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									What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Stone? Important Details You Should Know
When you don’t know that you have a kidney stone, life is fine. Some kidney stones often referred to as silent stones will have no symptoms whatsoever and will usually go away by themselves without causing any pain or discomfort. However, those that are larger in size or in places where they cannot be passed easily enough, the symptoms of kidney stone can be very pronounced and incredibly painful. Among the most popular symptoms, you can expect to find the following: • Pain the lower back at one or both sides • Pain on the side leading down to the groin on one or both sides • Noticing blood in the urine or bleeding as you urinate • Chills or fever combined which can be combined with other flu like symptoms • Nausea and actual vomiting • Cloudy urine • Urine that smells much worse than usual or smells unusual • Experiencing burning while urinating With the symptoms of kidney stone, they are very reminiscent of many other medical conditions such as infections of the urinary tract and kidneys and other illness as well. It can be very hard to pinpoint whether or not you actually have a kidney stone by the symptoms alone and while it will definitely direct the medical professional in the right direction with regards to further tests, they will certainly not act as a method of diagnosis alone. As already mentioned many people will have kidney stones and have no idea as there are no actual symptoms. The stones themselves can be as small as a grain of sand and with ones

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that are this size they do not normally cause any problems and will just pass through when you go to the toilet. However, kidney stones can also be as big as a golf ball and these will definitely be felt! These are very likely to lead to some rather painful symptoms and dependant on where they are will require urgent medical attention in order to remove them from the body. The symptoms of kidney stone can come all at once or in stages dependant on the size and growth of the stone as well as where it is placed within the body so the only way in which you can get a real diagnosis as well as being able to pinpoint exactly where the stone is, is to have a series of tests which will involve blood and urine tests as well as X-Rays and CT scans or ultrasounds.

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