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Sharron Angle

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                                                        On The Issues
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             Make a Contribution!                       REASONS SHARRON ANGLE IS RUNNING FOR U.S. SENATE
                                                        SHARRON ANGLE’S PERSONAL HISTORY
                                                        ENERGY POLICY
                                                        NATIONAL SECURITY AND PUBLIC PROTECTION
                                                        ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS
                                                        BORDER SECURITY/ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION
                                                        ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GOVERNMENT REGULATION
                                                        PRIVATE PROPERTY
          Take Action                                   RIGHT TO BEAR ARMs, SECOND AMENDMENT
                                                        FAMILY VALUES
                                                        PROTECTION OF LIFE
                                                        CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM

          Stay Informed                                 REASONS SHARRON ANGLE IS RUNNING FOR U.S. SENATE

          Sign up for E-Mail updates                    Like a soldier going to war, Sharron Angle has the training and is battle tested.
                                                        Sharron Angle is fighting for her country, the Constitution of the United States and a
                                                        free society. Sharron Angle has a proven record that Nevadans and Americans can
             Name                                       trust. It is not what Sharron Angle says Sharron Angle will do, but what Sharron
                                                        Angle has done and will continue to do.
             Email Address
             Zip Code                                   The rule of law is America’s foundation. The oath of office, to protect and defend the
             Submit                                     constitution, is a sacred trust. Sharron Angle honors both the law and the oath and
                                                        will reject back door deals and closed secret meetings.

                                                        The practice of legislators voting for unconstitutional laws has fostered cynical voter
                                                        apathy and has underscored the corruption that is pervasive throughout America’s
                                                        government. Sharron Angle’s work in the Nevada State Legislature demonstrates
                                                        that she has a reputation of her word being her bond. One specific example is the
                                                        vote Sharron Angle cast against the split roll property taxes that violated Nevada’s

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Elect Sharron Angle - Republican for U.S. Senate                                                 file:///Users/nickwing/Desktop/Sharron%20Angle.html

                                           constitutional uniform and equal property tax provision. Sharron Angle’s vote was
                                           the only vote cast for the protection of the Nevada Constitution.

                                           Sharron Angle’s overall political philosophy is that proper government exists only by
                                           the consent of the governed and government must be restrained from intruding into
                                           the freedoms of its citizens. In the Nevada State Legislature, Sharron Angle
                                           consistently fought for smaller and more efficient government, traditional values,
                                           lower taxes and the right of the people to vote and petition.

                                           Americans must elect people who are willing to keep their oath of office to defend
                                           and protect the constitution. Sharron Angle has and will continue to base her
                                           decisions upon the constitution and the desires of her constituents.

                                           SHARRON ANGLE’S PERSONAL HISTORY

                                           Sharron Angle’s first venture into politics began in 1982, when she and some of her
                                           fellow citizens enjoined the Nevada State Legislature to enact a new home school

                                           In 1992, Sharron Angle served one term on the Nye County School Board of
                                           Trustees and beginning in 1998 Sharron Angle was elected to four terms in the
                                           Nevada State Assembly (1998 to 2006).

                                           In 2007, Sharron Angle was an unpaid citizen lobbyist, having submitted ten Bill
                                           Drafts (BDR’s), prior to her retirement, as a state legislator. One of Sharron Angle’s
                                           bills, regarding a home school freedom law, has become a model for home school
                                           legislation throughout the United States.

                                           In 2008, Sharron Angle sponsored and qualified the Nevada Property Tax Restraint
                                           initiative for the 2008 ballot.

                                           The Claremont Institute awarded Sharron Angle the Ronald Reagan Freedom
                                           Medallion, in recognition of her battle, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, to
                                           preserve Nevada’s Constitutional two-thirds legislative vote requirement, to raise
                                           taxes and fees.

