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Now including over 22,000 eBook titles in the Humanities, Social Sciences,
Behavioural Sciences, STM and Law from some of the world’s leading imprints.

    Taylor & Francis

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Taylor & Francis eBooks allow you to maximise your resources
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There are just 3 easy steps to choosing the perfect
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1.	Choose	your	purchase	option	–	annual	subscription	or	outright	purchase
2. Pick your package
3. Get in touch! Tell us what you want and we will work to make it happen!

Need a little more help?
In order to help you choose which eBooks or eBook package is right for you, we are offering
FREE	30	day	trials	of	our	complete	range	of	over	22,000	eBooks.

   Key Features
   •	Simultaneous	publication	with	the	print	version
   •	MARC	records	provided	FREE	of	charge	for	easy	integration	into	your	
     library’s catalogue
   •	Quick	search	across	all	book	details	and	descriptions,	advanced	search	across	full	content	
   •	COUNTER	compliant	usage	statistics
   •	Bookmarks:	for	instant	access	to	any	section	of	your	book
   •	Athens	Authentication	compliant
   •	Authentication	by	referring	URL	also	available
   •	Text	highlighting	and	annotations:	highlight	text,	annotate	your	observations,
     comment on sections of interest and edit, delete or print them (only available for
     Athens customers).
Step 1 – Purchase Options
Complete Flexibility – Choose from Annual Subscription or
Outright Purchase with perpetual ownership:

    Annual Subscription
    Pick and Mix on a title-by-title basis or choose from a range of subject packages. All
    subscriptions can be ordered with anytime start and the ability to change or swap titles
    on renewal (50-title minimum applies).

    Outright Purchase
    Perpetual Ownership. A minimum 50-title initial purchase is required after which
    further individual titles can be purchased and added to your collection whenever you
    wish. No maintenance charges apply if your account is kept active.*
    Pricing based on the retail list price of each title’s hardcover edition.

Over 22,000 eBooks from which to
custom-make your selection
(50-title minimum applies)
*No maintenance charges will apply so long as a minimum of one new
title is purchased each year. For full details contact your local sales team.
Step 2 – Pick your Package
30	eCollections	are	available	providing	a	comprehensive	range	of	titles	in	each	subject	area,	
enhancing the user-experience of any library.
For	a	complete	list	of	titles	within	each	eCollection,	please	visit and click on the hyperlinks. You can export the eBooklists
into Excel to compare with your current library catalogue or to circulate to your library and
faculty colleagues for assessment.

 Agriculture and Environmental Sciences         Food Science and Technology
 623 titles                                     89 titles
 Allied Health                                  Geography
 511 titles                                     678 titles
 Anthropology                                   History
 375 titles                                     2711 titles
 Archaeology                                    Language and Literature
 231 titles                                     897 titles
 Arts                                           Law
 245 titles                                     406 titles
 Behavioural Sciences                           Mathematics
 165 titles                                     70 titles
 Bioscience                                     Media and Film Studies
 786 titles                                     354 titles
 Built Environment                              Museum and Heritage Studies
 979 titles                                     78 titles
 Classical Studies                              Philosophy
 266 titles                                     1493 titles
 Computing and Information Technology           Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences
 203 titles                                     201 titles
 Cultural Studies                               Politics, International Relations, Military and
 922 titles                                     Strategic Studies
                                                2697 titles
 Development Studies and Social Work            Reference and Information Sciences
 420 titles                                     194 titles
 Economics, Finance, Business and Industry      Religion
 2045 titles                                    506 titles
 Education                                      Sociology
 1563 titles                                    1405 titles
 Engineering                                    Sport, Tourism, Travel and Leisure
 590 titles                                     134 titles
eFocus – Four New Packages Available Now!
We are proud to introduce four new, cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary collections across a
diverse range of subjects:
•	 Development Studies                               •		China
•		Globalization                                     •	 ECPR	–	Studies	in	European	Political	Science.
Each collection has been specially selected from our complete range of over 22,000 eBooks
and includes contributions from renowned authors. Visit for
more information and a complete list of titles in each package.

eBest-seller Packages
The eBest-seller Packages offer our best selling titles in eBook format. We have 12 packages
covering a range of subjects, each containing 100 of your favourite titles from Taylor & Francis,
Routledge	and	Psychology	Press.

  Our eBest-seller Packages cover the following subject areas:
   •	Business & Economics          •	Asian Studies                 •	History
   • Psychology                    •	Media                         •	Philosophy
   •	Linguistics                   •	Geography                     •	Politics
   •	Architecture                  •	Religion                      •	Classics

   Archive and Subscription Packages
   When you subscribe to either of our unique archive and subscription packages, you will
   not only gain access to two of our most prestigious frontlist programmes digitally, you will
   also have free access to thousands of backlist titles.
   What is more, you will retain access to the frontlist titles you receive during the life of your
   subscription in perpuity!

   Our archive and subscription packages are available in the
   following subjects:
   • Economics, Business and Management – includes 1,911 backlist titles, plus
     approximately 120 new books per year
   • Political Science – includes 2,375 backlist titles, plus approximately 160 new
     books per year.
   You also have the option to purchase or subscribe to any of the sub-disciplinary
   collections within these packages. For more information contact your local sales team
   (details on back page).
Pick & Mix
You Decide and We Provide
If you don’t see a package that suits your institution’s needs, you can tailor-make your own
collection from across our full range of over 22,000 eBooks.
Simply submit your order of a minimum selection of 50 titles.
In order to make your selection, please ask for your 30-day free trial to the complete portfolio
or browse your areas of interest at:

Promoting your package
We would love to help you promote Taylor & Francis eBooks in your library with personalised
posters and free gifts. Just let us know how we can help you!

   Step 3 – Get in Touch!
   For more information on Taylor & Francis eBooks, purchasing options and content for
   your library please contact your local Taylor & Francis Online Sales team.

   UK/Rest of World                               US/Canada/Latin America
   Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 6062                       Tel: 800-797-3803 Ext. 7119
   Or +44 (0)20 7017 6058                         Email:
   East/Southeast Asia                            Tel: 91 11 431 55100
   Tel: 65 – 6741 5166 ext. 113                   Email:
   Email:                    or

   Our eBooks are also available from the following endorsed resellers:

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