a variety of sources and write an awesome research paper!
Rubric for Multigenre project (excluding research paper)
   Each piece makes a new and interesting point
   Pieces span the entire text (not just concentrated on one section)
   Shows great evidence of revision so final pieces are clear and strong
   Use of muscle verbs, vocabulary as appropriate and interesting writing style
   Use of figurative language throughout your pieces!!
   Highlights key aspects of characters, conflicts, and themes
   Packaging brings a cohesive feeling to your work as a whole
   End notes have clarity and explain in detail aspects of work we would not otherwise understand
   Letter shares with us your journey as a reader and writer through this project.

Strong poetry:
A. Using precise vocabulary to capture the ideas presented
B. Looking at a subject in an interesting/unique way
C. Creating tension through double meanings of words or images
D. Surprising the reader with end idea and/or cogently expressing the overall meaning
E. Has a rhythm when read aloud-beats on words **does not mean must rhyme**

Rubric for in-class essay
    Follows in class essay format (hook, thesis, at least three body paragraphs, two quotes per paragraph)
    Answer the question effectively concerning theme and ways shown in thesis and throughout paper
    All claims, evidence and warrants relate back to thesis
    Ideas are interesting and well argued
    Use of vocabulary and voice in paper
    Grammar and punctuation correct

Thursday Nov 12
Humor piece revisions with labeled punctuation rules due (20)
Summary and current news article about your country due (10)
Two pieces ready for peer review (5)
Friday Nov 13
Two pieces due for Ms. Ressler feedback (15)
Nov 19
Summary and current news article about your country due (10)
Two pieces ready for peer review (5)
Nov 23
Two pieces due for Ms. Ressler feedback (15)
Nov 24
In class essay (50 pts)
Nov 30
Project for review (10)
Dec 3
Summary and current news article about your country due (10)
Dec 4
Outline of your research paper due (10)
Dec 10
Rough draft of paper due (10)
Dec 15
Second rough draft due (10)
                                                     No Late Work!!
Dec 18 or Jan 4 Full Project due
Creative Project (100)
Research paper (100)