                                           Sharron Angle went to court five times to defense of the Nevada Constitution. No
                                           other candidate in this senatorial race, including Harry Reid, has that record. As a
                                           result of Sharron Angle’s dedication to constitutional law, she has been endorsed by
                                           Declaration Alliance PAC.

                                           Professionally, Sharron Angle has over 25 years experience as a teacher in public,
                                           private and home schools. Sharron Angle was also an instructor for the community
                                           college, senior citizens and a juvenile probation program. Additionally, Sharron
                                           Angle managed two small businesses for over 20 years.

                                           Sharron Angle’s community service began in college when she was a reading tutor in
                                           a high risk Reno elementary school. In succeeding years, Sharron Angle worked in
                                           various communities in northern Nevada:

                                                   Ely, Nevada – Sharron Angle co-founded a crisis hotline for troubled teens
                                                   Winnemucca, Nevada – Sharron Angle was art of a ministry team to the
                                                   nursing home and the prison honor camp
                                                   Winnemucca, Nevada – Sharron Angle co-founded the Winnemucca Fine Art
                                                   Tonopah, Nevada – Sharron Angle co-founded the Tonopah Life Center, a
                                                   recreation facility for teens and their families


                                           Defunding ObamaCare is essential to the economic survival of the United States. The
                                           federal healthcare takeover offers no solutions to the cost issues or quality of care
                                           issues, related to healthcare. One needs look no further than Massachusetts, to know
                                           that nationalized healthcare will not work. Rationing healthcare will put huge
                                           segments of America’s population at risk.

                                           Social Security and its attendant Medicare are broken and bankrupt systems because
                                           we, as voting citizens, have allowed congress to transform these systems from
                                           insurance programs to and entitlement programs. The government must continue to

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Elect Sharron Angle - Republican for U.S. Senate                                                    file:///Users/nickwing/Desktop/Sharron%20Angle.html

                                           keep its contract with seniors, who entered into the system on good faith and now are
                                           depending on that contract. (Pat Boone, a champion for seniors and the spokesman
                                           for 60’s Plus, has endorsed Sharron Angle’s candidacy.)

                                           Free market alternatives, which offer retirement choices to employees and
                                           employers, must be developed and offered to those still in their wage earning years,
                                           as the Social Security system is transitioned out. Young workers must be
                                           encouraged to investigate personal retirement account options.

                                           Doctors and hospitals must receive timely payments and emergency rooms can no
                                           longer serve as primary care facilities for the uninsured.

                                           TRICARE (the health care program serving active duty service members, National
                                           Guard and Reserve members, retirees, their families, survivors and certain former
                                           spouses worldwide. As a major component of the Military Health System) must be
                                           protected from attacks that dilute quality of care and increased costs.

                                           Assemblywoman, Sharron Angle introduced affordable insurance legislation that
                                           removed costly mandates and created a basic health insurance policy, with the ability
                                           to add those benefits that were specific to each person.

                                           Sharron Angle also introduced legislation that placed caps on non-economic
                                           damages, in all tort actions. Sharron Angle voted for and helped collect signatures
                                           for medical tort reform, in Nevada, both as a legislative and constitutional

                                           Sharron Angle will support efforts, similar to those described above, at the Federal
                                           level for associational healthcare and tort reform that would lower the cost of
                                           healthcare to businesses and individuals.

                                           Sharron Angle suggests the followings possible solutions, which could be
                                           implemented across the nation, for the reduction of healthcare costs:

                                                   Elimination of coverage mandates
                                                   Expanded client pools
                                                   Tort reform
                                                   Purchasing insurance across state lines
                                                   Tax credited health savings accounts

                                           ENERGY POLICY

                                           Rapid increases in gas prices must be addressed, with short-term efforts that bring
                                           immediate relief and long-term energy policy changes that reduce America’s
                                           dependence on Middle East oil.

                                           As a long-term policy, America must expand its own domestic energy supplies.
                                           Sharron Angle would legislate to repeal regulations that prohibit off shore drilling,
                                           drilling in ANWR and development of American owned petroleum resources. In the
                                           Nevada State Legislature, Sharron Angle led efforts to reduce Nevada’s high gas tax,
                                           which was the second highest in the nation.

