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WinRunner syllabus

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I) Introduction
  o   The WinRunner Test Process
  o   Starting WinRunner
  o   Loading WinRunner Add-Ins
  o   The Main WinRunner Window

The GUI Map
  o   Understanding Basic GUI Map Concepts
  o   Viewing GUI Object Properties
  o   The GUI Map Editor
  o   Merging GUI Map Files
  o   Configuring the GUI Map
  o   Learning Virtual Objects

III) Creating Tests
  o   Creating Tests Using Context Sensitive Recording
  o   Creating Tests Using Analog Recording
  o   Guidelines for Recording a Test

IV) Enhancing Tests
  o   Adding Checkpoints
  o   Data-Driven Testing
  o   Adding Synchronization Points
  o   Measuring Transactions
  o   Activating Test Creation Commands Using Softkeys
  o   Inserting Flow Control Statements

V) Checkpoints

  o   Checking GUI Objects
  o   Checking Web Objects
  o   Checking Bitmaps
  o   Checking Databases

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VI) Data-Driven Testing
  o   Data-Driven Testing Process
  o   Converting a Test to a Data-Driven Test
  o   Preparing the Data Table
  o   Importing Data from a Database
  o   Running and Analyzing Data-Driven Tests

VII) Synchronization Points

VIII) Defining and Using Recovery Scenarios
  o   Defining Simple Recovery Scenarios
  o   Defining Compound Recovery Scenarios
  o   Managing Recovery Scenarios
IX) Regular Expressions
  o   About Regular Expressions
  o   When to Use Regular Expressions
  o   Regular Expression Syntax

X) Programming with TSL
  o   Enhancing Test Scripts with Programming
  o   Using Descriptive Programming
  o   Adding Comments and White Space
  o   Variable, Constant, and Array Declarations
  o   Flow Control Statements
  o   Comparing Files
  o   Creating User-Defined Functions
  o   Return and Exit Statements
  o   Creating Compiled Modules
  o   Windows API Examples

XI) Running Tests
  o   Test Run Modes
  o   WinRunner Run Commands
  o   Running Batch Testing

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XII) Debugging Tests
  o   Controlling Test Run
  o   Running a Single Line of a Test Script
  o   Running a Section of a Test Script
  o   Pausing a Test Run
  o   Using Breakpoints
XIII) Configuring WinRunner

  o   Setting Properties for a Single Test
  o   Managing Test Parameters
  o   Reviewing Current Test Settings
  o   Defining Startup Applications and Functions
  o   Setting Global Testing Options

XIV) Function Generator
  o   Adding a Function to the Function Generator
  o   Associating a Function with a Category

XIV) Working with Other HP Products
  o   Integrating with QTP
  o   Calling QTP Tests
  o   Integrating with Quality Center

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