Census Bureau Takes Steps to Improve Accuracy of 2010 Census in Mississippi Delta by theyne


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                           TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010

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             Census Bureau Takes Steps to Improve Accuracy of
                     2010 Census in Mississippi Delta

   U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves today reaffirmed the
agency’s commitment of an accurate and complete count of everyone
living in the Mississippi Delta.

   Groves visited the region last week and participated in a 2010
Census roundtable discussion in Jackson, Miss., organized by Concerned
Citizens for a Better Tunica County. Participants included Southern
Echo, an African-American leadership organization; Sunflower County
Parents and Students Organization; Mississippi Immigrants Rights
Alliance; Tunica Teens in Action; Moving Forward Gulf Coast; and Mercy
Housing and Human Development of Gulfport, Miss.

   While most of the discussions centered around local efforts to
increase awareness about the importance of being counted, there were
some concerns that some residents may have not received a census form
in the mail or been contacted yet in person.

   “I am grateful to our partners in the region who understand the
significance of the 2010 Census and what it means for Mississippi,”
Groves said. “I look forwarded to continuing these successful
partnerships and working closely with our trusted voices in the region
to ensure that every person and all areas are counted.”

   In order to make sure Delta residents are aware of the nonresponse
follow-up operation, additional advertisements are being planned in
Mississippi to encourage residents to open their doors to census

   In addition, residents who believe they have not been counted are
encouraged to call the Census Bureau’s questionnaire assistance line at
866-872-6868 to complete their census forms over the phone.

Editor’s note: News releases, reports and data tables are available on
the Census Bureau’s home page. Go to <http://www.census.gov> and click
on “Releases.”

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