                                           Sharron Angle would have supported the three coal fired plants in Ely, that Harry
                                           Reid killed.

                                           For nearly twenty years, Sharron Angle has been in favor of Yucca Mountain, as a
                                           profitable center for reprocessing, not a nuclear landfill and dumping ground. Yucca
                                           Mountain and the Nuclear Energy industry have long been demonized and
                                           demagogued by Harry Reid. In 2005, Sharron Angle voted for a resolution rejecting
                                           Yucca mountain as a dead-end nuclear dump.

                                           Yucca Mountain has enormous potential for fulfilling the need in America for clean,
                                           cost efficient energy, as well as economic diversity for Nevada and much needed jobs
                                           for thousands.

                                           As your Nevada Senator, Sharron Angle would:

                                                   Promote Nevada, as the nuclear energy capital of reprocessing spent fuels for
                                                   the United States.

                                                   Invite scientists to do research and development in a secure test site

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Elect Sharron Angle - Republican for U.S. Senate                                                  file:///Users/nickwing/Desktop/Sharron%20Angle.html

                                                   environment as well as mentoring students who would come to UNR and
                                                   UNLV to study under these great minds.

                                                   Introduce and shepherd legislation that would remove the prohibitions on
                                                   reprocessing in the United States, as well as, the executive order agreement
                                                   with France, which prohibits reprocessing in the US and has strangled
                                                   domestic reprocessing.

                                                   Reverse Harry Reid's actions, which have reneged on the contract with the
                                                   nuclear industry for storage of nuclear spent fuels at Yucca Mountain. This
                                                   contract should be negotiated in terms of reprocessing those fuels at Yucca
                                                   Mountain and using those reprocessed fuels to fire nuclear power plants on site
                                                   at Yucca.

                                                   Educate Nevadans and Americans, on the safe transportation of nuclear spent
                                                   fuels since 1954 over 400 million miles without an accident.

                                           Cap and Trade will injure the free market system and cripple America’s energy
                                           supplies. Cap and Trade, which is based on an unscientific hysteria over the
                                           man-caused global warming hoax, steps over the constitutional boundaries of the
                                           federal government and is merely another way to tax the people.

                                           Sharron Angle will vote “no” on Cap and Trade.


                                           As your U.S. Senator, Sharron Angle will introduce legislation in line with her
                                           economic policy of:

                                                   Pay back the deficit
                                                   Cut back on spending, taxation and regulation
                                                   Take back the economy by defunding ObamaCare
                                                   Auditing the “Fed” (Federal Reserve)
                                                   Abolishing the 67,000-pages of IRS code
                                                   Making the capital gains and death tax cuts permanent

                                           Sharron Angle signed the National Taxpayers Pledge to vote against tax and fee

                                           Sharron Angle believes in limited government and limited taxes to perform and
                                           administer essential public needs.

                                           In the Nevada State Legislature, Sharron Angle was consistently the only vote,
                                           against unnecessary tax increases. Sharron Angle is proud of her record, as a
                                           member of the Assembly, to have voted against more than 100 attempts to increase
                                           taxes and fees.

                                           Sharron Angle supports tax reform that leads to a simpler, fairer, flatter tax system.

                                           Today, the federal government taxes and spends far too much. Nevada taxpayers
                                           have to work until July 5th, every year, just to meet their tax obligations. That is
                                           wrong. With the new federal budget, federal spending is spiraling out of control.
                                           This new budget endangers individual financial freedom, not only for the current
                                           generation, but for future generations, including our children and grandchildren. That
                                           is doubly wrong.

                                           The best way to control an overbearing government is to strictly control the amount
                                           of taxes imposed its citizens. That is why Sharron Angle supports a simplification of
                                           tax systems.

                                           In Nevada, Sharron Angle has a long record to back up her position on limited taxes.
                                           Sharron Angle sponsored the Angle Property Tax Restraint Initiative (aka Nevada’s
                                           Prop 13) which placed a hard cap on property tax increases that future Legislatures
                                           could not repeal. Sharron Angle was a co-sponsor of Tax and Spend Control for
                                           Nevada, which imposed a constitutional measure to limit government spending.

                                           Sharron Angle is the only candidate, in the current senatorial race, who actively
                                           opposed Nevada’s record-breaking tax increase in 2003. Sharron Angle, singularly,
                                           led the fight in the Nevada Legislature and in the courts to stop that tax increase.

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Elect Sharron Angle - Republican for U.S. Senate                                                   file:///Users/nickwing/Desktop/Sharron%20Angle.html

                                           NATIONAL SECURITY AND PUBLIC PROTECTION

                                           Because the war on terror is the central challenge of our time, Sharron Angle
                                           supports a military force of superior strength and readiness to deter all threats to
                                           America’s national security. The safety and freedom of American citizens is

                                           Without equivocation, the U.S. military must be equipped with the best possible
                                           weapons and intelligence. Sharron Angle will never forsake the U.S. military,
                                           whether their mission is foreign or domestic. Sharron Angle will work tirelessly to
                                           secure the safety, health and welfare of the nation’s military.

                                           Sharron Angle supports strong sanctions against rogue nations that export, support or
                                           harbor terrorism. Sanctions on these countries may include, but not be limited to, the
                                           withdrawal of visas and the institution of trade restrictions on imports and exports.

                                           Sharron Angle opposes the placement of U.S. troops under any foreign command,
                                           including the United Nations. Neither the United Nations nor any foreign capital
                                           should be allowed to regulate U.S. troops. Sharron Angle pledges to preserve the
                                           United States’ sovereign right of to defend the security of American citizens and to
                                           regulate its military.

                                           The U.N. has been captured by the far left and has become ineffective and costly.
                                           The U.N. continually threatens U.S. sovereignty, with endless rhetoric and treaties
                                           and it has now become the “umpire” on fraudulent science, such as global warming.
                                           The United State needs to withdraw from the United Nations and work solely with
                                           America’s willing allies.

                                           Israel, a democratic nation, is the United States’ strongest ally in the Middle East.
                                           Israel’s sovereignty, stability and security are in the best interests of the United
                                           States, especially when dealing with radical Islamic terrorism.

                                           When the U.S. engages diplomatically with its allies, the U.S. must always promote
                                           freedom around the world. The United States must encourage its allies to join in the
                                           sanctioning of those nations who harbor terrorists and encourage tyranny.

                                           ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS

                                           The United States is only as strong as the military that defends it.

                                           The citizens of America owe their lives and their fortunes to the U.S. military.
                                           Sharron Angle proudly pays tribute to all those who serve or have served this great
                                           nation. America’s military must be fully funded and supported, as necessary, to meet
                                           the demands of modern warfare. The wellbeing and safety, of those in the theatre of
                                           war, should not and cannot be minimalized.

                                           Sharron Angle strongly supports improved compensation and care for those serving
                                           in the U.S. military, as well as their families and veterans. TRICARE for the military
                                           must be protected from attacks that dilute quality of care and increase costs.

                                           Sharron Angle has a record of supporting the military and has received the Certificate
                                           of Appreciation from the Southern Chapter of MOAA (Military Officers Association
                                           of America).

                                           BORDER SECURITY/ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

                                           The United States must secure its borders and enforce its laws. Sharron Angle
                                           supports an intensive physical presence on borders, including military assistance to
                                           help the Border Patrol do its job effectively.

                                           Every day, thousands of people cross both the southern and northern borders of the
                                           United States, illegally and undetected. The intentions of these illegal aliens are
                                           unknown and there are no means to track their activities.

                                           Sharron Angle opposes amnesty proposals, which send a ruinous signal that breaking
                                           the law is acceptable in the United States. “Illegals” must be discouraged from living
                                           comfortably within the U.S. borders. This can be achieved by eliminating access to
                                           benefits for non-citizens and anyone living in the U.S. illegally.

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Elect Sharron Angle - Republican for U.S. Senate                                                    file:///Users/nickwing/Desktop/Sharron%20Angle.html

                                           In the Nevada State Legislature, Sharron Angle voted against the Millennium
                                           Scholarship because it allowed non-citizens to receive, taxpayer subsidized, college
                                           tuition. Sharron Angle also authored legislation to safeguard the election process by
                                           requiring identification for voting in Nevada.

                                           Sharron Angle has been endorsed by Minuteman PAC.

                                           ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GOVERNMENT REGULATION

                                           Sharron Angle supported and defended the Nevada Right to Work Law.

                                           Sharron Angle supports a ‘balanced budget’ amendment to the Constitution.

                                           Sharron Angle supports a single subject rule on all legislation to help eliminate pork
                                           attachments and earmarks, a supermajority two-thirds requirement for passing tax
                                           increases and spending increases and a restriction on spending growth to population
                                           plus inflation growth.

                                           Sharron Angle is offended by bailouts, bonuses, stimulus packages and the loss of
                                           retirement accounts which continue to crater the American economy and enlarge
                                           America’s debt. These ruinous states of affair have brought rising unemployment and
                                           stock market instability.

                                           Businesses need to be liberated from over regulation and taxation. Freedom to act
                                           would encourage the private sector to produce good paying jobs and put American
                                           citizens back to work.

                                           Sharron Angle’s specific economic policy is pay back, cut back and take back.

                                                   First a triage of paying back the $500 billion left in stimulus funds, the $500
                                                   billion TARP funds being returned by banks and the $1 Billion in unspent
                                                   budget appropriations.

                                                   Second, cut back to a capped 2010 budget by cutting five percent per year for
                                                   the next five years, on a prioritized list of those departments and agencies, not
                                                   including America’s contract with seniors on Social Security and Medicare and
                                                   those not constitutionally enumerated. Additionally, the death tax and capital
                                                   gains tax cuts should be made permanent.

                                                   Third, take back the government by defunding the ObamaCare /Healthcare
                                                   law, auditing the “Fed” (Federal Reserve); dismantle Freddie Mac and Fannie
                                                   Mae. Further, the 67,000 pages of IRS tax code designed to reward friends and
                                                   punish enemies must be abolished.

                                           Sharron Angle supports a constitutional amendment, restraining spending to no more
                                           than twenty percent of the GDP, with the exception of declared war and the
                                           requirement of a two-thirds vote of both houses to exceed the cap. Sharron Angle
                                           will work toward making a basket of commodities (metals, oil etc.) as a basis for
                                           maintaining the value of the U.S. currency.

                                           Pork is about politics, not people. “Let’s make a deal”, Harry Reid, proved his
                                           prowess at manipulating politics by offering pork deals like the “Florida Free Ride”,
                                           the “Louisiana Purchase”, and the “Cornhusker Kickback”. There are two solutions
                                           to stopping this type of practice. Sharron Angle will author legislation that will deter
                                           the practice of pork and encourage its elimination by reinstituting the line item veto
                                           and requiring single subject legislation.

                                           Sharron Angle believes that the1872 Mining Law is important to the economic
                                           development of Nevada and needs to remain in place, with no further regulatory
                                           erosion of the original intent of the law. Furthermore, the withdrawal of public lands
                                           from mineral development, through pressure from environmentalists, is restricting
                                           the nation’s growth and development. The withdrawal of these lands must be

                                           Sharron Angle will strive to maintain the mining laws and provide access to public

                                           PRIVATE PROPERTY

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Elect Sharron Angle - Republican for U.S. Senate                                                  file:///Users/nickwing/Desktop/Sharron%20Angle.html

                                           Sharron Angle respects and defends the rights of the individual to own property.

                                           Sharron Angle led the effort for the Angle Property Tax Restraint Initiative, which
                                           placed a hard cap on property tax increases which future legislatures, could not
                                           reverse Sharron Angle also co-sponsored the initiative that protected property
                                           owners from the potential abuses of eminent domain.

                                           RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, SECOND AMENDMENT

                                           Sharron Angle supports the individual constitutionally protected right of the people
                                           to keep and bear arms for security and defense of self, family, property, as well as for
                                           other lawful purposes. She will oppose Supreme Court nominees who do not fully
                                           support our Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

                                           Sharron Angle is qualified for a concealed weapons permit.

                                           Sharron Angle has been endorsed by the Gun Owners of America and has an "A"
                                           rating with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

                                           FAMILY VALUES

                                           Sharron Angle recognizes the traditional family as the foundation of America’s
                                           society. Parents have the fundamental right and primary responsibility to direct their
                                           children and to provide nurturing care, discipline, and training in moral values.

                                           Sharron Angle worked to pass the Constitutional Protection of Marriage Act in
                                           Nevada, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman, and Sharron
                                           Angle supports the Federal Marriage Amendment to do the same. Sharron Angle has
                                           been endorsed by Family PAC Federal, Phyllis Schlafly, and Concerned Women for

                                           PROTECTION OF LIFE

                                           All human life is precious, regardless of location, age, infirmity, or degree of
                                           Sharron Angle is the only candidate, in this senatorial race, holding a pro-life
                                           position. In the Nevada State Legislature, Sharron Angle introduced and supported
                                           life-protecting legislation. Sharron Angle has been endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, Life
                                           and Liberty PAC, and Concerned Women for America.


                                           As a mother, grandmother, and former school teacher, Sharron Angle is passionate
                                           about education.

                                           Sharron Angle supported incentives that promoted competitive excellence and the
                                           rights of parents to choose public, private or at-home education.

                                           Every child has the right to read and reading should be taught using
                                           scientifically-based reading research which emphasizes alphabetic principles

                                           Sharron Angle believes that the Federal Department of Education should be
                                           eliminated. The Department of Education is unconstitutional and should not be
                                           involved in education, at any level. Agencies, such as the Department of Education,
                                           have given Americans a one-size-fits-all policy and programs that fit no one, i.e. No
                                           Child Left Behind. NCLB has burdened classrooms and hamstrung teachers with
                                           testing and regulation.

                                           The best education is the education that is controlled closest to the local level as
                                           possible. Sharron Angle believes that parents should have alternative choices and
                                           advocates for home school, vouchers and charter schools.

                                           Sharron Angle has been endorsed by the Nevada Home School Network.

                                           CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM

                                           Sharron Angle believes that campaign finance limitations must come from the
                                           candidates themselves. Sharron Angle has been endorsed by Citizens United, the

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Elect Sharron Angle - Republican for U.S. Senate                                                 file:///Users/nickwing/Desktop/Sharron%20Angle.html

                                           group that won the U.S. Supreme Court case against McCain Feingold, as a violation
                                           of First Amendment rights to free political speech.

                                           The U.S. Constitution is the rule of law in America. If the rule of law is violated
                                           America will lose its foundation. The matter of limiting campaign contributions has
                                           failed because big donors, who want a vested interest in campaigns, find
                                           opportunities within the loopholes in the campaign reform laws.

                                           Sharron Angle does not accept money from casinos and unions. Sharron Angle does
                                           not oppose casinos and unions but wants to avoid the perception, by voters, that these
                                           groups might put undue pressure on her, as a legislator. All of Sharron Angle’s U.S.
                                           Senate contributions come from individuals, and seventy-five percent of those
                                           contributions come from small donors.

                                           Sharron Angle supports a campaign law that requires immediate disclosure, of large
                                           contributions, via the internet.

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